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Articles by Wei Wei
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  Ang Gao , Wei Wei and Xiangrong Xiao
  Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are often deployed in hostile environments, thus being subjected to great security risks. Secure authentication between the two participating entities is of typical defense against data modified and fabricated by an adversary. In this study, considering environment and dynamic topology having a significant impact on the communication radius of sensor, we proposed a secure Multi-hop authentication scheme: the data message source is verified with keys derived from multiple one-way hash sub-chains related to communication radius of node, while offering greater resilience against node compromised by designing the hash chain length which guarantees that sub-chains are picked with the low probability of overlap between two or more sensors. Compared to existing solution, the proposed method greatly alleviates extra memory space taken and lower energy consumption extends the network lifetime benefiting from the distributed strategy.
  Wei Wei , Ang Gao , Bin Zhou and Yiduo Mei
  A number of recent advances in MAC protocols for wireless sensor networks have been proposed to decrease idle listening. Low-Power-Listening (LPL) protocols transmit data packets for the inter-listening interval, for this reason, allowing sensor nodes to sleep for long periods of time between channel probes. The inter-listening interval as well as the particular type of LPL protocol ought to well match the network conditions. Some LPL protocols break communication between the sender and the receiver after the data packet has been successfully received. In this study, a novel variable rate based time frame scheduling scheme is proposed to further reduce collisions and improve energy saving in wireless sensor networks. During this pre-schedule slot, each node knows exactly the schedule of other neighbor nodes. Multi-rate and power scaling are adopted to achieve further energy saving by employing an acceptable rate rather than the maximum rate. Data rate is dynamically adjusted according to the traffic load of sending nodes in an energy efficient data rate to retrench energy. Compared with Z-MAC, performance in the present study proves to have better ability of local framing pre-schedule and multi-rate achieves better energy efficiency. Our results show that using the improved method of the MAC schedule provides up the enhancement of lifetime for different traffic scenarios.
  Bin Zhou , Xiao-Lin Yang and Wei Wei
  Sensornets is an important activity in the fields of computer science. Every sensor node collects the information and cooperates with others for certain purpose. A smooth version of the information distribution on the nodes is expected for some applications. Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) are introduced to determine such information potential fields and they can be solved by some numerical methods. The solutions preserve major features of original distributions which are advantageous to most applications such as navigation in parking lots, environment monitoring, etc. The simulation results show that such methods are convenient to be applied in sensornets.
  Wei Wei , Bin Zhou , Ang Gao and Yiduo Mei
  A number of practical events result in a natural information potential field in the proximity of the phenomenon. A novel method is proposed in this study to approximate the information potentials fields in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). The moving least-square method is introduced to solve related Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). This equation determines a smooth edition of the intrinsic potential field maintained major characters which is propitious to most applications of WSNs. For instance, navigation in parking yards, temperature, motion or pollutants, etc. The association between the nodes and the local information level are also considered in this method. Various information potentials fields can be integrated together naturally attribute to the well property of the PDEs. Efficiency and stability of our scheme are verified by numerical examples. The simulation results make clear that the presented way is advantageous to be used in WSNs.
  Haibo Wu , Musheng Deng , Liaoliang Xiao , Wei Wei and Ang Gao
  Localization is significant for various applications in Wireless Sensor Networks. It is found that the estimated hop-distance will affect localization result. In this study, we propose a Cosine Theorem-based DV-hop localization algorithm (CTDV-hop) to improve localization precision. After estimating the average hop-distance by the traditional DV-hop technique, we select the middle node between every two anchor-pairs in the transmission route one by one. Then the estimated hop-distance is adjusted by the angle between the anchor-pairs to that selected middle node. We hence obtain the improved localization results and can accurately locate even the distribution of nodes is non-uniform. The simulation results illustrate that the CTDV-hop algorithm effectively improves the localization precision without extra energy consumption in networks.
  Xin Guo , Yang Xiang , Qian Chen and Wei Wei
  A Social network graph shows social interactions and relationships between individuals in a specific social environment, which is very helpful for analyzing social relationships, activities, structures, etc. The author quantized the strengths of social objects’ relationships in social environment using an improved vector space model. Gaussian mixture model was employed to set the threshold for identifying social relationships adaptively and divide social subgroups automatically. According to the threshold, social network graph would be constructed based on performance measures. It is concluded that hidden social relationships can be discovered effectively by using this approach which is very flexible and adaptive for dynamic information feedback mechanism.
