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Evaluation of Chlorophyll Contents and Peroxidase Activities in Helianthus annuus Genotypes Exposed to Radiation and Magnetic Fields

Sevil Oldacay and Gunhan Erdem
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The effects of γ-radiation and magnetic fields (MF) on chlorophyll contents and peroxidase. The effects of γ-radiation and Magnetic fields (MF) on chlorophyll contents and peroxidas activities of two sunflower genotypes Nantio and AS508, have been investigated. For the irradiation, 137Cs up to 150 Gy has been used while 5 mT MF have been applied with the different exposure times. Treatments have been applied as alone and combinated on the seeds of genotypes. After the treatments, seedlings have been grown and, chlorophyll contents and peroxidase activities of young seedlings have been determined. Irradiation has decreased germination rates and chlorophyll contents while it has increased peroxidase activities of both genotypes, but seeds have been more radiosensitive in Nantio than in AS508. MF has different effects on the parameters than the radiation. It has also decreased germination rates but increased chlorophyll contents and decreased peroxidase activities. On the other hand, the results of combinated exposures have shown that MF exposure has reduced the effects of radiation on all parameters that have been examined.

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Sevil Oldacay and Gunhan Erdem , 2002. Evaluation of Chlorophyll Contents and Peroxidase Activities in Helianthus annuus Genotypes Exposed to Radiation and Magnetic Fields. Journal of Applied Sciences, 2: 934-937.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2002.934.937


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