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Articles by J Zhang (39)

A novel Physarum polycephalum SR protein kinase specifically phosphorylates the RS domain of the human SR protein, ASF/SF2

S Liu, K Kang, J Zhang, Q Ouyang, Z Zhou, S Tian and M. Xing

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 41 ( 8 ): 657 - 667 , 2009

B23 interacts with PES1 and is involved in nucleolar localization of PES1

J Zhang, Y Yang and J. Wu

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 41 ( 12 ): 991 - 997 , 2009

Tandem affinity purification and identification of the human TSC1 protein complex

L Guo, W Ying, J Zhang, Y Yuan, X Qian, J Wang, X Yang and F. He

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 42 ( 4 ): 266 - 273 , 2010

Differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells toward renal lineages by conditioned medium from ureteric bud cells in vitro

X Ren, J Zhang, X Gong, X Niu, X Zhang, P Chen and X. Zhang

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 42 ( 7 ): 464 - 471 , 2010

A Toll-like receptor 9-mediated pathway stimulates perilipin 3 (TIP47) expression and induces lipid accumulation in macrophages

J. Q Gu, D. F Wang, X. G Yan, W. L Zhong, J Zhang, B Fan and S. Ikuyama

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 299 ( 4 ): 593 - 600 , 2010

Mental Disorders and Suicide Among Young Rural Chinese: A Case-Control Psychological Autopsy Study

J Zhang, S Xiao and L. Zhou

American Journal of Psychiatry 167 ( 7 ): 773 - 781 , 2010

High-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Suicidality in Patients With Major Depressive Disorder

Z Jia, X Huang, Q Wu, T Zhang, S Lui, J Zhang, N Amatya, W Kuang, R. C. K Chan, G. J Kemp, A Mechelli and Q. Gong

American Journal of Psychiatry 167 ( 11 ): 1381 - 1390 , 2010

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