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Seasonal Variation in Rooting of Leafy Olive Cuttings

Mukhtar Ahmed , M. H. Laghari , Iftikhar Ahmed and K. M. Khokhar
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This study was conducted to assess the influence of season on rooting ability of olive cuttings during the year 2000-2001. Leafy semi-hard wood cuttings were taken from 10 years old olive tree of cultivar "Leccino". The length of cuttings ranged from 10 to 12 cm, with at least 3 to 4 leaves/cutting. The cuttings were collected at fortnightly interval commencing from 15th February to Ist April, 15th July to Ist November and 15th October to Ist December, 2000. The basal portion of the cuttings were treated with talcum powder containing 0.3% Indolebutyric acid (IBA). The treated cuttings were planted in coarse sand in fiber glasshouse under mist. The maximum temperature and relative humidity in fiber glasshouse was 25 to 35 ° C and 75 to 85% respectively. The highest rooting percentage (82%) was obtained in spring season cuttings on 15th February which was significantly higher than those obtained on the other times of the year. The other times of the years showing promise were 15th July and Ist March, where 70 and 65% of rooting was obtained respectively. The cuttings planted on Ist April produced significantly higher number of roots/cutting (13.5) than rest of planting period of the year. The higher plant survival percentage (90 to 93%) was observed in the cuttings planted during 15 Oct to Ist December.

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Mukhtar Ahmed , M. H. Laghari , Iftikhar Ahmed and K. M. Khokhar , 2002. Seasonal Variation in Rooting of Leafy Olive Cuttings. Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 1: 228-229.

DOI: 10.3923/ajps.2002.228.229



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