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Comparing the Feeding of Fungus Myceliated Grain with Other Anticoccidial Control Measures on Oocyst Excretion of Eimeria Challenged Broilers

W.L. Willis, O.S. Isikhuemhen, R.C. Minor, S. Hurley and E.I. Ohimain
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An experiment was conducted to determine if dietary Fungus Myceliated Grain (FMG) as an alternative to other coccidiosis control measures would result in oocyst reduction in the presence of a field strain Eimeria challenge during grow out. A total of 144 broiler chicks were assigned to 8 treatment groups as follows: 1) Control (no coccidiosis protection - no challenge); 2) 5%-FMG (no challenge); 3) Inovocox (IC) (no challenge); 4) Coccivac-B (CB) (no challenge); 5) Control (no coccidiosis protection, challenged); 6) 5% FMG (challenged); 7) Inovocox (IC) (challenged) and 8) Coccivac-B (CB) (challenged). Broilers were challenged with a mixture of E. acervelina, E. maxma and E. tenella at 28 days of age. Fecal oocyst egg count, mortality and whole blood differentials were measured. The Eimeria counts 1 week post challenge were significantly higher for all challenged chickens (trts 5-8) as compared to unchallenged (trts 1-4). Oocyst counts at day 49 of challenged but unprotected chickens (trt 5) was significantly (p>0.05) greater and showed a higher percentage of mortality when compared to challenged treated groups (trt 6-8). Treatment 6 (5% FMG) led to a reduction in fecal oocyst counts and protected against mortality at rates comparable to the vaccine control methods. Additionally, there were comparable increases in macrophages, heterophils and lymphocytes in the 5% FMG and vaccine groups. The results from this study strongly suggest that a diet supplemented with 5% FMG can be used as an alternative to other coccidiosis control methods in reducing Eimeria oocyst numbers during grow out.

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W.L. Willis, O.S. Isikhuemhen, R.C. Minor, S. Hurley and E.I. Ohimain, 2010. Comparing the Feeding of Fungus Myceliated Grain with Other Anticoccidial Control Measures on Oocyst Excretion of Eimeria Challenged Broilers. International Journal of Poultry Science, 9: 648-651.

DOI: 10.3923/ijps.2010.648.651



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