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Vegetative Growth, Yield Components and Seed Yield Response of Inoculated and Un-inoculated Soybean Regard to Fertility Regimes

Lubna S. Rajput , A. Hameed Ansari , M.U. Usmani Khail , F.C. Oad and N.L. Oad
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Field trials were performed during summer, 1990, 1991 and 1993 at agronomy experimental field, Agriculture Research Institute, Tando Jam. Soybean seed inoculated and with Rhizobium japonicum and un-inoculated were sown and treated with various NPK levels (0-0-0, 50-25-0, 50-50-0, 75-75-0, 75-100-0, and 75-100-50 kg NPK-ha. Days to maturity, branches, pods, seeds/pod, seeds weight, seed index and seed yield-ha affected significantly (p<0.01) by inoculation treatment during all three seasons. Seed inoculation resulted significantly improved growth and yield, the increase in yield was associated with the increase of all yield components. Similarly, fertilizer regimes had pronounced effect on all the characters studied. Application of 75-100-50 kg NPK-ha improved growth and yield attributes which in turn caused more yield-ha in each season. It may be argued that soybean seed may be inoculated and fertilized with 75-100-50 kg NPK-ha to get better yield, assuming that all soils have an equal initial fertility level.

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Lubna S. Rajput , A. Hameed Ansari , M.U. Usmani Khail , F.C. Oad and N.L. Oad , 2001. Vegetative Growth, Yield Components and Seed Yield Response of Inoculated and Un-inoculated Soybean Regard to Fertility Regimes. Journal of Applied Sciences, 1: 379-382.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2001.379.382


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