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Productive Performance of Kamori Goat Flock under Semi-intensive Management

S. Bughio, M.H. Baloch , F.C. Oad , A.A. Moryani , A.H. Mirani and M.A. Brohi
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The study was conducted on randomly selected 30 Kamori goats for five Kiddings from the flock of livestock experimental Khudaabad. Males of Kamori goats were heavier as compared to females. The mean birth weight of male and female kid recorded was 3.12 ± 0.36 kg and 2.83 ±0.40 kg respectively, whereas, mean weaning weight of male kid was 15.81±0.65 kg and female kid was 14.15 ±0.66 kg. The birth weight and weaning weight both were higher in 5th kidding, where animal had maximum body size and weight. The same trends for adult weight was exhibited i.e. males being heavier (70.16 ± 8.149 kg) than females (47.80 ±4.452 kg). The average milk yield attained by Kamori goat was 1.98 ±0.47 liters per day, milk production was higher in 5th lactation.

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S. Bughio, M.H. Baloch , F.C. Oad , A.A. Moryani , A.H. Mirani and M.A. Brohi , 2001. Productive Performance of Kamori Goat Flock under Semi-intensive Management. Journal of Applied Sciences, 1: 347-348.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2001.347.348


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