  Wei Wei and Bin Zhou
  A novel p-Laplace equation model is proposed in this paper for image denoising. First, the p-Dirichlet integral and total variation are combined to create a new energy functional used to built an image denoising model. This model is the generalization of Rudin-Osher-Fatemi model and Chambolle-Lions model. Then the existence of the solution can be obtained by the good properties of some functions in the nonlinear evolution equation. The numerical experiments with different parameters are implemented at last. The simulation results show the accuracy and efficiency of our method.
  Ang Wei , F.U. Chunyao and Wei Wei
  In this study, a new method to acquire the decision rule of information system with continuous attributes was proposed. The modeling theory and the estimation method of partially linear auto-regression model are discussed and the lag variables, best model, the optimal bandwidth are determined. Partially linear auto-regression models of Shanghai stock index and Shenzhen component index based on partial residual estimate are established and the validity of the model are examined. Finally, forecasting with the model and judged the effect of the model based on the real data.
  Rongjian Li and Wei Wei
  One active application of the wireless sensor networks is the mobile vehicle navigation. In this study, we propose a new potential field method based upon diffusion equation and gradient descent algorithm to achieve more flexibility and adaptability in searching the best path. Based on the mathematical model obtained, Schwarz methods are introduced. We give a short survey of Schwarz method for partial differential equations, including the motivation, its evolution process such as continuous and discrete versions and recent achievements.
  Chunyao Fu , Wei Wei and Ang Wei
  As the routing protocols of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), LEACH (low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy) has some shortcomings in algorithm, such as, the selection of cluster head is unreasonable and the node energy consumption is unbalanced, for these shortcomings, we propose an energy-saving algorithm LEACH-RA based on LEACH protocol. In LEACH-RA, all nodes are divided into fixed cluster, nodes in cluster adaptively select their cluster head according to the radius of their own clusters. We prove by NS2 simulation that the improved protocols effectively overcome the phenomenon of non-uniform of node energy consumption that is caused by the policy of randomly selecting cluster head. In this way, the life of network is extended.
  Liqun Shan , Jinkuan Wang and Wei Wei
  In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), each sensor obtains data and have to communicate these data to a central node. Because sensors are battery powered they are highly energy constrained. Data aggregation can be used to combine data of several sensors into a single message, thus reducing the data traffic and the power consumption. This study has considered the problem of maximizing the time at which the first node with data aggregation in WSNs drains out of energy. It investigated optimal data aggregation routing for achieving the goal above. The problem is formulated as a linear programming problem. By solving the network lifetime optimization problem, the optimal solutions and the distributed implementation can be obtained that are based on the primal-dual decomposition. Simulation results indicate that the algorithm is superior to the existing methods.
  QuanFei and Wei Wei
  This study proposed two algorithms, an adaptive motion estimation algorithm based on Bayesian decision and an improved Motion Vector Field Adaptive Search Technique (MVFAST) algorithm. The first algorithm proposed in this paper, firstly, statistic the current frame and the before frame coded macro block information, Then, using the Bayesian theory, combined with the consistency characteristics of macro block MV space, to get an accurate and fast prediction motion vector. The second algorithm proposed in this paper with better early termination strategy, that is to set up a dynamic threshold of the threshold and take full advantage of the spatial and temporal correlation of video sequences, the use of the adjacent macro block motion vector to block movement by type starting point for prediction using different search strategies on the macro block.
  Wei Wei , Wang Jing , Zuo Min and Du Junping
  This paper investigates the chaos control of uncertain unified chaotic systems. Adaptive control approach with three control signals is presented to stabilize states of the uncertain unified chaotic system at the zero equilibrium point. Since an adaptive controller based on dynamic compensation is employed, the faithful model of unified chaotic system is not necessarily required. By choosing proper controller parameters, chaotic phenomenon can be suppressed. In addition, the response speed of the closed-loop system is tunable. Sufficient conditions for the asymptotic stability of the adaptive approach are derived. Numerical simulation results confirm the adaptive control approach with three control inputs is valid in chaos control of uncertain unified chaotic systems.
