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Integrated Geophysical Methods Approach to Mineral Exploration in the Wadi Araba Area, Southern Jordan

Abdallah S. Al-Zoubi , Awni T. Batayneh and Ziad S. Abu-Hamatteh
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Detailed geophysical investigation was conducted in the east central part of Wadi Araba area utilizing Horizontal-Loop Electromagnetic (HLEM), magnetic, gravity and induced polarization to investigate the subsurface geological features and the possible mineralization zones. The results of potential field methods outline intense positive and negative anomalies trending NW-SE. This feature is eighter a dyke, or a fault-bounded block of different rock types. The electromagnetic survey reveals significantly altered zones (conductive bodies) trending NNW-SSE and NW directions. The Induced Polarization surveys were presented in pseudo-sections representing the apparent resistively and metal factors. The alteration zone probably indicates presence of mineralization along the NNW-SSE contact between the basement complex (Precambrian) and the overlying younger sedimentary rocks.

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Abdallah S. Al-Zoubi , Awni T. Batayneh and Ziad S. Abu-Hamatteh , 2003. Integrated Geophysical Methods Approach to Mineral Exploration in the Wadi Araba Area, Southern Jordan. Journal of Applied Sciences, 3: 133-141.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2003.133.141


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