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Effects of Different Gamma Radiation Doses on the Shooting and Growing of the One-eyed Scions of the Canes of Amasya Grape Variety

Semun Tayyar , Alper Dardeniz and Sevil Oldacay
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This research was carried out in order to determine GR50 dose which reduces the shooting height at the rate of 50% as compared to control and give rises to mutation at the dormant eyes of canes of Amasya grape variety which were irradiated with four different gamma doses (20, 25, 30 and 35 Gy). The canes irradiated with different doses were prepared as one-eyed cuttings and then rooted in perlite environment in a glasshouse for three months. The shooting percentages of the one-eyed scions decreased with increasing radiation doses, accordingly their shooting times prolonged. It was also found that average shoot height, average number of nodes, average internode length and vigour values decreased comparing to the control. Number of roots and rooting percentage of the one-eyed canes irradiated with 20 and 25 Gy gamma radiation declined compared to control and no rooting was observed on the canes irradiated with 30 and 35 Gy doses. As a result, GR50 dose was found as 21.46 Gy for Amasya grape variety.

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Semun Tayyar , Alper Dardeniz and Sevil Oldacay , 2003. Effects of Different Gamma Radiation Doses on the Shooting and Growing of the One-eyed Scions of the Canes of Amasya Grape Variety. Journal of Applied Sciences, 3: 185-188.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2003.185.188


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