  Wei Wei , Jing Zhang , Hongye Li , Jie Hu , Wei Wang , Xiaoyan Yin , Feng Wang , Xin Song , Zhixiao Wang , Yongchao Wang , Peiyi Shen and Jiachen Geng
  This system uses Mitsubishi PLC and computer configuration screen monitoring control mode, press the button or picture can complete automobile access process, simple operation, easy access. Control circuit of traditional way by ac contactor, safe and reliable operation. Through the configuration software, database construction, the animation process control, connection and debugging, realized the monitoring system of three-dimensional garage. Finally discusses in detail the design of control system based on the two layers of garage structure for three models. Finally discusses in detail the design of control system based on the two layers of garage structure for three models. Lift the solid carport, its part can be divided into three parts: the garage structure parts, motivation and control system is part. According to lift the operating principle of the solid carport, on the fluctuation of three-dimensional garage control system design, uses the advanced PLC control, using the software Mitsubishi of lifting the solid carport control procedures, commissioning, operation and proved by using the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) as the control system is simple.
  Meng Haining , Hei Xinhong , Liu Jianjun and Wei Wei
  Long-running software system tends to show performance degradation and sudden failures, due to error accumulation or resource exhaustion over time. This phenomenon is usually called software aging. This study presents a memory-related detection method to investigate software aging in a service-oriented J2EE application server running on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). By studying the problem of memory leaks in JVM, the memory analyzer tool referred as Profiler is designed and developed to collect the performance data of JVM heap memory. Finally, the experimental results and statistical analysis of collected data validate the presence of software aging in the application server.
  NaQi , Wei Wei , Jing Zhang , Wei Wang , Jinwei Zhao , Junhuai Li , Peiyi Shen , Xiaoyan Yin , Xiangrong Xiao and Jie Hu
  With the continuous development of society and the prevalence of computer and network technology. How to ensure the security of information in the course of transmission have become the most important things for people at present. With this background, we studied how to realize encryption and decryption of the RSA (Initials of Ron Rivest, Adi Shamirh, LenAdleman) encryption technology. This study mainly introduces the application of RSA algorithm in encryption and decryption, mentions the technology of digital signature. Also introduces in the process of implementation of RSA algorithm in Visual Studios environment and operation results. Using this system for encryption and decryption of information, theoretically, good results were obtained in safety and reliability.
  Sun Wei , Wei Wei , Jing Zhang , Wei Wang , Jinwei Zhao , Junhuai Li , Peiyi Shen , Xiaoyan Yin , Xiangrong Xiao and Jie Hu
  In recent years, with the development of data warehouse and Web technology, more and more attention has been paid to multiple applications of the data in warehouse. However, data quality issue is one of the biggest obstacles to the success using of data warehouse project for many enterprises. So a data audit model is proposed and the relevant methods are studied in the study based on the characteristics of the telecommunications industry. Further, a three data layer audit method, consisted of audit mode data file level, record level and index level, is constructed during Extraction Transformation Loading (ETL) process. It can effectively improve the data quality of data warehouse.
  Junhuai Li , Guomou Zhang , Wei Wei , Zhixiao Wang and Jing Zhang
  RFID-based location awareness is becoming the most important issue in many fields in recent years, such as ubiquitous computing, mobile computing. However, the RF system is noise-limited, which leads to the readers can’t read the information from tags timely and accurately, especially for RFID localization network. This study proposed a novel RFID indoor localization method based on Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) and Packet Received Ratio (PRR). To do so, the environmental factors affecting the link quality are analyzed and the location awareness data is collected by RFID equipment using non-coherent Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) as modulation scheme and Not Return to Zero (NRZ) as encoding scheme. Then the relationship model between RSSI, PRR and distance is established based on the classic radio propagation model in localization field and theoretical analysis of the normal probability distribution of PRR is conducted. The experimental results show that our approach is valid and proper and also contributes to a novel perspective and theoretical support on the further study and application of RFID indoor localization.
  Wan-Yu Deng , Kai Zhang , Qing-Hua Zheng and Wei Wei
  Compared with macro visualization like small-world structure in WWW, some fields such as knowledge visualization need such layout that can show detailed information of nodes and at the same time can reveal clustered structure of the Graph. Based on modular decomposition, energy model and adjustable center distance, one hierarchical layout algorithm was proposed. Through modular decomposition, the graph was firstly represented by a tree hierarchically. The local positions were then obtained from bottom to top and then the global positions are obtained from top to bottom. The experimental results on various datasets showed that the algorithm can achieve artistic and nearly non-overlapping appearance.
