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Utilization of Dried Whole Eggs Processed by Different Methods with or Without Growth Promoting Mixture on Performance and Lymphoid Organs of Broiler Chicks

M.A. Al-Harthi, A.A. El-Deek and Y.A. Attia
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Rejected eggs were collected and dried at 55oC. Thereafter, Dried Whole Eggs (DWE) were processed by different methods e.g. freezing for 48 h at -18oC, freezing with boiling for 15 min at 100oC or autoclaving for 20 min at 120oC with a pressure of 1 kg/cm2. The DWE processed by different methods were fed to broiler chickens during 3-41 d of age at 0, 3.5 and 7.0%. Diets were fed without or with Growth Promoting Mixture (GPM) containing probiotic 0.5 g, Vit C 0.5, black pepper 0.5 g, red pepper 0.5 g/kg diet), thus there were fourteen experimental treatments. Growth was not affected by level of DWE and/or processing way, while GPM significantly increased growth. Feed intake significantly increased by autoclaving, whilst inclusion of DWE at either level significantly decreased feed intake and there was a significant interaction between DWE level and processing method for feed intake. DWE at either 3.5 or 7% significantly improved FCR similarly. Moreover, GPM supplementation improved Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) within each level. Supplementation of GPM significantly increased absolute and relative weight of bursa, while the opposite trend was shown in thymus parameters. Abdominal fat, plasma total protein, albumin significantly decreased although plasma total lipids significantly increased due to GPM supplementation. Abdominal fat significantly decreased, and plasma total lipids significantly increased due to autoclaving, whilst freezing with boiling increased plasma cholesterol. Heart and pancreas significantly increased, however skin colour significantly decreased due to inclusion of frozen with boiled DWE. Increasing DWE level resulted in significant linear increase in heart and pancreas, whilst skin colour significantly decreased due to 3.5% DWE and GPM supplementation. Plasma cholesterol exhibited a significant linear increase with increasing DWE level.

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M.A. Al-Harthi, A.A. El-Deek and Y.A. Attia, 2010. Utilization of Dried Whole Eggs Processed by Different Methods with or Without Growth Promoting Mixture on Performance and Lymphoid Organs of Broiler Chicks. International Journal of Poultry Science, 9: 511-520.

DOI: 10.3923/ijps.2010.511.520


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