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Influence of the Prosthetic Parameters on the Durability of the Material Couple Constituent: The Link of a Femoral Prostheses of Hip

D. Ouinas , B.B. Bouiadjra , B. Serier and A. Ouinas
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The constant evolution of an artificial hip tries to put in presence of new articular surfaces perfectly spherical, susceptible to articulate in a prolonged way with reduced liberation of wear debris. The effect of the prosthetic parameters on the durability of the material couple used in the joint ball of the femoral side and cupule of the cotyledon side is studied. The distribution of the contact pressure has been calculated while introducing the three components of the load applied on the femoral head of the hip creating three components of the movement that have been respectively considered for the calculation of slippery distance. The analyses show that the volume of wear increases with the patient weight and the roughness of the articular surfaces. It increases up to a maximum with increasing of the femoral diameter and the modulus of elasticity then it decreases and stabilizes in an asymptotic manner.

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D. Ouinas , B.B. Bouiadjra , B. Serier and A. Ouinas , 2007. Influence of the Prosthetic Parameters on the Durability of the Material Couple Constituent: The Link of a Femoral Prostheses of Hip . Journal of Applied Sciences, 7: 2385-2388.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2007.2385.2388


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