  Xiaoyan Yin , Miao Pan and Wei Wei
  The beyond 3G or 4G mobile systems are envisioned to be characterized by the pouring of diverse services supported by various RANs (Radio Access Networks) belonging to different operators. In parallel with this, how to utilize efficiently the limited radio spectrum and guarantee the operator’s profits has emerged as a joint economical and technical problem. As a possible solution, in this study, a bilateral bargaining approach is proposed for Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) based on bargaining games under incomplete information in microeconomics. In the context of distributed reconfigurable networks controlled by different operators, bilateral bargaining DSM (BBDSM) scheme introduces Trading Agents (TA), trading mechanisms as well as reasonable bargaining strategies to facilitate DSM. Related technologies, bargaining games and proposed algorithm are also described in details. Simulation results show that with imperfect load predicting, BBDSM is effective in improving the utilization of spectrum, expanding the individual operator’s profits.
  Xiao Xia , Xiaodong Wang , Wei Wei and Xingming Zhou
  Online marketplaces of mobile applications have undergone dramatic growth in recent years, as exemplified by Apple AppStore and Google Android Market. However, systematical observation and analysis of such a market are still missing. Therefore, this study seeks better understanding of such marketplaces by measuring one of them, i.e., the Google Play Market, from various perspectives. Since this market has grown to a complex system with large amount of applications, this study measures it from the scope of complex networks. To this end, this study first constructs two app relationship networks and one user navigation network based on the data set crawled from the Google Android Market. This study then generates both micro-scope and macro-scope statistics and analysis on various essential metrics of those three networks. By this way, this study is in the purpose of revealing both the relationships among applications and the influences imposed on the user behaviors by the market. To the best of the knowledge, this study is the first to observe, analyze the mobile application market, especially from the view of complex network. Results of this study can serve as data supports for various future researches on mobile apps, which is a rising and problem abundant area in the era of mobile computing.
  Yan Qiang , Yue Li , Wei Wei , Bo Pei , Juanjuan Zhao and Hui Zhang
  In order to guarantee the stability of the system performance and the high Qos(quality of service) of users, a new method based on the HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) was proposed which including a job type classification method and a dynamic replica manage mechanism. The method uses the job type classification method to select the I/O intensive job, in order to achieve more accuracy of the classification taken the heterogeneity of the jobs into consideration. For the classified jobs, a dynamic replica manage mechanism was used to determine whether to increase or decrease the number of copies on the specific data node. For a test of a cluster with 1 namenode and 20 data nodes, the method has a high performance. The theoretical and experimental analyses in this paper prove that the proposed method has the ability to improve the performance of HDFS effectively.
  Juanjuan Zhao , Guohua Ji , Wei Wei , Jin Wang , Yongxing Liu , Quan Wang and Yan Qiang
  This study presents a new wavelet-based noise reduction scheme based on the lifting scheme and genetic algorithms, which is a novel approach by using a Genetic Algorithm and lifting wavelet framework for threshold selection. There are two folders in this approach. Firstly, it adapts itself to various types of noises without any prior knowledge of noise; secondly, it suppresses noises while preserving the dynamics of the signals. The experimental evaluation is conducted to compare the performances of the new method with existing approaches and the applications for signal denoising are investigated in this study.
  Yan Qiang , Yue Li , Wei Wei and Juanjuan Zhao
  The rapid growth of mobile apps gives rise to the challenge of discovering apps in the mobile systems while it concurrently brings the problem of intensive screen space consumption for mobile devices. To be specified, users always need scrolling screens of apps just for discovering and accessing one of them. The traditional forest fire recognition algorithm couldn't achieve low time-consuming and high accuracy at the same time. To the features of forest fire image, discussed the significance of forest fire prevention combining sea computing, studied and proposed the forest fire recognition algorithm based on sea computing. Used Qt/Embedded to design the algorithm according to the characteristics of the sensor node and then completed the judgment of color and region by this algorithm through additive color model and Sobel operator. Finally, the results were automatically fed back to the sink node. The experiments showed that, this algorithm not only completed the instant detection and recognition of forest fire but also synchronously achieved higher accuracy rate and lower time-consuming compared with the traditional methods.
