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Research Article

BUADVIS- a Decision Support System for Student Advising

Meltem Ozturan and Zeynep Ayan
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The most important stage of registration procedure in Bogazici University is student advising process since it is very time consuming and is very sensitive to advisor errors. BUADVIS, the decision support system for student advising, is developed to make this registration stage easy and reliable. Systems takes the necessary information and related rules regulations into consideration while running up the analytic model to end up with a seimstructurêd decision support system for advisors where course assignment alternatives are listed. The system is found to be time saving, intelligent enough to minimize advisory errors and replaceable of registration paper work.

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Meltem Ozturan and Zeynep Ayan , 2001. BUADVIS- a Decision Support System for Student Advising. Journal of Applied Sciences, 1: 3-5.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2001.3.5



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