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Articles by Harold E. Bays (9)

Long-term safety and efficacy of fenofibric acid in combination with statin therapy for the treatment of patients with mixed dyslipidemia

Harold E. Bays, Peter H. Jones, Syed M. Mohiuddin, Maureen T. Kelly, Hsiaoming Sun, Carolyn M. Setze, Susan M. Buttler, Darryl J. Sleep and James C. Stolzenbach

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 2 ( 6 ): 426 - 435 , 2008

Efficacy and tolerability of extended-release niacin/laropiprant in dyslipidemic patients with metabolic syndrome

Harold E. Bays, Arvind Shah, Jianxin Lin, Christine McCrary Sisk, John F. Paolini and Darbie Maccubbin

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 4 ( 6 ): 515 - 521 , 2010

Effects of prescription omega-3-acid ethyl esters, coadministered with atorvastatin, on circulating levels of lipoprotein particles, apolipoprotein CIII, and lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 mass in men and women with mixed dyslipidemia

Kevin C. Maki, Harold E. Bays, Mary R. Dicklin, Susan L. Johnson and Mayadah Shabbout

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 5 ( 6 ): 483 - 492 , 2011

Extended-Release Niacin/Laropiprant Significantly Improves Lipid Levels in Type 2 Diabetes Patients Irrespective of Baseline Glycemic Control

Harold E. Bays, Eliot A. Brinton, Joseph Triscari, Erluo Chen, Darbie Maccubbin, Alexandra MacLean, Kendra Gibson, Amy O. Johnson-Levonas and Yale B. Mitchel

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 6 ( 3 ): 270 - 271 , 2012

Treatment options for the management of hypertriglyceridemia: Strategies based on the best-available evidence

Kevin C. Maki, Harold E. Bays and Mary R. Dicklin

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 6 ( 5 ): 413 - 426 , 2012

Planning a clinical trial

W. Virgil Brown, Harold E. Bays, Kevin C. Maki and Robert A. Wild

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 6 ( 6 ): 484 - 495 , 2012

Icosapent ethyl, a pure EPA omega-3 fatty acid: Effects on lipoprotein particle concentration and size in patients with very high triglyceride levels (the MARINE study)

Harold E. Bays, Rene A. Braeckman, Christie M. Ballantyne, John J. Kastelein, James D. Otvos, William G. Stirtan and Paresh N. Soni

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 6 ( 6 ): 565 - 572 , 2012

Obesity, adiposity, and dyslipidemia: A consensus statement from the National Lipid Association

Harold E. Bays, Peter P. Toth, Penny M. Kris-Etherton, Nicola Abate, Louis J. Aronne, W. Virgil Brown, J. Michael Gonzalez-Campoy, Steven R. Jones, Rekha Kumar, Ralph La Forge and Varman T. Samuel

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 7 ( 4 ): 304 - 383 , 2013

National Lipid Association recommendations for patient-centered management of dyslipidemia: Part 1 - executive summary

Terry A. Jacobson, Matthew K. Ito, Kevin C. Maki, Carl E. Orringer, Harold E. Bays, Peter H. Jones, James M. McKenney, Scott M. Grundy, Edward A. Gill, Robert A. Wild, Don P. Wilson and W. Virgil Brown

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 8 ( 5 ): 473 - 488 , 2014