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Hepatoprotective Activity of Livobond A Polyherbal Formulation Against CCl4 Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats

Usha S. Satyapal, Vilasrao J. Kadam and Rumi Ghosh

International Journal of Pharmacology 4 (6): 472-476, 2008

ASCI-ID: 23-80

Hepatoprotective Effect of the Ethanolic Extract of Urtica parviflora Roxb. in CCl4 Treated Rats

Prasanna Kumar Kar, Lilakanta Nath, Suvakanta Dash, L. Sutharson and Bhagabat Nanda

International Journal of Pharmacology 3 (4): 362-366, 2007

ASCI-ID: 23-357

The Effect of Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) Extract on Liver Tissue Injury Consequent Isoniazid Administration in the Rats

Daryoush Mohajeri and Ramin Kaffash Elahi

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 11 (22): 4094-4101, 2012

ASCI-ID: 156-3855

Hepatoprotective Activity of Aqueous and Methanolic Extracts of Capparis decidua Stems Against Carbon Tetrachloride Induced Liver Damage in Rats

S.A. Ali, T.H. Al-Amin, A.H. Mohamed and A.A. Gameel

Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology 4 (4): 167-172, 2009

ASCI-ID: 55-243

Hepatoprotective Activity of Capparis decidua Aqueous and Methanolic Stems Extracts Against Carbon Tetrachloride Induced Liver Histological Damage in Rats

S.A. Ali, A.A. Gameel, A.H. Mohamed and T. Hassan

Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology 6 (1): 62-68, 2011

ASCI-ID: 55-306

Effect of Ethanol Extract of Cansjera rheedii J. Gmelin (Opiliaceae) on Hepatotoxicity

V.M. Mounnissamy, S. Kavimani, V. Balu and S. Darlin Quine

Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology 3 (2): 158-162, 2008

ASCI-ID: 55-184

Hepatoprotective Constituents from the Leaves of Pisonia grandis R.Br

Thenmozhi Shanmugam, Kameshwaran Sugavanam, Subasini Uthirapathi, Sathyamurthy Duraiswamy and Dhanalakshmi Manoharan

Pharmacologia 4 (5): 383-390, 2013

ASCI-ID: 5001-167

Evaluation of Hepatoprotective Activity of Tecoma stans Flowers

S. Kameshwaran, A.R. Kothai, C. Jothimanivannan and R. Senthilkumar

Pharmacologia 4 (3): 236-242, 2013

ASCI-ID: 5001-152

Protective Effect of Luffa acutangula (var) amara against Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Experimental Rats

I. Ulaganathan, D. Divya, K. Radha, T.M. Vijayakumar and M.D. Dhanaraju

Research Journal of Biological Sciences 5 (9): 615-624, 2010

ASCI-ID: 169-847