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Articles by J. F Thompson (4)

Separating the Mechanism-Based and Off-Target Actions of Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein Inhibitors With CETP Gene Polymorphisms

R Sofat, A. D Hingorani, L Smeeth, S. E Humphries, P. J Talmud, J Cooper, T Shah, M. S Sandhu, S. L Ricketts, S. M Boekholdt, N Wareham, K. T Khaw, M Kumari, M Kivimaki, M Marmot, F. W Asselbergs, P van der Harst, R. P.F Dullaart, G Navis, D. J van Veldhuisen, W. H Van Gilst, J. F Thompson, P McCaskie, L. J Palmer, M Arca, F Quagliarini, C Gaudio, F Cambien, V Nicaud, O Poirer, V Gudnason, A Isaacs, J. C.M Witteman, C. M van Duijn, M Pencina, R. S Vasan, R. B D'Agostino, J Ordovas, T. Y Li, S Kakko, H Kauma, M. J Savolainen, Y. A Kesaniemi, A Sandhofer, B Paulweber, J. V Sorli, A Goto, S Yokoyama, K Okumura, B. D Horne, C Packard, D Freeman, I Ford, N Sattar, V McCormack, D. A Lawlor, S Ebrahim, G. D Smith, J. J.P Kastelein, J Deanfield and J. P. Casas

Circulation 121 ( 1 ): 52 - 62 , 2010

Comprehensive Whole-Genome and Candidate Gene Analysis for Response to Statin Therapy in the Treating to New Targets (TNT) Cohort

J. F Thompson, C. L Hyde, L. S Wood, S. A Paciga, D. A Hinds, D. R Cox, G. K Hovingh and J. J.P. Kastelein

Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics 2 ( 2 ): 173 - 181 , 2009

Genetic Association of the CCR5 Region With Lipid Levels in At-Risk Cardiovascular Patients

C. L Hyde, A MacInnes, F. A Sanders, J. F Thompson, R. A Mazzarella, O Faergeman, D. F van Wijk, L Wood, M Lira and S. A. Paciga

Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics 3 ( 2 ): 162 - 168 , 2010

Regulation of apoAI processing by procollagen C-proteinase enhancer-2 and bone morphogenetic protein-1

J Zhu, J Gardner, C. R Pullinger, J. P Kane, J. F Thompson and O. L. Francone

Journal of Lipid Research 50 ( 7 ): 1330 - 1339 , 2009