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A Research on Determining the Most Suitable Harvest Maturity of the Kiwifruits (Actinidia deliciosa cv. Hayward) Harvested at Different Time Intervals

Kenan Kaynas, Alper Dardeniz and Seckin Kaya
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This research was carried out to investigate regional maturity characteristics and to determine the suitable criteria for the best harvest time of the Kiwifruits in Canakkale – Umurbey conditions for short time storage. For this purpose Kiwifruits harvested at 10 day intervals from November 15th to October 25th, from the vines that was planted as Kiwifruit cv. Hayward. Two years results showed that there were important differences in different criteria; % total soluble solid content, fruit firmness and affective evaluation tests, which were carried out to determine maturation and also in other criteria, % Total Soluble Solid Content (%TSSC), titrable acidity and fruit firmness tests, analyzed to determine the proper harvest maturity. According to the results, the proper harvest time was when the fruit weight was approximately 48-49 mm; the fruit length, approximately 63-64 mm; soluble solids % 8-8,5 and fruit firmness 8,5-9,5 kg/cm2 for the Kiwifruit cv. Hayward in Umurbey conditions.

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Kenan Kaynas, Alper Dardeniz and Seckin Kaya , 2002. A Research on Determining the Most Suitable Harvest Maturity of the Kiwifruits (Actinidia deliciosa cv. Hayward) Harvested at Different Time Intervals. Journal of Applied Sciences, 2: 1074-1077.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2002.1074.1077


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