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Articles by Bin Yang
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  Bing Han , Hui-Ling Zhang , Li Zeng , Bin Yang , Reyanggu Abula , Xiao-Li Xu and Yong Chen
  The beta-adrenergic receptors (β-AR) are a class of metabotropic G protein-coupled receptors that responsible for the muscle growth, fat deposition or lactation characteristics of domestic animals. The aim of this article was to scan nucleotide mutations in partial coding region of β2-AR gene on cattle. In this study, the polymorphisms of β2-AR gene on cattle were detected by methods of Polymerase Chain Reaction-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) and DNA sequencing in two cattle breeds in China, Xinjiang Brown cattle and Chinese Holstein cows. The results revealed that there were two genotypes and homozygote variant was not found in the two breeds. The genotypic frequencies at the Sma I locus were significantly different between the two breeds. The wild-type allele was ascendancy in the two breeds but its allele frequency was distinctly lower in the Chinese Holstein cows than that in the Xinjiang Brown cattle. DNA alignment results showed that three single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), C11A, G53A and C129T were found in 5-coding region of β2-AR gene. The C11A mutation resulted in disappearance of Sma I cleavage site. In addition, the C11A and G53A mutations caused two amino acid residues replacement at the 4th and 18th of β2-AR. However, the C129T mutation was a synonymous one. In conclusion, the heterozygous frequency in Chinese Holstein cows was obviously higher than that in the Xinjiang Brown cattle. The Sma I locus would be a potential genetic marker for lactation performance of cattle.
  Yong Chen , Yong Zhao , Zhu-Yan Fu , Zhao-Wei Ma , Fa-Chen Qian , Anwaier Aibibuli , Bin Yang , Reyanggu Abula , Xiao-Li Xu and Azimaitijiang Aniwaer
  The aim of this study was to investigate nutritive value of tetraploid black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia). Chemical composition and in vitro fermentation characteristics by using in vitro gas production technique were stated for tetraploid black locust, birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.), alfalfa (Medicago sativa cv.) and galega (Galega orientalis Lam.). Tetraploid black locust showed high crude protein (16.02%), ether extract (2.85%), crude ash (13.16%) and Ca (3.85%) content and low neutral detergent fibre (21.63%), acid detergent fibre (19.91%) and acid detergent lignin (6.52%) content. However, fermentation characteristics, such as cumulative gas production of 48 h, dry matter degradability, neutral detergent fibre digestibility, total volatile fatty acid of tetraploid black locust, were lower than that of birds foot trefoil and alfalfa (p<0.05). Tetraploid black locust fermentation resulted in reducing the molar proportions of acetate and butyrate and increasing that of propionate (p<0.05). In conclusion, according to the chemical composition, tetraploid black locust was a high-quality feed resources. However, utilization of tetraploid black locust by ruminal microorganisms in vitro was limited. Further in vivo studies could be required to expand the knowledge of the nutritive value of tetraploid black locust.
  Yan Qiu , Bin Yang , Xi Lan , Xue-Ri Li , Xiang-Ping Yin and Ji-Xing Liu
  Recombinant Adeno-associated Virus (rAAV), as a common tool of gene therapy has many merits such as, nonpathogenicity, long-term expression, low immunogenicity, as well as its large-scale infectivity to many kinds of cells. As a result, scientists pay high emphasis on the rAAV. There is no doubt that the rAAV vectors will make great contribution to human health. This study reviewed the progress of the rAAV vector in recent years. It mainly states the characteristics, application, production and security of rAAV.
  Bin Yang , Xingming Sun , Lingyun Xiang , Zhiqiang Ruan and Ruizhen Wu
  Most text steganographic methods are taken the formatted text documents, such as MS Word, PDF, PPT and etc., as cover carriers to hide secret information. This study concerns on the steganography in MS Excel document and proposes a new steganographic method hiding information efficiently by text-rotation technique. The proposed method is implemented by slightly rotating the angle of the text inside the cell to reduce the visible detection of the embedded information. Measuring the text angle of the cells retrieves the secret information. Experiments for different threshold in the algorithm are presented and the results show the proposed method not only has a good imperceptibility but also achieve high embedding rate while most of cells in Excel document are short in length.
