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Articles by Bahram Kazemi
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  Rouzbeh Chegeni , Bahram Kazemi , Abbas Hajifathali , Aliakbar Pourfathollah , Ghasem Rastegar Lari , Minoo Ahmadi , Mohammadreza Tabatabaie and Yadollah Mehrabi
  Human coagulation factor V along with coagulation factor serves as a cofactor in thrombin formation by coagulation factor X. Generation of thrombin leads to fibrin and clot formation. In this study 45 patients were selected with venous thrombosis and evaluated first by the coagulation test for the presence of activated protein C (APC) resistance and then evaluated genetically by restriction enzyme analysis for the presence of factor V Leiden. 9(21%) patients had activated protein C resistance by the modified coagulation assay. When analyzed by restriction analysis, 7 (17%) had the factor V Leiden mutation. The present study shows that factor V Leiden has a lower frequency in the Iranian patients with venous thrombosis compared to the western societies.
  Bahram Kazemi , Farzaneh Tafvizi and Mojgan Bandehpour
  In this study 55 serum samples of HCV suspected patients were subjected to RT-Nested-PCR. Thirty five samples were negative and 20 samples were positive and eligible for RFLP analysis. Four different enzymes including RsaI, NcoI, HaeIII and SmaI were used for genotyping differentiation of HCV, according to currently available genotype patterns. In this study, 11 cases (55%) were typed as type 1, 4 cases (20%) as type 3a and 5 cases (25%) were untypeable.
  Abbas Bahador , Hormozdyar Etemadi , Bahram Kazemi , Mahbobeh hajabdolbaghi , Roghayeh Ghorbanzadeh and Omid Pajand
  The objective of this study was to compare characteristics of Direct and Concentrated Flurochrome (auramine-rhodamine) smears for the detection of Mycobacterium sp. and the direct microscopically examination, the concentration method and culture. A total of 900 sputum specimens from patients diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis were tested for the presence of mycobacteria. In this study we used the direct staining and an improved technique after treating the smears with N-acetyl-L-cysteine, NaOH and sodium citrate and concentration of bacteria by centrifugation. Specimens were stained using the auramine-rhodamine technique. The gold standard was defined as a positive Löwenstein-Jensen culture, or a positive AFB smear of material obtained from a negative culture after 60 days. Fifty two specimens were positive according to the gold standard definition. Decontamination and concentration of the sample increased the sensitivity of the direct microscopically examination from 71.1 to 88.4%. The concentration method adds significantly to the sensitivity of the direct microscopic examination, without much extra input.
  Hassan Bashiribod , Bahram Kazemi , Gita Eslami , Shahram Bigdeli , Mojgan Bandehpour , Norina Rahbarian and Zahra Ramezani
  Lack of documented information and statistics about the prevalence of Anaplasma phagocytophilum, the causative agent of tick-borne Human Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis (HGE), in ticks, animals and also human beings in Iran, was the aim of this study to evaluate for the first time the infectivity rate of A. phagocytophilum in Ixodes ricinus ticks collected from a suburban woodland area in the eastern part of Ghaemshahr City in northern Iran. DNA was extracted from 98 unfed adult I. ricinus ticks (72 females and 26 males). Nested PCR Primers were designed based on Ehrlichia spp. 16S rDNA gene and PCR reaction was carried out. PCR product was detected using 254 nm UV Trans illuminator. For differentiation of Ehrlichia spp. RFLP technique was used. A. phagocytophilum 16S rDNA was detected in 5 (5.1%) of tested ticks. The positive ticks were 4 females and 1 male. The presence of A. phagocytophilum in the Iranian free-living I. ricinus ticks should alert our country to the possibility of HGE.
