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Articles by Hua Chen
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  Hua Chen , Weixi Li and Chaojiang Xu
  In this paper, we establish the Gevrey regularity of solutions for a class of degenerate Monge–Ampere equations in the plane. Under the assumptions that one principal entry of the Hessian is strictly positive and the coefficient of the equation is degenerate with appropriately finite type degeneracy, we prove that the solution of the degenerate Monge–Ampere equation will be smooth in Gevrey classes.
  Michael L. Johnson , Niraj Parikh , Mark E. Kunik , Paul E. Schulz , Jeetvan G. Patel , Hua Chen , Rajender R. Aparasu and Robert O. Morgan
  Background Diabetes and hypertension are independent risk factors for dementia, and hypertension may increase this risk in patients with diabetes. It is unclear whether antihypertensive drugs are associated with risk of dementia in these patients. Methods A retrospective study using a national cohort of beneficiaries of the Department of Veterans Affairs who have diabetes examined incidence of dementia over a 2-year follow-up period. Multivariate Cox proportional hazards regression model was used to estimate the unique effects of comorbid hypertension and antihypertensive medications on risk of dementia, after adjusting for several potential confounders. Results In all, 377,838 patients were studied (mean age: 75.53 ± 6.07 years). After adjustments were made for sociodemographic factors, duration of diabetes, comorbidity, and comedications, hypertension was associated with increased risk of developing dementia (hazard ratio [HR] = 1.08; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.03, 1.14). Antihypertensive medications decreased risk, ranging from 24% for angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) to 4% for β-blockers. In a stratified analysis of patients without hypertension, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (HR = 0.81; 95% CI = 0.69, 0.94) and ARBs (HR = 0.55; 95% CI = 0.34, 0.88) continued to show protective effects. Conclusions Comorbid hypertension was associated with increased risk of dementia, whereas antihypertensive medications, especially angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and ARBs, were associated with reduced risk, even among patients without hypertension. Consequently, these agents may have potential therapeutic roles in delaying the onset of dementia in patients with diabetes.
  Hong-Quan Chen , Han-Qin Wei , Jie Qin and Hua Chen
  To understand prolactin gene variation and its association with egg productivity of goose breeds, the polymorphism of goose prolactin gene and its distribution patterns in different goose breeds were investigated. Six goose breeds selected were Wanxi, Rhine, White Roman, Landaise, Yangzhou and Sichuan. DNA samples of all goose breeds were extracted from goose wing’s blood. The polymorphisms in the 5’-untranslated region of prolactin gene were examined using BstYI enzyme digestion and their distribution patterns were analyzed in different goose breeds. The promoter efficiency of mutational gene was measured using luciferase reporter gene assays. The results showed that a mutation locus, G-10T, located at the bottom nucleotide 10th of the 5’-untranslated region. The G allele frequencies of the six breeds listed above were 0.7857, 0.9778, 0.9493, 0.9054, 0.1479 and 0.2117, respectively. The goose breeds with higher T allele frequencies had higher egg productivity than that with higher G allele frequencies in the practice. The efficiency of promoter with G allele enhanced 26.14% (p<0.01) than that with T allele. The results suggest that the egg productivity of goose breeds may be associated with G-10T locus of prolactin gene.
