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Science Alert
  Publisher: Science International
  Research Journal of Parasitology is now closed for new submissions effective by August 15, 2021. Science International has officially acquired this journal, and now it has been transferred to the new publisher. If you want to submit your research work to this journal, please visit the official website of Science International. Moreover, papers published until December 2021 will remain available on Science Alert.

  Editor-in-Chief:  Vinay Kumar Singh

Vinay Kumar Singh

DDU Gorakhpur University, India

Ayman A. El-Badry

Cairo University, Egypt

Hossein Nahrevanian

Pasteur Institute of Iran, Iran

Anish Yadav

Sher-e-Kashmir University, India

Somchai Pinlaor

Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Essam Abdel Salam Shaalan

King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia

Sandeep K. Malhotra

University of Allahabad, India

M. Muniaraj

Centre for Research in Medical Entomology, India

Elsayed Mahmoud Bayoumy

Dammam University, Saudi Arabia

Bhupendrakumar Chaturbhai Parmar

College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, India

Sobhy Abdel-Shafy

National Research Center, Egypt

Deb Prasad Pandey

Agriculture and Forest University, Nepal

Alaa Abdel-Moneam Ghazy Mohamed

National Research Center, Egypt
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