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The Simultineous Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Tapioca Starch for Instant Formation of Glucose

Rosalam Sarbatly
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This study investigated the possibility of simultaneous reactions of the gelatinization, liquefaction and saccharification (SGLS) carried out at two reaction temperatures of saccharification 55 and 60°C for instant glucose production as well as controlling low viscosity of solute over the hydrolysis period. At 55°C, 10% (w/w) of the tapioca starch and 0.9 mL L–1 of a blending mixture of α-amylase and amyloglocosidase, the viscosity was kept low below 2.2x10–3 pa-s throughout the hydrolysis process. The conversion of the tapioca starch to glucose was as high as 65% (w/w) over 28 h of the hydrolysis time. Increasing the temperature to 60°C did not increase the conversion but, (1) increased the maximum rate of reaction from 8.89g L–1 h–1 to 13.3 g L–1h–1 (2) reduced the time to reach a half of the final glucose concentration from 6.1 to 5 h and also (3) slightly increased the earlier stage of solute viscosity without affecting the entire process.

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Rosalam Sarbatly , 2007. The Simultineous Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Tapioca Starch for Instant Formation of Glucose. Journal of Applied Sciences, 7: 2057-2062.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2007.2057.2062


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