  Tao Yan and Wei Wei
  A high reliability DC converter what can transform DC high voltage power supply into DC low voltage power supply was introduced in this paper. Its technical parameters, functional requirementsmodular structure designmodule connection mode and the Reliability realization method are illustrated for the DC converter, focusing on. The circuitous philosophy of the switching power supply module and its load sharing, charging management were emphasized. The reliability redundancy design of the DC converter and its corresponding protection was summarized in this paper.
  Baojun Qiao , Shengbin Liang and Wei Wei
  A new chip design paradigm called Network-on-Chip (NoC) offers a promising architectural choice for future System-on-Chip (SoC). Communication latency and power efficiency are the most important concerns in NoC architecture design. Triple-based Hierarchical Interconnection Network (THIN) was proposed that aims to decrease the node degree, reduce the links and shorten the diameter. In this study, the zero-load latency and energy consumption are thoroughly studied and compared with 2-D mesh. The compare results show that THIN is a better candidate for constructing the NoC than 2-D mesh, when there are not too many nodes.
  Hua Yang , Zhou-Fang Li and Wei Wei
  WebGIS is a kind of technology, which employs the Internet as its environment, adopts Web pages as the user interface of GIS software, combines the GIS technology with the Internet and provides all kinds of GIS application with GIS function. It’s applied in all kinds of GIS field, However, In the condition of the upsurge in the number of clients, it’s easy to form "bottleneck" of computing resources in the server side, causing the server load and network latency. It can affect the user's normal use in severe condition. This study solves the bottleneck of the server-side problem by changing the architecture of the existing WebGIS. The experimental results show that the new transmission mode can solve the bottleneck problem at a certain extent.
  Zhang Jun , Wei Wei and Zhang Yuan
  Longitudinal dynamic analysis for 20-groupage, 18t-axle-load high-speed wagons under the operation of service braking and emergency braking were investigated using longitudinal dynamics analysis system, which was based on air brake system emulation. According to the simulation results, the longitudinal impulsion was differentiated into two parts, which were “extrusion coupler force” and “impact coupler force”. Some advises were also put forward to reduce the longitudinal impulsion.
  J. Juan Zhao , Jin Wang , Wei Wei , Xiao Min Chang and Bo Pei
  With the quick development of computer image detection technique, image boundary inspect method has become the field of image processing and computer vision research focus, digital image boundary inspection is image segmentation, image recognition, image analysis for instance area shape extracting the important foundation. Based on Canny operator manually select the threshold improperly, which result in edge detection has some ineffective shortcomings. In this study, the method is presented an reinforced Canny boundary inspection to automatically produc an adaptive threshold for Canny edge detection operator. In the algorithm, it can create the threshold parameter automatically, by the mean square error and average gray of the image. Therefore this method can avoid errors caused by manual input and obtain a desired edge effect.
  Ma Wei-gang , Cao Yuan , Wei Wei , Lu Wei , Ma Jian-feng and Hei Xin-hong
  In view of utilizing Petri net to perform analysis of UML model, this paper proposes a transformation methodology from UML statechart to Petri net in terms of the semantics. Firstly, it gives the formal definition of the UML statechart, uses state sets, transition sets, event sets, guard sets, object sets and refinement functions of the state to describe the features of the UML statechart and designs transfer sets of state concurrency, transfer sets of collision and transfer priorities. Based on the strict formal semantics of the Petri net, the study studies the equivalency between them and proposes a transformation algorithm from UML statechart to Petri net which lays the foundation of automated transformation. Finally, in order to validate the proposed methodology, a novel decentralized railway interlocking system which ensures train safety in stations is modeled and analyzed.
  Chunling Wu , Hehua Li and Wei Wei
  Information security classified protection is a basic system of China’s information security protection. Conducting information security classified protection in colleges and universities is not only a key content in strengthening national information security work, but also an effective measure to improve the information security level of university networks. The paper first summarizes common information subsystems in China’s universities and colleges, describes the functions of these subsystems and offers the recommended classified protection levels for these subsystems. Then, this paper divides an university information system into various modules based on security domain according to the security strategy of “all Grade II systems forming one security domain and each Grade III forming one security domain” and gives the access control methods for security domain boundaries. Finally, according to the requirements on Grade II systems by China’s national standards concerning classified protection, this paper analyzes the contents and objectives of security construction for Grade II security domains from five aspects, thus offering a reference for universities to conduct classified protection based information security construction.
