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Articles by N. Sattar (8)

The effect of increased ambulatory activity on markers of chronic low-grade inflammation: evidence from the PREPARE programme randomized controlled trial

T. Yates, M. J. Davies, T. Gorely, D. Talbot, F. Bull, N. Sattar and K. Khunti

Diabetic Medicine 27 ( 11 ): 1256 - 1263 , 2010

The potential for a two-stage diabetes risk algorithm combining non-laboratory-based scores with subsequent routine non-fasting blood tests: results from prospective studies in older men and women

S. G. Wannamethee, O. Papacosta, P. H. Whincup, M. C. Thomas, C. Carson, D. A. Lawlor, S. Ebrahim and N. Sattar

Diabetic Medicine 28 ( 1 ): 23 - 30 , 2011

Biomarkers for diabetes prediction, pathogenesis or pharmacotherapy guidance? Past, present and future possibilities

N. Sattar

Diabetic Medicine 29 ( 1 ): 5 - 13 , 2012

Erythrocytosis in offspring of mothers with Type 1 diabetes-are factors other than insulin critical determinants?

S. M. Nelson, D. J. Freeman, N. Sattar and R. S. Lindsay

Diabetic Medicine 26 ( 9 ): 887 - 892 , 2009

Summer-winter switching of the Ramadan fasts in people with diabetes living in temperate regions

N. Ghouri, R. Gatrad, N. Sattar, S. Dhami and A. Sheikh

Diabetic Medicine 29 ( 6 ): 696 - 697 , 2012

External validity of randomized controlled trials of glycaemic control and vascular disease: how representative are participants?

C. Saunders, C. D. Byrne, B. Guthrie, R. S. Lindsay, J. A. McKnight, S. Philip, N. Sattar, J. J. Walker and S. H. Wild

Diabetic Medicine 30 ( 3 ): 300 - 308 , 2013

Factors associated with statin treatment for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in people within 2 years following diagnosis of diabetes in Scotland, 2006-2008

N. R. V. Jones, C. M. Fischbacher, B. Guthrie, G. Leese, R. S. Lindsay, J. A. McKnight, D. Pearson, S. Philip, N. Sattar and S. H. Wild

Diabetic Medicine 31 ( 6 ): 640 - 646 , 2014

Prediction of gestational diabetes in obese pregnant women from the UK Pregnancies Better Eating and Activity (UPBEAT) pilot trial

R. A. Maitland, P. T. Seed, A. L. Briley, M. Homsy, S. Thomas, D. Pasupathy, S. C. Robson, S. M. Nelson, N. Sattar and L. Poston

Diabetic Medicine 31 ( 8 ): 963 - 970 , 2014