  Hai Jin , Hong-Quan Chen , Jie Qin , Yin-Jian Zhu , Hua Chen , Gong-Wei Chen , Ya-Nan Xie , Zhong-Ting Pan , Ming-Hui Jiao , Sheng-Qiang Huang and Ming-Xing Chu
  Adenosine Monophosphate activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) plays a key role in cellular metabolism and regulating energy and its γ3 subunit was encoded by the PRKAG3 gene which was regarded as the candidate gene for carcass quality trait in domestic animals and fowls. To understand PRKAG3 gene variation and its association with carcass quality of goat breeds, the polymorphism of goat PRKAG3 gene and its distribution patterns in different goat breeds were investigated. Five goat breeds selected were Anhui white goat, Matou, Boer, Xiangdong and Sanen dairy goat. DNA samples of all goat breeds were extracted from goat ear tissue. The polymorphisms in the 5’ regulatory region and exon 13 of PRKAG3 gene were examined using ApaI, Hpy188I, AciI and ClaI enzyme digestion, respectively and their distribution patterns were analyzed in different goat breeds. The results showed that two mutation loci in the 5’ regulatory region, C-525A and C-225T, located at -525 and -225 bp upstream of the start codon of the PRKAG3 gene and two mutation loci in the exon 13, T90C and C102T, located at 90 bp and 102 bp of the exon 13. The 525CC genotype frequencies of five goat breeds listed above were 0.8000, 0.9681, 0.6042, 0.7557 and 0.8889, respectively, while 225CC genotype frequencies corresponding to 0.7391, 0.9750, 0.8684, 0.9785 and 0.9344. The mutations at T90C and C102T didn’t cause the substitution of corresponding amino acids in the AMPK protein. The muscle fat grade and carcass fat grade are lower in goat breeds with higher 525CC225CC genotype frequency while higher in the breeds with higher 525CA225CT genotype frequency (p<0.05). The results suggest that the lipoidosis ability of goat breeds may be associated with C-525A and C-225T loci of PRKAG3 gene.
  Hong-Quan Chen , Jie Qin , Yin-Jian Zhu , Zhong-Ting Pan , Ya-Nan Xie , Ming-Hui Jiao , Gong-Wei Chen , Hua Chen and Ming-Xing Chu
  THRSP gene has been regarded as a candidate gene for lipogenesis in domestic animals. To understand the association of THRSP gene with habitats and fatty deposits in goat breeds, the polymorphisms of goat THRSP gene, the fat content of goat carcass and their association with the ecological factors were investigated. The Chinese indigenous goat breeds selected were Guishan, Yunling, Chuandong, Banjiao, Xiangdong, Matou and Anhui white goat. The polymorphisms in the 5’ regulatory region and exon 1 of THRSP gene were analyzed using PCR-RFLP. The longissimus Muscle Fat Grade (MFG) and Carcass Fat Grade (CFG) of all goat breeds were estimated. The observed data of ecological factors were provided by the meteorological observatory in the goat habitats which included Average Daily Rainfall (ADR), Elevation (E), average Daily Sunshine Duration (DSD), Latitude (LAT) and longitude. E/LAT, ADRxDSD and SCxEC were regarded as Space Coefficient (SC), Energy Coefficient (EC) and Ecological Index (EI), respectively. The results showed that three mutational sites, C-233T, G113A and A138G, were detected. Nine genotypes in all goat breeds were only found, of which the frequencies of TCAAGG, TTGAAG and TTAAGG genotype were lower than 0.05. The EC significantly related to CAG haplotype frequency (0.8859, p<0.01) and the associations of EI with TGA haplotype frequency was significant (-0.8377, p<0.025). In the four haplotype frequencies, the relationship between CAG haplotype frequency and MFG was significant (-0.8633, p<0.025). The results suggest that the polymorphism of goat THRSP gene may be associated with the ecological factors and affect the goat lipogenesis ability.
  Hua Chen , Hao Luo , Fa-Xin Yu , Zheng-Liang Huang and Ji-Xin Liu
  This study proposes a progressive transmission method for satellite images based on the integer discrete cosine transform. It has two characteristics, low-complexity and lossless reconstruction ability. Besides, high quality intermediate image can be obtained at the early stage with a low bit rate. The reconstructed images visual quality at stage 4 is acceptable and the associated bit rate is approximately 0.2. In addition, when all stages transmission completed, the reconstructed image is accurately recovered. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method and show it outperforms the classical low-complexity progressive transmission method based on BPM. Our method can be used in many practical applications of satellite image transmission.
  JingJing Lv , Hua Chen , Yongheng Shang , LiPing Wang and Faxin Yu
  This study introduces a novel design of 1MHz 8-bits Successive Approximation Analog-to-Digital Conversion (SAR ADC) circuit for the application of AGC (Auto-Gain Control) module within a RF (Radio Frequency) receiver channel by using 0.25 μm SOI CMOS (Silicon On Insulation, Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) process. The schematic design of the proposed circuit is based on the R-2R resistor matching network, current mirror structure and high precision comparator. Such arrangement improves the overall precision of the proposed SAR ADC. An inside start-pulse generator is employed at the same time to achieve a compact time sequence and further improve the utilization of the overall system clock frequency. The testing results show that the DNL for the proposed SAR ADC is less than 0.5 LSB and its INL is less than 1 LSB.