  Yan Qiang , Ruiliang Ma and Wei Wei
  With the dramatic development of computer network technique, different kinds of information have been enhancing quickly and the requirements for precisely located information gives a strong impetus to the NLP research. Natural Language Processing (NLP) research on the subject that how to make computer understand and generate unrestricted natural language text,such as Chinese, English,etc. It brings computer the understanding ability of natural language meaning and responding the questions persons asked in natural language. Its purpose is building a friendly relationship between human and machine; enabling computers communicate information in a high rate. As an important method for discourse connecting and consistency, the employ of anaphor makes discourse looks brief and anaphora reflects the semantic relations between sentences and makes a discourse be a discourse.
  M.A. Wei-Gang , C.A.O. Yuan , Wei Wei , Lu Wei , M.A. Jian-Feng and H.E.I. Xin-Hong
  Health management has been a technology which is widely used in the area of aerospace and weaponry in recent years to monitor the state and repair the failure of a system or component parts. According to the problems of safety computer in CBTC, the study studies the health management technology of safety computer platform in depth such as state monitor and fault diagnosis, using the “soft” failures related to the hardware failures. First, this study introduces the concept of Health Management and expounds the model with Condition-Based Maintenance as the breakthrough point. 1207231545 (HMM) is introduced to the fault diagnosis of safety computer platform, because of the similarities between recognition algorithm and fault diagnosis and its successful application in the field of pattern recognition. Second, based on demand analysis of safety computer in CBTC, simulation safety computer platform of 2-out-of-2 redundant structure is designed using the common computers. The implementation of health management based on Hidden Markov Model can well solve Condition-Based Maintenance problem of safety computer platform. It has certain reference value to health management study of other safety system.
  Hua Yang , Zhou-Fang Li and Wei Wei
  Social network play an increasingly important role in areas such as business and social activities and is causing widespread concern in academia and industry. The complexity of its properties leads the social networking phenomenon can not be model by simple mathematical theory. It has seriously hampered the development of social network data analysis techniques. The relationship of object is analyzed by using UCINET software and instance of social network. Based on information interaction between people and all kinds of information of the members of society in the social network, a social network model is built and the social network diagram is designed. This instance and analysis method is provided that is a reliable guarantee for social networking data extraction and model.
  Yan Qiang , Bo Pei , Wei Wei , Jianfeng Yang and Juanjuan Zhao
  In order to improve the accuracy of the solitary pulmonary nodule diagnosis with medical signs in medical imaging diagnostics, a novel computer-aided classification method is developed. In the view of the existing problems in the lung cancer diagnosis such as the large number of data and the low diagnose efficiency. In order to solve the problem, a new classification method based on the Fuzzy Support Vector Machine (FSVM) was developed to choose the lung with suspicious lesion at an early stage. In this method, the membership function was improved based on the spectral clustering theory which ensures each sample has two membership degrees that guarantees the class of the specific sample more reasonably. The proposed method was used to classify benign and malignant of the pulmonary nodules, the parameters show this method can distinguish the noise and outliers samples more effectively, compared with the traditional fuzzy support vector machine method. Thus, the results illustrated the robust to noise capability and the effective classification ability of this method.
  Yalin Miao , Xin Ji , Wei Wei and Wen Wen
  With the rapid development of economic and the increasingly urban populations, the impacts of humans’ activities on the environment quality of the city is prominently increased. In this study, for the spatial distribution and concentration of the sampling points of heavy metal elements in the city, evaluate soil heavy metal pollution by using Single-factor index method, Nemero index method and cumulative index method, determine the main causes of pollution in each region by the cluster analysis method and the principal component analysis method. Finally, we get the position coordinates of pollution sources in the city by building and solving the three dimensional partial differential model of migration of heavy metal pollutants in soil environment system. In order to provide better research for the evolution model of the urban geology environment, we collected more information and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the models.
