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Articles by J. W Kim (6)

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: An Investigation of Upper Airway Changes Associated With Mandibular Advancement Device Using Sleep Videofluoroscopy in Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea

C. H Lee, J. W Kim, H. J Lee, P. Y Yun, D. Y Kim, B. S Seo, I. Y Yoon and J. H. Mo

Archives of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 135 ( 9 ): 910 - 914 , 2009

Two Independent Prostate Cancer Risk-Associated Loci at 11q13

S. L Zheng, V. L Stevens, F Wiklund, S. D Isaacs, J Sun, S Smith, K Pruett, K. E Wiley, S. T Kim, Y Zhu, Z Zhang, F. C Hsu, A. R Turner, J. E Johansson, W Liu, J. W Kim, B. L Chang, D Duggan, J Carpten, C Rodriguez, W Isaacs, H Gronberg and J. Xu

Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention 18 ( 6 ): 1815 - 1820 , 2009

Chemoprevention of Head and Neck Cancer with Green Tea Polyphenols

J. W Kim, A. R. M. R Amin and D. M. Shin

Cancer Prevention Research 3 ( 8 ): 900 - 909 , 2010

Suppression of NF-{kappa}B activity by NDRG2 expression attenuates the invasive potential of highly malignant tumor cells

A Kim, M. J Kim, Y Yang, J. W Kim, Y. I Yeom and J. S. Lim

Carcinogenesis 30 ( 6 ): 927 - 936 , 2009

The Acid-Labile Subunit Is Required for Full Effects of Exogenous Growth Hormone on Growth and Carbohydrate Metabolism

I Ueki, S. L Giesy, K. J Harvatine, J. W Kim and Y. R. Boisclair

Endocrinology 150 ( 7 ): 3145 - 3152 , 2009

Differential activation and antagonistic function of HIF-{alpha} isoforms in macrophages are essential for NO homeostasis

N Takeda, E. L O'Dea, A Doedens, J. w Kim, A Weidemann, C Stockmann, M Asagiri, M. C Simon, A Hoffmann and R. S. Johnson

Genes & Development 24 ( 5 ): 491 - 501 , 2010