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Effect of Various NPK Fertilizer Doses on the Growth, Seed Yield and Oil Content of Brassica

F.C. Oad , S.M. Qayyum , N.L. Oad , A.W. Gandahi , G.N. Sohu and G.Q. Chandio
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The field experiment was conducted to observe the effect of different fertilizer doses (0-0-0, 30-20-10, 60-40-20, 90-60-30, and 120-80-40 NPK Kg-ha on growth, yield and oil content of Toria Selection (Brassica compastrist L.) brassica variety at Z.A. Bhutto Agricultural College, Dokri, Pakistan. Application of 120-80-40 and 90-60-30 NPK Kg-ha fertilizer doses equally showed efficiency of producing taller plants, more branches, increased number of siliqua, lengthy siliqua, bold seeds in siliqua, and heavier seed index, which in-turn increased seed yield and oil content of the crop. Thus, it is recommended that Toria Selection brassica variety should be fertilized with 90-60-30 or 120-80-40 NPK Kg-ha for maximum yield and oil content.

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F.C. Oad , S.M. Qayyum , N.L. Oad , A.W. Gandahi , G.N. Sohu and G.Q. Chandio , 2001. Effect of Various NPK Fertilizer Doses on the Growth, Seed Yield and Oil Content of Brassica. Journal of Applied Sciences, 1: 377-378.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2001.377.378


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