  Wei Wei , Xiang Li , Bin Zhou , Hongfang Zhou , Peiyi Shen , Lei Wang and Jing Zhang
  Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) technology, which can take the place of cable, has been widely used in many current fields as one of information technologies with widest horizon of development. The problems caused by the environment restrictions and the unfavorable conditions for cable wiring have been solved because of the emergence of the wireless. Its three important characteristics and advantages are low costing, low power consumption and peer-to-peer communication. During the design procedure, the system is divided into three major modules according to the functional structure, namely central control module, wireless transceiver module and computer dealing software, The central control module uses Sygnal company's low power enhanced 51 MCU C8051F310 as CPU, mainly to complete the data acquisition and processing. The wireless transceiver module is made up of TI CC1101 wireless transceiver chip, which mainly realizes wireless data transmission and The computer dealing software real-timely displays and deals with the data through visual, friendly programming interface, based on C#.NET. Final achievement of the system design is two compact communication devices, one of them connects with PC through RS-232 interface, System is operated through the graphical user interface based on windows, which is very convenient to operate. Debugging result indicated that data acquisition, processing and transmission could be achieved in wireless or wired way under the control of PC and it visually displays the results to the user, satisfies request of the wireless power monitoring data communication system, reaches the technical index.
  Bin Zhou , Xiao-Lin Yang , Rui Liu and Wei Wei
  In many practical fields, image segmentation is the most important procedure. The purpose of image segmentation is to detect the objects in images. The methods based on statistic theory can work well on images with no noise or little noise. But the procedure of segmentation is difficult to be obtained and the accuracy of result often depends on some artificial parameters. A lot of physical phenomenon can be described by Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) and related procedure is easy to be displayed. With the applications of PDEs, it is convenient to accomplish segmentation and represent the procedure.
  LiQun Shan , Wei Wei and Yanchang Liu
  Design of web user interface (WEB UI) plays a very important role in the humanization,Personality and intelligence of the developments of web application. Customization of the user interface is one of the extremely important researches of computer software technology. Relating to mutual operation in design of web user interface generally, software developers are required with coding base and professional knowledge. Traditional design pattern neglect property of reuse and customization sometimes and lengthen development cycle. It is necessary to grogram lots of codes generally because most existing UI development tools are designed aiming at professional developer. Therefore,it is meaningful to do the researches of the user interface customization. Based on the technical analysis, a whole framework platform is builded based on the MVC design pattern and a simple and full-visual WEB UI development is designed and developed. The platform describes user interface with meta model technology, implement coding reuse and UI customization based on template technology. In the practice of web UI design, applying WEB UI customization tool based on the achievement related with above work and the technology, some WEB application systems are realized efficiently and achieve a universal good evaluation coming from users and developers. At the end of this study summarizes the realization and research of WEB UI customize personalized custom-made method.
  Guiqing Peng , Yan Yan , Chengliang Zhu , Shiqun Wang , Xiaohong Yan , Lili Lu , Wei Li , Jing Hu , Wei Wei , Yongxin Mu , Yanni Chen , Yong Feng , Rui Gong , Kailang Wu , Fengmin Zhang , Xiaolian Zhang , Ying Zhu and Jianguo Wu
  Borna disease virus (BDV) is one of the infectious agents that causes diseases of the central nervous system in a wide range of vertebrate species and, perhaps, in humans. The phosphoprotein (P) of BDV, an essential cofactor of virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, is required for virus replication. In this study, we identified the gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor-associated protein (GABARAP) with functions in neurobiology as one of the viral P protein-interacting cellular factors by using an approach of phage display-based protein-protein interaction analysis. Direct binding between GABARAP and P protein was confirmed by coimmunoprecipitation, protein pull-down, and mammalian two-hybrid analyses. GABARAP originally was identified as a linker between the gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor (GABAR) and the microtubule to regulate receptor trafficking and plays important roles in the regulation of the inhibitory neural transmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). We showed that GABARAP colocalizes with P protein in the cells infected with BDV or transfected with the P gene, which resulted in shifting the localization of GABARAP from the cytosol to the nucleus. We further demonstrated that P protein blocks the trafficking of GABAR, a principal GABA-gated ion channel that plays important roles in neural transmission, to the surface of cells infected with BDV or transfected with the P gene. We proposed that during BDV infection, P protein binds to GABARAP, shifts the distribution of GABARAP from the cytoplasm to the nucleus, and disrupts the trafficking of GABARs to the cell membranes, which may result in the inhibition of GABA-induced currents and in the enhancement of hyperactivity and anxiety.
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