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Research Article

Testing Research on the Coal Specimen Permeability

Peide Sun
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The three-dimensional compression tests to coal specimen containing methane gas were carried out with various confining pressures and pore pressures in this study. The rule for three-dimensional compression deformation on the gas permeability of the coal specimens was systematically studied by the tests. The new empiric equations for the gas permeability of the coal specimens were formulated by the numerical fit of the test data and they were successfully used in the visual numerical simulations for coupled coal seam deformation and methane gas leak flow in parallel coal seams and the visual simulation result for the gas drainage from the coal mining goaf was close to reality.

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  How to cite this article:

Peide Sun , 2006. Testing Research on the Coal Specimen Permeability. Journal of Applied Sciences, 6: 2647-2651.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2006.2647.2651


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