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Articles by T Fujii (7)

Chronically elevated plasma C-type natriuretic peptide level stimulates skeletal growth in transgenic mice

T Kake, H Kitamura, Y Adachi, T Yoshioka, T Watanabe, H Matsushita, T Fujii, E Kondo, T Tachibe, Y Kawase, K. i Jishage, A Yasoda, M Mukoyama and K. Nakao

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 297 ( 6 ): 1339 - 1348 , 2009

Systemic Administration of C-Type Natriuretic Peptide as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Skeletal Dysplasias

A Yasoda, H Kitamura, T Fujii, E Kondo, N Murao, M Miura, N Kanamoto, Y Komatsu, H Arai and K. Nakao

Endocrinology 150 ( 7 ): 3138 - 3144 , 2009

Five-year Incidence of Advanced Neoplasia after Initial Colonoscopy in Japan: A Multicenter Retrospective Cohort Study

T Matsuda, T Fujii, Y Sano, S. e Kudo, Y Oda, M Igarashi, H Iishi, Y Murakami, H Ishikawa, T Shimoda, K Kaneko and S. Yoshida

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 39 ( 7 ): 435 - 442 , 2009

Dose-escalating and Pharmacokinetic Study of a Weekly Combination of Paclitaxel and Carboplatin for Inoperable Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: JCOG 9910-DI

K Naoki, H Kunikane, T Fujii, S Tsujimura, N Hida, H Okamoto and K. Watanabe

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 39 ( 9 ): 569 - 575 , 2009

A Phase II Study of Cisplatin and Irinotecan as Induction Chemotherapy Followed by Accelerated Hyperfractionated Thoracic Radiotherapy with Daily Low-dose Carboplatin in Unresectable Stage III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: JCOG 9510

T Fujii, H Kunikane, H Okamoto, K Watanabe, H Kunitoh, K Mori, A Yokoyama, H Fukuda, T Tamura and N. Saijo

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 39 ( 12 ): 784 - 790 , 2009

Significance of Endoscopic Screening and Endoscopic Resection for Esophageal Cancer in Patients with Hypopharyngeal Cancer

M Morimoto, K Nishiyama, S Nakamura, O Suzuki, Y Kawaguchi, A Nakajima, A Imai, R Ishihara, H Uemura, T Fujii, K Yoshino and Y. Tomita

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 40 ( 10 ): 938 - 943 , 2010

Emotional memory persists longer than event memory

K Kuriyama, T Soshi, T Fujii and Y. Kim

Learning & Memory 17 ( 3 ): 130 - 133 , 2010