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Convex Polyhedron Lpv Controller Design for Variable Speed and Variable Pitch Wind Turbine

Deng Ying, Zhang Guoqiang, Tian De and Zhou Feng

According to the dynamic stability of power train, the paper puts forward a new gain scheduling LPV robust H8 controller design method based on the state space feedback into the field satisfying dynamic response. Taken use of LPV convex decomposition method, transformed wind turbine into convex polyhedron LPV model, designed the global power controller and extended it to the whole running range of wind turbine by using LMI method to design feedback gain which can meet H8 performance and state space feedback K for each vertex of convex polyhedron. Synthesize each designed feedback controller to get convex polyhedron LPV controller. The simulation is carried on a 1.0MW wind turbine model, given the control result at running point ρ (2.093, 0, 10) and ρ (2.093, 0.314, 20) when the wind speed is 10m/s and 20m/s. The result of simulation validates that the controller has a good control performance.

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Deng Ying, Zhang Guoqiang, Tian De and Zhou Feng, 2013. Convex Polyhedron Lpv Controller Design for Variable Speed and Variable Pitch Wind Turbine. Journal of Applied Sciences, 13: 1684-1690.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2013.1684.1690


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