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    Publisher: Academic Journals Inc., USA
  International Journal of Zoological Research publishes original research papers, reviews and short communications within the whole field of zoology. Scope of the journal includes: Animal behaviour, biochemistry and physiology, developmental biology, ecology, genetics, morphology and ultrastructure, parasitology and pathology, and systematics and evolution.

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  Editor-in-Chief:  Raafat Mohamed Shaapan Sayed
Chovatiya, S., G. Nikunj and V.C. Soni, 2013. Breeding Ecology of Mosquito: Special Reference to Genus Anopheles. Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany., ISBN: 978-3-659-37974-1, Pages: 97..
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Chovatiya, S.K., N.B. Gajera and V.C. Soni, 2013. People's perception on malaria: A case study in rural areas of Rajkot district, Gujarat-India. Health Sci. Int. J., 2: 1-5.
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Gurugubelli, B., S.F.W. Sunderraj, Nikunj, A. Subramanyam, V.K. Jaiswal and S. Jaiswal, 2013. Spatial distribution and source routes identification for arsenic in soil at coal fired industrial area, using regression analysis and CMB8. Int. Res. J. Pure Appl. Chem., 3: 197-209.
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Raman, R.K., N.B. Gajera and V.V. Kumar, 2013. Impact of salinity ingression prevention structures (bandharas) on different landuse categories in Abdasa Taluka of Kachchh region, Gujarat-India. Recent Trends Civil Eng. Technol., 3: 49-61.
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