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Research Article

Students’ Growth Dynamic Evaluation Modeling Based on Curriculum Learning State

Zhang Gefu and Zhang Yuan
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Proposed in this paper, a kind of students’ learning state tracking and evaluation model, centered on teaching activities, was based on recording students’ behavior state in every activity space, during every teaching procedure. Firstly, a growth evaluation index system has been constructed based on fuzzy AHP. Five items indexes and one growth index could be computed out after completing count, weighted sum and normalization. Those five items are virtue, ability, diligence, achievements and participation. Every item has five second index for assessment. This evaluation system is consistent with Chinese modern education goals. A detailed calculation arithmetical model of each index has been given which can interpret precisely the meaning of those indexes. Then, a computer model has been constructed for picking up and measuring information of students. A computer system of students’ growth dynamic evaluation has been introduced. At last, a practical example was taken to show that this model is feasible for evaluating students’ growth in our classes last 3 years.

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Zhang Gefu and Zhang Yuan, 2013. Students’ Growth Dynamic Evaluation Modeling Based on Curriculum Learning State. Information Technology Journal, 12: 5406-5414.

DOI: 10.3923/itj.2013.5406.5414



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