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Use of AlPO-11, SnAPO-11, SAPO-31 and SAPO-41 Elaborated Solid Materials as Catalysts in Ammonia Alkylation Reaction

Sihem Khemaissia , Djamel Nibou , Samira Amokrane and Nemcha Lebaili
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The present study deals with the synthesis of octylamines by ammonia alkylation with octanol-1 in gaseous phase using solid microporous materials as AlPO-11, SnAPO-11, SAPO-31 and SAPO-41. They were prepared by hydrothermal process in Teflon steel less reactor under autogenic pressure and at determined temperatures. SAPO-31 material was obtained using HF acid and without fluoride media. The materials have presented a catalytic activity in the study reaction. Primary isomers (MOA) were obtained with better selectivity of about 85 to 99%. Silicium and tin are the origin of the acidity and are responsible to the activity catalytic of SnAPO-11 and SAPO-31 materials.

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Sihem Khemaissia , Djamel Nibou , Samira Amokrane and Nemcha Lebaili , 2007. Use of AlPO-11, SnAPO-11, SAPO-31 and SAPO-41 Elaborated Solid Materials as Catalysts in Ammonia Alkylation Reaction. Journal of Applied Sciences, 7: 2371-2375.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2007.2371.2375


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