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Articles by T Matsumoto (10)

p53 Improves Aerobic Exercise Capacity and Augments Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial DNA Content

J. Y Park, P. y Wang, T Matsumoto, H. J Sung, W Ma, J. W Choi, S. A Anderson, S. C Leary, R. S Balaban, J. G Kang and P. M. Hwang

Circulation Research 105 ( 7 ): 705 - 712 , 2009

The Effectiveness of Measuring for Fragmented Red Cells Using an Automated Hematology Analyzer in Patients With Thrombotic Microangiopathy

Y Abe, H Wada, E Yamada, M Noda, M Ikejiri, J Nishioka, T Kobayashi, T Matsumoto, M Masuya, S Isaji, M Usui, S Uemoto, N Katayama and T. Nobori

Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis 15 ( 3 ): 257 - 262 , 2009

Medaka as a model for human nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

T Matsumoto, S Terai, T Oishi, S Kuwashiro, K Fujisawa, N Yamamoto, Y Fujita, Y Hamamoto, M Furutani Seiki, H Nishina and I. Sakaida

Disease Models and Mechanisms 3 ( 7-8 ): 431 - 440 , 2010

Expression of Ovary-Specific Acidic Protein in Steroidogenic Tissues: A Possible Role in Steroidogenesis

T Matsumoto, K Minegishi, H Ishimoto, M Tanaka, J. D Hennebold, T Teranishi, Y Hattori, M Furuya, T Higuchi, S Asai, S. H Kim, K Miyakoshi and Y. Yoshimura

Endocrinology 150 ( 7 ): 3353 - 3359 , 2009

IFN-{gamma} is a master regulator of endotoxin shock syndrome in mice primed with heat-killed Propionibacterium acnes

K Kawa, H Tsutsui, R Uchiyama, J Kato, K Matsui, Y Iwakura, T Matsumoto and K. Nakanishi

International Immunology 22 ( 3 ): 157 - 166 , 2010

Localization of Type-2 Angiotensin II Receptor in Adrenal Gland

K Harada, H Matsuoka, N Fujimoto, Y Endo, Y Hasegawa, A Matsuo, Y Kikuchi, T Matsumoto and M. Inoue

Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 58 ( 7 ): 585 - 593 , 2010

Genetic Interactions of the Androgen and Wnt/{beta}-Catenin Pathways for the Masculinization of External Genitalia

S Miyagawa, Y Satoh, R Haraguchi, K Suzuki, T Iguchi, M. M Taketo, N Nakagata, T Matsumoto, K. i Takeyama, S Kato and G. Yamada

Molecular Endocrinology 23 ( 6 ): 871 - 880 , 2009

Molecular Mechanism of Seed Coat Discoloration Induced by Low Temperature in Yellow Soybean

A Kasai, S Ohnishi, H Yamazaki, H Funatsuki, T Kurauchi, T Matsumoto, S Yumoto and M. Senda

Plant and Cell Physiology 50 ( 6 ): 1090 - 1098 , 2009

Refolding of an unstable lysozyme by gradient removal of a solubilizer and gradient addition of a stabilizer

K Kohyama, T Matsumoto and T. Imoto

The Journal of Biochemistry 147 ( 3 ): 427 - 431 , 2010

Lnk-dependent axis of SCF-cKit signal for osteogenesis in bone fracture healing

T Matsumoto, M Ii, H Nishimura, T Shoji, Y Mifune, A Kawamoto, R Kuroda, T Fukui, Y Kawakami, T Kuroda, S. M Kwon, H Iwasaki, M Horii, A Yokoyama, A Oyamada, S. Y Lee, S Hayashi, M Kurosaka, S Takaki and T. Asahara

The Journal of Experimental Medicine 207 ( 10 ): 2207 - 2223 , 2010