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Articles by Saeed Ahmad (6)

Malathion Induced DNA Damage in Freshwater Fish, Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1822) Using Alkaline Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis

Sana Ullah, Maryam Begum, Kuldeep Dhama, Saeed Ahmad, Said Hassan and Ibrar Alam

Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 11 ( 2 ): 98 - 105 , 2016

Neem (Azadirachta indica) Lowers Blood Pressure through a Combination of Ca++ Channel Blocking and Endothelium-Dependent Muscarinic Receptors Activation

Abdul Jabbar Shah, Anwarul-Hassan Gilani, Hashim Muhammad Hanif, Saeed Ahmad, Sana Khalid and Ishfaq A. Bukhari

International Journal of Pharmacology 10 ( 8 ): 418 - 428 , 2014

Genotoxic Effect of Endosulfan at Sublethal Concentrations in Mori (Cirrhinus mrigala) Fish Using Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis (Comet) Assay

Sana Ullah, Maryam Begum, Saeed Ahmad and Kuldeep Dhama

International Journal of Pharmacology 12 ( 3 ): 169 - 176 , 2016

Mercury(II) complexes of pyrrolidinedithiocarbamate, crystal structure of bis {[μ2-(pyrrolidinedithiocarbamato-S,S ')(pyrrolidinedithiocarbamato-S,S ')mercury(II)]}

Muhammad Altaf, Helen Stoeckli-Evans, Syeda Shahzadi Batool, Anvarhusein A. Isab, Saeed Ahmad, Muhammad Saleem, Shafique Ahmad Awan and Muhammad Ashraf Shaheen

Journal of Coordination Chemistry 63 ( 7 ): 1176 - 1185 , 2010

Effect of Commercial Kebab Frying on Physico-Chemical Parameters of the Tallow

Muhammad Ali, Ikram Ullah, Saeed Ahmad, Hayat Khan and Haji Akbar

Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 8 ( 6 ): 891 - 895 , 2009

Improvement of Drought Tolerance in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) By Foliar Application of Abscisic Acid and Potassium Chloride

Safdar Hussain, Muhammad Ahmad, Saeed Ahmad, Javaid Iqbal, Muhammad Nasir Subhani, Sajid Mahmood Nadeem, Sagheer Atta and Muhammad Ibrahim

Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 12 ( 4 ): 345 - 352 , 2013