  Bin Yang , Xingming Sun , Jianjun Zhang , Lingyun Xiang , Xianyi Chen and Xu Li
  In many critical application areas, such as military, legal and literature fields, methods of protecting copyright for text data could not cause any distortion in textual content. In this study, we evaluate a novel reversible (lossless) data hiding scheme for MS office 2007 document. The proposed scheme modifies the unnoticeable content and the synonyms of a document to hide information. While in extraction processing, the original content can be recovered without any distortion from the marked textual. Our scheme is achieved by using two common text information hiding methods simultaneously. The secret information is embedded into the cover document by synonym substitution. Original synonyms in the document are mapped into a compressed Synonym Index Table (SIT) and concealed into the MS office 2007 document. Experiments results demonstrated that proposed scheme can not only successfully embed and extract the secret information but also keep the original textual content undistorted.
  Bin Yang , Li-hua Liu and Wei Dong
  Based on simulation study of high-pressure gate water seal, we have designed the Three Gorges ship elevator’s gate water seal and have analyzed the seal working performance. In the design process, we selected some relatively optimal seal sections and materials firstly and compared with their working performance about dorsal cavity leakproofness, free overhang of seal head, watertight ability of seal head and gate’s hoisting force by simulation. Finally, we selected optimal seal section and materials. Before then, to design water seal mainly depended on experience and experiment. The design of the Three Gorges ship elevator’s gate water seal has provided a standard design reference based on calculation analysis.
  Shao-Bin Gu , Bin Yang , Ying Wu , Shi-Chang Li , Wen Liu , Xiao-Fei Duan and Meng-Wei Li
  It is undeniable that environmental sonic vibration can affect our emotions and mood, but so far the study of physical stimuli provoked by audible wave on single cells has been rarely concerned. To investigate the response of E. coli to audible wave exposure, the growth status and alterations in antioxidant enzyme activity were studied in liquid culture. The data showed that the growth of E. coli was promoted in the treatments of different frequencies sound wave. The most significant effect on growth promotion appeared when sound wave was maintained at 100 dB and 5000 Hz. Simultaneously, sonic vibration evoked significantly increases the level of total protein content contents. And the changes of activities of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT) were observed obviously. The results suggested that the growth promotion effect of audible sound may be non-linear and shows obvious frequency and intensity peculiarities. Moreover, the increase in activity of antioxidant enzymes implied that a number of active oxygen species generated in bacterial cell under the exposure of audible sound. We speculate that the audible sound may cause a secondary oxidative stress. Further studies are needed to elucidate the mechanisms of active oxygen species generation induced by audible sound.
  Xiao-Ling Yu , Tiancen Hu , Jia-Mu Du , Jian-Ping Ding , Xiang-Min Yang , Jian Zhang , Bin Yang , Xu Shen , Zheng Zhang , Wei-De Zhong , Ning Wen , Hualiang Jiang , Ping Zhu and Zhi-Nan Chen
  CD147, a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF), plays fundamental roles in intercellular interactions in numerous pathological and physiological processes. Importantly, our previous studies have demonstrated that HAb18G/CD147 is a novel hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)-associated antigen, and HAb18G/CD147 stimulates adjacent fibroblasts and HCC cells to produce elevated levels of several matrix metalloproteinases, facilitating invasion and metastasis of HCC cells. In addition, HAb18G/CD147 has also been shown to be a novel universal cancer biomarker for diagnosis and prognostic assessment of a wide range of cancers. However, the structural basis underlying the multifunctional character of CD147 remains unresolved. We report here the crystal structure of the extracellular portion of HAb18G/CD147 at 2.8Å resolution. The structure comprises an N-terminal IgC2 domain and a C-terminal IgI domain, which are connected by a 5-residue flexible linker. This unique C2-I domain organization is distinct from those of other IgSF members. Four homophilic dimers exist in the crystal and adopt C2-C2 and C2-I dimerization rather than V-V dimerization commonly found in other IgSF members. This type of homophilic association thus presents a novel model for homophilic interaction between C2 domains of IgSF members. Moreover, the crystal structure of HAb18G/CD147 provides a good structural explanation for the established multifunction of CD147 mediated by homo/hetero-oligomerizations and should represent a general architecture of other CD147 family members.
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