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Survey on Big Data Analytic and Challenges to Cyber Security

Anandakumar Haldorai, Umamaheswari Kandaswamy and Arulmurugan Ramu

To evaluate and inspect a high-quality diverse and existing definition of data, technological innovations are enhanced regardless of the evidently tumbling storage funds in developing, collection of data and statistics in computation alongside developed computers processing power. Using these innovative applications known as big data in formulating both internal and external sources of data, covering connections that define data can easily be identified. Aftermath, relevant strategies can be expressed to associate the identification of big data with new technologies and economic expansion. Big data can be framed in two perspectives grouped both negative and positive. The innovation promised much in the future but also points out some major security problems, ethical consideration and personal security matters. When these issues are not put into consideration, they will later form major obstacle to initiate success and consummation of utilizing big data innovations. This paper mainly considers analyzing current usage of big data that can be considered both in personal levels and the community as a whole while also concentrating on seven significant area of usage. These key areas are big data and health-care, big data for business optimization and customer analytics, big data and science, big data as enablers of openness and efficiency in government, big data and finance, big data and emergency of energy distribution systems and big data security systems. Moreover, compelling issues in privacy, ethical concerns and security which have been outlined will also be illustrated.

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Received: June 01, 2018; Accepted: August 20, 2018; Published: September 18, 2018

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