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Articles by S Zhang (15)

Antioxidant activity of mangostin in cell-free system and its effect on K562 leukemia cell line in photodynamic therapy

D Sun, S Zhang, Y Wei and L. Yin

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 41 ( 12 ): 1033 - 1043 , 2009

In vitro and In vivo Activity of Novel Small-Molecule Inhibitors Targeting the Pleckstrin Homology Domain of Protein Kinase B/AKT

S. A Moses, M. A Ali, S Zuohe, L Du Cuny, L. L Zhou, R Lemos, N Ihle, A. G Skillman, S Zhang, E. A Mash, G Powis and E. J. Meuillet

Cancer Research 69 ( 12 ): 5073 - 5081 , 2009

A variant in the CHEK2 promoter at a methylation site relieves transcriptional repression and confers reduced risk of lung cancer

S Zhang, J Lu, X Zhao, W Wu, H Wang, Q Wu, X Chen, W Fan, H Chen, F Wang, Z Hu, L Jin, Q Wei, H Shen, W Huang and D. Lu

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 7 ): 1251 - 1258 , 2010

Identification and Expression Pattern of Putative Odorant-Binding Proteins and Chemosensory Proteins in Antennae of the Microplitis mediator (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

S Zhang, Y. J Zhang, H. H Su, X. W Gao and Y. Y. Guo

Chemical Senses 34 ( 6 ): 503 - 512 , 2009

Potential Mechanisms of Low Sodium Diet-Induced Cardiac Disease: Superoxide-NO in the Heart

N Suematsu, C Ojaimi, F. A Recchia, Z Wang, Y Skayian, X Xu, S Zhang, P. M Kaminski, D Sun, M. S Wolin, G Kaley and T. H. Hintze

Circulation Research 106 ( 3 ): 593 - 600 , 2010

Association of XPD Polymorphisms with Severe Toxicity in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients in a Chinese Population

W Wu, W Zhang, R Qiao, D Chen, H Wang, Y Wang, S Zhang, G Gao, A Gu, J Shen, J Qian, W Fan, L Jin, B Han and D. Lu

Clinical Cancer Research 15 ( 11 ): 3889 - 3895 , 2009

The MicroRNA Spectrum in 12 Body Fluids

J. A Weber, D. H Baxter, S Zhang, D. Y Huang, K How Huang, M Jen Lee, D. J Galas and K. Wang

Clinical Chemistry 56 ( 11 ): 1733 - 1741 , 2010

Inactivation of Drosophila Huntingtin affects long-term adult functioning and the pathogenesis of a Huntington's disease model

S Zhang, M. B Feany, S Saraswati, J. T Littleton and N. Perrimon

Disease Models and Mechanisms 2 ( 5-6 ): 247 - 266 , 2009

Perceived unmet need for hospitalization service among elderly Chinese people in Zhejiang province

W Junfang, Z Biao, Z Weijun, S Zhang, W Yinyin and K. Chen

Journal of Public Health 31 ( 4 ): 530 - 540 , 2009

Effects of O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) polymorphisms on cancer: a meta-analysis

Y Zhong, Y Huang, T Zhang, C Ma, S Zhang, W Fan, H Chen, J Qian and D. Lu

Mutagenesis 25 ( 1 ): 83 - 95 , 2010

An invasive podosome-like structure promotes fusion pore formation during myoblast fusion

K. L Sens, S Zhang, P Jin, R Duan, G Zhang, F Luo, L Parachini and E. H. Chen

The Journal of Cell Biology 191 ( 5 ): 1013 - 1027 , 2010

Antigen-specific clonal expansion and cytolytic effector function of CD8+ T lymphocytes depend on the transcription factor Bcl11b

S Zhang, M Rozell, R. K Verma, D. I Albu, D Califano, J VanValkenburgh, A Merchant, J Rangel Moreno, T. D Randall, N. A Jenkins, N. G Copeland, P Liu and D. Avram

The Journal of Experimental Medicine 207 ( 8 ): 1687 - 1699 , 2010

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