  Qin Zheng , Yongheng Shang , Zhiyu Wang , Jiarui Liu , Min Zhou , Xiuqin Xu , Liping Wang , Hua Chen , Zhengliang Huang , Zheming Lu and Faxin Yu
  In this study, an automated testing system for a reflection-type Vector Modulators (VM) comprised of a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and a LabVIEW based testing software is presented. The testing system with a friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) is able to evaluate all the functionality of the VMs and allows the user to test the FPGA module step-by-step or to automate the testing in a sequential way. In case of multiple VM testing, all the VMs can be tested in one time by automatically sending the control commands to manipulate the bias voltage of each VM. Only one FPGA based hardware is needed in the testing system for the bias voltage control. This present testing system is highly efficient for VM testing and can be easily generalized to the testing of other VMs.
  Liping Wang , Jiarui Liu , Huaqing Tong , Ming Hong , Yiqun Hu , Xiuqin Xu , Hua Chen , Zhiyu Wang , Yongheng Shang , Zhengliang Huang and Faxin Yu
  A novel highly integrated front-end T/R module with eight RF channels for the application of a K-band transceiver is presented. The proposed T/R module is based on the LTCC package combined with embedded microwave passive circuits and a variety of microwave transistor dies. Due to the applied multi-layer LTCC technology, the overall size and weight of the designed module is greatly reduced. Furthermore, such design improves the overall performance of the T/R module with a lower cost and high efficiency.
  Mengyao Su , Jiarui Liu , Hua Chen , Dongdong Liu , Min Zhou , Zhiyu Wang , Yongheng Shang , Zhengliang Huang and Faxin Yu
  This study presents a design of a highly reliable shift register based on TSMC 0.18 μm process which can efficiently fight against the Single Event Upset (SEU). A bilateral Power on Reset (POR) block, together with bit-line segregation and tri-mode redundancy technologies are applied in this design to comprehensively enhance the SEU hardening performance at both system level and circuit level. Assisted by the theory of transient circuit analysis, the shift register’s SEU hardening performance is achieved from the aspects of both schematic and layout. A current pulse which is used to emulate the SEU effect, is injected in the circuit for verification. The result of simulation shows great improvement of the SEU tolerance. With its high reliability and radiation tolerance, the present shift register can be applied to CMOS chip designs in the field of aerospace.
  Ji Liu , Maopeng Yang , Rui Kong , Hua Chen , Yongwei Wang , Shangha Pan , Hongchi Jiang and Bei Sun
  This study sought to uncover whether icotinib can enhance bufalin-induced apoptosis of human colon cancer cells and the roles of PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in the apoptosis. The cell proliferation of human colon cancer cell lines RKO, HT29, CACO-2 and SW480 treated by bufalin was detected by MTT assay. Then, the apoptosis rate of RKO and SW480 cells treated by bufalin alone and combination of bufalin and icotinib was detected by flow cytometry. Afterwards, the levels of Cbl-b, p-AKT, p-ERK, PARP, Bax and Bcl-2 in RKO and SW480 cells were determined by Western blotting. Additionally, the effect of K-Ras silencing on the synergy of bufalin and icotinib was assessed. Bufalin decreased RKO, HT29, CACO-2 and SW480 (EX12 mutation) cell viability in a dose-dependent manner and induced apoptosis of RKO and SW480 cells in vitro. In the cells treated by combination of bufalin and icotinib, the levels of Cbl-b, cleaved PARP and Bax were increased, while the levels of p-Akt and Bcl-2 were reduced, comparing with that in the bufalin treated cells. Furthermore, K-Ras silencing (including EX12 mutated K-Ras and wild-type K-Ras) did not significantly affect the apoptosis rate of cells treated by the combination of bufalin and icotinib. Icotinib synergizes with bufalin to induce the apoptosis of colon cancer cells through PI3K/Akt signal pathway and regulating the apoptosis related proteins (Bcl-2, Cbl-b, cleaved PARP and Bax). K-Ras may not participate in the combination of bufalin and icotinib induced apoptosis in human colon cancer cells.
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