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  Singapore Journal of Scientific Research is a quarterly, peer-reviewed international research journal that addresses both applied and theoretical issues. The scope of the journal encompasses research articles, original research reports, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in the fields of applied and theoretical sciences, biology, chemistry, physics, zoology, medical studies, environmental sciences, mathematics, statistics, geology, engineering, agricultural engineering, computer science, social sciences, natural sciences, technological sciences, linguistics, medicine, industrial and all other applied and theoretical sciences.

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  Editor-in-Chief:  Rosna Mat Taha
Adedeji, J.A., D.F. Apata, O.A. Aderinola, T.A. Rafiu and S.R. Amao, 2006. Performance and haematological/serum characteristics of rabbits fed boiled castor seed cake based diet. World J. Zool., 1: 91-93.
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Adedeji, T.A., L.O. Ojedapo, T.B. Olayeni, O. Akinokun, O.S. Adedeji, A.R. Abdullah and O.A. Aderinola, 2004. The effect of age and body weight of a commercial layer strain on some egg quality traits. Sci. Focus, 6: 126-130.
Aderinola, A.O., G.O. Farinu, O.S. Adedeji, T.B. Olayeni and V.A. Togun, 2006. Performance and haematological characteristics of weaner pigs fed wild sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia Hemsl. A gray) leaf meal. J. Anim. Vet. Adv., 5: 499-502.
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Aderinola, O.A., A.A. Akingbade, A.O. Akinwunmi, O. Ewetola and M.O. Adegorite, 2008. Effect of Gliricidia sepium supplementation on intake, digestibility and nitrogen balance of WAD sheep and goat fed vetiver grass. 23. Bowen J. Agric., 5: 80-86.
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Aderinola, O.A., D.O. Okunlola and T. Oyadeyi, 2009. Effect of supplement on the performance of West African Dwarf sheep grazing in a regrowth feild of Panicum maximum. Crop Res., 38: 230-235.
Aderinola, O.A., G.O. Farinu, J.A. Akinlade, T.B. Olayeni, O.O. Ojebiyi and P.O. Ogunniyi, 2007. Nutritional potential of Bligha sapida K. Konig (Ackee ackee) leaves as a dry season feed resource for West Africa Dwarf goats in the derived savannah zone of Nigeria. Livestock Res. Rural Develop. J., 19: 78-78.
Aderinola, O.A., J.A. Akinlade, A.A. Akingbade, P.A. Babajide, A.O. Akinwunmi and T.A. Rafiu, 2007. Effect of varying inter-row spacing of Lablab purpureus I.147 on biomass yield and chemical composition of Andropogon tectorum in the derived savannah zone of Nigeria. Trop. J. Animal Sci., 10: 505-509.
Aderinola, O.A., J.A. Akinlade, A.A. Akingbade, T.A. Rafiu, O.O. Ojebiyi and T.B. Olayeni, 2010. Stylosanthes hamata spacing effect on utilization of Andropogon tectorum by West African Dwarf Sheep. Bull. Anim. Health Prod., 58: 173-180.
Aderinola, O.A., W.B. Akanbi, F.G. Sodeinde, O.O. Olatunji, E.A. Ewetola, C.O. Olaniyi and S.A. Salami, 2009. Effect of varying levels of Tithonia diversifolia compost and harvesting age on the agronomic parameters and nutrient composition of vetiver grass (Vetivera nigritana) in a derived savanna zone of Nigeria. Res. Crops, 10: 530-535.
Akingbade, A.A., O.A. Aderinola, J.A. Akinlade, A.Y. Dairo and T.A. Ismaila, 2005. Haematological commitments of West African dwarf and red sokoto goats fed Gliricidia sepium Panicum maximum diet in the derived savannah zone of Nigeria. Sci. Focus, 10: 160-164.
Akingbade, A.A., O.A. Aderinola, J.A. Akinlade, S.A. Ameen and F.O. Ogunsola, 2006. Growth and haematological parameters of growing female West Africa Dwarf goats fed Fiscus religiosa and Bligha sapida supplements. Bowen J. Agric., 3: 200-208.
Akingbade, A.A., S.A. Ameen, O.A. Aderinola, O.T. Akin-Bamikole, A.Y. Dairo and T.A. Ismaila, 2007. Pen activities of West African dwarf and Red Sokoto goats maintained on Gliricidia sepium Panicum maximum diets. Trop. Vet. J., 25: 55-57.
Akinlade, J.A., A. Larbi, A.A. Awojide, I.O. Adekunle, O.O. Ojebiyi and O.A. Aderinola, 2009. Nutritive attributes of Sesbania parchycapa fodder in a crop livestock farming system. Nigeria J. Anim. Prod., 36: 306-312.
Akinlade, J.A., G.O. Farinu, A.A. Taiwo, O.A. Aderinola, T.A. Adebayo, O.O. Ojebiyi and O.A. Olaniran, 2007. Agronomic and nutritive evaluation of jack beans (Canavalia ensiformis) for fodder in the derived savannah zone of Nigeria. Int. J. Agric. Res., 2: 1059-1063.
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Akinlade, J.A., G.O. Farinu, O.A. Aderinola, T.Y. Ojeleye and G.O. Tona, 2004. Nutritive value of Stylosanthes guianensis and Shamata in the derived savannah zone of Nigeria. Sci. Focus, 9: 145-149.
Akinlade, J.A., G.O. Farinu, O.N. Adeyemo, O.A. Aderinola and F.G. Akangbe, 2004. Effect of forms (Fresh, wilted and dried) of feeding wild sunflower (Tihonia diversifolia) leaves on dry matter intake and digestibility by West African Dwarf goats. Sci. Focus, 7: 1103-1103.
Akinlade, J.A., G.O. Farinu, O.O. Agboola, A.A. Akingbade, O.O. Ojebiyi and O.A. Aderinola, 2008. Nutritive value of four accessions of Stylosanthes scabra in the derived savanna zone of Nigeria. Trop. Grasslands, 42: 120-123.
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Alokan, J.A. and O.A. Aderinola, 2000. Effects of different levels of dried layers litter on feed intake, digestibility and nitrogen utilization in Yankasa sheep. Appl. Trop. Agric., 5: 163-168.
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Oladunjoye, I.O., O.A. Amao, I.A. Emiola, O.A. Aderinola, T.B. Olayeni and L.O. Ojedapo, 2003. Potential of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) testa meal as a substitute for maize in the diet of rabbit. Sci. Focus, 3: 6-10.
Olaniyi, C.O., O.S. Adedeji, O.A. Aderinola, T.B. Olayeni and D.O. Okunlola, 2010. Performance characteristics and blood profiles of African catfish fed locust bean meal (Parkia biglobosa). Crop Res., 40: 221-226.
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Sodeinde, F.G., J.A. Akinlade, O.A. Aderinola, S.R. Amao, J.A. Alalade and A.T. Adesokan, 2009. The effect of poultry manure on proximate composition and in vitro Gas Production of Panicum maximum cv. T 58 in the derived Savanna zone of Nigeria. Pak. J. Nutr., 8: 1262-1265.
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Sodeinde, F.G., O.A. Aderinola, S.R. Amao, T.L. Ayinde and J.O. Akinola, 2009. Fertilizer effect on yield and composition of shrubby stylo in the Nigerian derived savanna zone. Bull. Anim. Health Prod., 57: 185-190.