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Research Article

A Survey on Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Network

Samba Sesay , Zongkai Yang and Jianhua He

This paper presents a coherent survey on ad hoc wireless networks, with the intent of serving as a quick reference to the current research issues in ad hoc networking. It starts with a background on the origin and development stages of ad hoc network, then summaries the characteristics, capabilities, applications and design constraints of ad hoc network fully distinguishing it from traditional networks. The paper discuses a broad range of research issues such as Routing, Medium Access, Multicasting, Quality of service, TCP performance, Energy, Security and Bluetooth, outlining the major challenges which have to be solved before widespread deployment of the technology is possible. Through this survey it would be seen that Ad hoc Networking presence an interesting research area inheriting the problems of wireless and mobile communications in their most difficult form.

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Samba Sesay , Zongkai Yang and Jianhua He , 2004. A Survey on Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Network. Information Technology Journal, 3: 168-175.

DOI: 10.3923/itj.2004.168.175


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