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Articles by Lon S. Schneider (5)

Requiring an amyloid-β1-42 biomarker for prodromal Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment does not lead to more efficient clinical trials

Lon S. Schneider, Richard E. Kennedy and Gary R. Cutter

Alzheimer`s & Dementia 6 ( 5 ): 367 - 377 , 2010

Commentary on ”A roadmap for the prevention of dementia II: Leon Thal Symposium 2008.“A federally funded corporation for the prevention and treatment of cognitive impairment and brain aging

Lon S. Schneider

Alzheimer`s & Dementia 5 ( 2 ): 172 - 179 , 2009

Current Alzheimer's disease clinical trials: Methods and placebo outcomes

Lon S. Schneider and Mary Sano

Alzheimer`s & Dementia 5 ( 5 ): 388 - 397 , 2009

Developing a national strategy to prevent dementia: Leon Thal Symposium 2009

Zaven S. Khachaturian, Deborah Barnes, Richard Einstein, Sterling Johnson, Virginia Lee, Allen Roses, Mark A. Sager, William R. Shankle, Peter J. Snyder, Ronald C. Petersen, Gerard Schellenberg, John Trojanowski, Paul Aisen, Marilyn S. Albert, John C.S. Breitner, Neil Buckholtz, Maria Carrillo, Steven Ferris, Barry D. Greenberg, Michael Grundman, Ara S. Khachaturian, Lewis H. Kuller, Oscar L. Lopez, Paul Maruff, Richard C. Mohs, Marcelle Morrison- Bogorad, Creighton Phelps, Eric Reiman, Marwan Sabbagh, Mary Sano, Lon S. Schneider, Eric Siemers, Pierre Tariot, Jacques Touchon, Bruno Vellas and Lisa J. Bain

Alzheimer`s & Dementia 6 ( 2 ): 89 - 97 , 2010

Citalopram for agitation in Alzheimer‘s disease: Design and methods

Lea T. Drye, Zahinoor Ismail, Anton P. Porsteinsson, Paul B. Rosenberg, Daniel Weintraub, Daniel Weintraub, Daniel Weintraub, Constantine Frangakis, Peter V. Rabins, Cynthia A. Munro, Curtis L. Meinert, D.P. Devanand, Jerome Yesavage, Jacobo E. Mintzer, Lon S. Schneider, Bruce G. Pollock and Constantine G. Lyketsos

Alzheimer`s & Dementia 8 ( 2 ): 121 - 130 , 2012