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Articles by Y Watanabe (12)

Prolonged hoarseness and arytenoid cartilage dislocation after tracheal intubation

H Yamanaka, Y Hayashi, Y Watanabe, H Uematu and T. Mashimo

BJA: British Journal of Anaesthesia 103 ( 3 ): 452 - 455 , 2009

Concordant DNA Methylation in Synchronous Colorectal Carcinomas

K Konishi, L Shen, J Jelinek, Y Watanabe, S Ahmed, K Kaneko, M Kogo, T Takano, M Imawari, S. R Hamilton and J. P. J. Issa

Cancer Prevention Research 2 ( 9 ): 814 - 822 , 2009

IGFBP7 is a p53-responsive gene specifically silenced in colorectal cancer with CpG island methylator phenotype

H Suzuki, S Igarashi, M Nojima, R Maruyama, E Yamamoto, M Kai, H Akashi, Y Watanabe, H Yamamoto, Y Sasaki, F Itoh, K Imai, T Sugai, L Shen, J. P. J Issa, Y Shinomura, T Tokino and M. Toyota

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 3 ): 342 - 349 , 2010

Population Vector Analysis of Primate Mediodorsal Thalamic Activity during Oculomotor Delayed-Response Performance

Y Watanabe, K Takeda and S. Funahashi

Cerebral Cortex 19 ( 6 ): 1313 - 1321 , 2009

Role of Mesodermal FGF8 and FGF10 Overlaps in the Development of the Arterial Pole of the Heart and Pharyngeal Arch Arteries

Y Watanabe, S Miyagawa Tomita, S. D Vincent, R. G Kelly, A. M Moon and M. E. Buckingham

Circulation Research 106 ( 3 ): 495 - 503 , 2010

Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction With Sirolimus-Eluting Stents Results in Chronic Endothelial Dysfunction in the Infarct-Related Coronary Artery

J. e Obata, T Nakamura, Y Kitta, Y Kodama, K Sano, K. I Kawabata, Y Saitoh, D Fujioka, T Kobayashi, T Yano, Y Watanabe, K Watanabe and K. Kugiyama

Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions 2 ( 5 ): 384 - 391 , 2009

Fatigue Is a Predictor for Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis

H Koyama, S Fukuda, T Shoji, M Inaba, Y Tsujimoto, T Tabata, S Okuno, T Yamakawa, S Okada, M Okamura, H Kuratsune, H Fujii, Y Hirayama, Y Watanabe and Y. Nishizawa

Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 5 ( 4 ): 659 - 666 , 2010

The analysis of the functions of human B and T cells in humanized NOD/shi-scid/{gamma}cnull (NOG) mice (hu-HSC NOG mice)

Y Watanabe, T Takahashi, A Okajima, M Shiokawa, N Ishii, I Katano, R Ito, M Ito, M Minegishi, N Minegishi, S Tsuchiya and K. Sugamura

International Immunology 21 ( 7 ): 843 - 858 , 2009

A Feasibility Study of UFT/LV and Irinotecan (TEGAFIRI) in Advanced or Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: Osaka Gastrointestinal Cancer Chemotherapy Study Group (OGSG) PROG 0304

H Ishida, Y Miyake, M Fukunaga, Y Watanabe, T Kato, H Takemoto and H. Furukawa

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 39 ( 9 ): 601 - 605 , 2009

Successful Management by Provocative Angiography and Endovascular Stent of Ureteroarterial Fistula in a Patient with a Long-term Indwelling Ureteral Stent

K Yamasaki, K Omori, E. I Takaoka, N Sekido, M Shigai, K Mori, M Minami, Y Watanabe, T Shimazui and H. Akaza

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 40 ( 3 ): 267 - 270 , 2010

Dietary iron-deficient anemia induces a variety of metabolic changes and even apoptosis in rat liver: a DNA microarray study

A Kamei, Y Watanabe, T Ishijima, M Uehara, S Arai, H Kato, Y Nakai and K. Abe

Physiological Genomics 42 ( 2 ): 149 - 156 , 2010

Augmented TLR9-induced Btk activation in PIR-B-deficient B-1 cells provokes excessive autoantibody production and autoimmunity

T Kubo, Y Uchida, Y Watanabe, M Abe, A Nakamura, M Ono, S Akira and T. Takai

The Journal of Experimental Medicine 206 ( 9 ): 1971 - 1982 , 2009