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    Publisher: Asian Network for Scientific Information
  Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences (PJBS) is an international, peer-reviewed and well indexed scientific journal seeks to promote and disseminate the knowledge of biological sciences by publishing outstanding research in the field. Scope of the journal includes: Cell biology, developmental biology, structural biology, microbiology, entomology, toxicology, molecular biology & genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, biodiversity, ecology, marine biology, plant biology and bioinformatics.

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  Editor-in-Chief:  Hakan Ulukan
Andawan, L.M., M. Pardeshi, J. Joshua and S.F.W. Sundarraj, 2008. Resighting of Indian or greater false vampire in kodinar, Junagadh district of Gujarat. Tigerpaper, 35: 28-28.
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Das, S.K., J. Joshua and M.K. Pardeshi, 2005. First record of the keeled rock gecko Cyrtodactylus scarbum (Heyden 1827) from Gujarat state, India. Herpestence, 3: 1-3.
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Das, S.K., V.K. Pandey and M.K. Pardeshi, 2003. Notes on herpetofauna of talchhapar wildlife sanctuary, Rajasthan, India. Cobra, 53: 13-16.
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Gajera, N., V. Vijaykumar and M. Pardeshi, 2015. Mammalian Species Distribution and Diversity in Major Land Uses of Arid Regions of Kachchh, Gujarat. In: Biodiversity Distribution and Conservation, Khinchi, S.S. (Ed.). Pointer Publications, Jaipur, India, pp: 180-205.
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Kumar, D. and M. Pardeshi, 2011. Biodiversity of termites in agro-ecosystem and relation between their niche breadth and pest status. J. Entomol., 8: 250-258.
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Kumar, S., C. Sivaperuman, M. Pardeshi and Q.H. Baqri, 2002. Comb duck Sarkidiornis melanotus (Pennant, 1769) in the thar desert of Rajasthan, India. Newslett. Birdwatchers, 42: 102-109.
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Pardeshi, M. and D. Kumar, 2009. Termites associated with prosopis juliflora and their ecological aspects in western Kachchh. Proceedings of National Symposium on Prosopis: Ecological, Economic Significance and Management Challenges (NSPC), Feb. 20-21, Gujarat Institute of desert Ecology, Bhuj (Kachchh), pp: 28-30.
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Pardeshi, M. and V.V. Kumar, 2010. Additional Records of Keeled Rock gecko Cyrtopodion scabrum (Heyden, 1827) from Kachchh district, Gujarat, India. Reptile Rap, 10: 9-10.
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Pardeshi, M., V.V. Kumar, N. Gajera and A. Kumar, 2008. Hardwicks spiny-tailed lizard (Uromastyx hardwickii, Gray 1827) preyed on by Indian sand boa (Eryx johnii, Russell 1801). J. Bombay Nat. History Soc., 105: 343-344.
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Pilo, B., G.P. Senan, E. Manoj, B. Desai and M. Dave et al., 2005. Conservation status of Citruilus colocynthis (L.) Schard. in Gujarat state. Ecol. Environ. Conserv. Pap., 11: 105-110.
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