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Articles by S. C Chang (5)

Associations between NBS1 polymorphisms, haplotypes and smoking-related cancers

S. L Park, D Bastani, B. Y Goldstein, S. C Chang, W Cozen, L Cai, C Cordon Cardo, B Ding, S Greenland, N He, S. K Hussain, Q Jiang, Y. C. A Lee, S Liu, M. L Lu, T. M Mack, J. T Mao, H Morgenstern, L. N Mu, S. S Oh, A Pantuck, J. C Papp, J Rao, V. E Reuter, D. P Tashkin, H Wang, N. C. Y You, S. Z Yu, J. K Zhao and Z. F. Zhang

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 7 ): 1264 - 1271 , 2010

Replication of Lung Cancer Susceptibility Loci at Chromosomes 15q25, 5p15, and 6p21: A Pooled Analysis From the International Lung Cancer Consortium

T Truong, R. J Hung, C. I Amos, X Wu, H Bickeboller, A Rosenberger, W Sauter, T Illig, H. E Wichmann, A Risch, H Dienemann, R Kaaks, P Yang, R Jiang, J. K Wiencke, M Wrensch, H Hansen, K. T Kelsey, K Matsuo, K Tajima, A. G Schwartz, A Wenzlaff, A Seow, C Ying, A Staratschek Jox, P Nurnberg, E Stoelben, J Wolf, P Lazarus, J. E Muscat, C. J Gallagher, S Zienolddiny, A Haugen, H. F. M van der Heijden, L. A Kiemeney, D Isla, J. I Mayordomo, T Rafnar, K Stefansson, Z. F Zhang, S. C Chang, J. H Kim, Y. C Hong, E. J Duell, A. S Andrew, F Lejbkowicz, G Rennert, H Muller, H Brenner, L Le Marchand, S Benhamou, C Bouchardy, M. D Teare, X Xue, J McLaughlin, G Liu, J. D McKay, P Brennan and M. R. Spitz

JNCI J Natl Cancer Inst 102 ( 13 ): 959 - 971 , 2010

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