  Abbas Bahador , Hormozdyar Etemadi , Bahram Kazemi and Roghayeh Ghorbanzadeh
  Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) has been widely used due to its high specificity, sensitivity and rapid turn-around time. However, inhibitory factors may be co-extracted with the target nucleic acid that will hinder the performance of PCR. The major difficulty with mycobacteria is achieving optimal cell lysis. Due to a genuine need for an accurate test for the diagnosis of tuberculosis a comparison of DNA extraction methods was conducted. DNA extraction methods for Mycobacterium tuberculosis were evaluated including Triton, Chelex, Nonidet, SDS/Lysozyme and Silica-based methods on bacterial cells and spiked sputum. DNA extracted from the above procedures was diluted from 10-1 to 10-7 for use as templates in the PCR titration assay. The PCR end point was at a dilution of 10-2 when DNA was extracted using the Triton and Chelex extraction methods. It was 10-3 for Nonidet and 10-4 for SDS/Lysozyme extraction methods. DNA extractions by silica-based method had PCR end point titrations at the 10-5 dilution. The sensitivity of extraction by silica-based is 1-10 cells. In the present study silica-based method is effective extraction method. The end point titrations are identical for bacterial cells and spiked sputum. Inhibition was not observed in PCR with DNA isolated from spiked sputum. Silica-based method required the least labor and completion time
  Hamid Akbarshahi , Nariman Mosaffa , Bahram Kazemi and Mojgan Bandepour
  This study was aimed to view the ways, bacterial DNA affect innate immunity, used macrophages to defeat bacterial DNA, then, evaluated the process of maturation, morphogenesis and killing activities. Cells obtained from peritoneal cavity lavage of 6-8 week old, pure Balb/c mouse, were harvested in complete tissue culture medium including RPMI, FBS 10%, penicillin, streptomycin. Cells were divided into 4 groups based on the type of received stimulator (DNAase, Bacterial DNA, FMLP 450 and Control). After 3 and 6 h from beginning of incubation period, macrophages adhered to bottom of the flasks, were studied for the number of adherent cells, morphogenesis maturation and induction of NBT, after removal of non-adherent cells. Regarding the number of adhered cells, bacterial DNA, as a rapid acting stimulator, showed the highest number of adhered cells and the most ideal morphogenesis, in 3rd h of incubation. In the 6th h of incubation, FMLP showed the most adherency and the best morphogenesis..Considering NBT reduction strength in the 3rd h, the highest percentage belonged to FMLP (42%), however, in the 6th h bacterial DNA allocated the highest rate with 95%. Can be DNA introduce as a strong stimulator with great performance over macrophage system. Besides other effects on the immunity system, it has drawn researchers attention for years and has resulted in taking beneficial steps in understanding innate immunity mechanisms. This genetic substance can be used as a lab stimulator in researches related to phagocytic system.
  Abbas Hajifathali , Bahram Kazemi , Aliakbar Pourfathollah , Ghasem Rastegar Lari and Rouzbeh Chegeni
  Human coagulation factor V serves as a cofactor for factor X in thrombin formation. Generation of thrombin leads to fibrin and clot formation. In this study 65 patients were selected with venous thrombosis. Patients with a positive Protein C resistance were chosen and screened genetically by Conformation Sensitive Gel Electrophoresis (CSGE) for the presence of factor V mutations, the suspected mutations were sequenced. Three new mutations were found as follows, Met 385 thr, Met 1736 Val and Lys 386 Lys. Present study shows factor V mutations leading to thrombosis that have been never reported in Iran
  Bahram Kazemi , Hooshang Khazan , Omid Azymzadeh , Ali Ghadjari , Seyed Javad Seyed Tabee and Farid Tahvildar Biderouni
  The genus of sarcocystis parasites have two hosts in their life cycle and are zoonotic. They also have special importance in industrial veterinary. The best way for prevention and control in zoonotic disease is vaccination. This research was planned for sheep sarcocystis antigen isolation by chromatography and a 35 kD antigen was separated by ion exchange chromatography using alkaline (pH=8) CM cellulose resin.
  Sima Rasti , Ali Haghighi , Bahram Kazemi and Mostafa Rezaian
  Entamoeba histolytica causes amebic dysentery and amebic liver abscess, placing it second only to malaria, as a cause of death resulting from parasitic protozoa. Serine-rich Entamoeba histolytica Protein gene is an immunogenic, polymorphic protein and a candidate of vaccine that was cloned and characterized in this research. An Iranian Entamoeba histolytica/Entamoeba dispar isolate was cultivated in Robinson Medium. Total genomic DNA was isolated and Entamoeba histolytica strain has been distinguished by PCR with two sets of species-specific primers and SREHP gene was amplified by Nested-PCR. The purified PCR product was cloned into pBluscript via T/A cloning method. The recombinant plasmid was screened by Rusconis test, digested with BamH1 restriction enzyme, which was approved by direct PCR and sequencing. The digested fragment of SREHP gene from recombinant plasmid was sequenced and showed a 666 base pair nucleotides as a new genotype of SREHP Entamoeba histolytica. The SREHP gene from Iranian isolate (SHR 10 IR) was different from HM1-IMSS cl.6 as well as all previously reported Entamoeba histolytica genotypes. Isolation of SREHP, expression of the gene, makes an opportunity to develop diagnostic kit, as well as determination of genetic variation of Entamoeba histolytica isolates in Iran.
  Abbas Bahador , Hormozdyar Etemadi , Bahram Kazemi , Mahbobeh Hajabdolbaghi , Mansour Heidari , Abasali Kokab , Roghayeh Ghorbanzadeh , Omid Pajand , Zoya Hojabri and Farzaneh Bazarjani
  Bacille Calmette Guerin (BCG) was initially used as vaccine against tuberculosis, however, it uses for verity of clinical application. Detection of adverse effects and complications of BCG is essential for necessary timely quality control of the vaccine, administration techniques and its application Direct microscopy and culture are still the methods of choice for detection of BCG in most laboratories, but they are very difficult processes and time-consuming. An ESAT-IS1081 multiplex PCR amplification of targeted gene segments was optimized to detect and differentiate the BCG strains from other members of M. tuberculosis complex. The sensitivity of detection for H37Rv, M. bovis and BCG were dilution of 104,105 and 105 cells mL-1 of cell stock suspension, respectively. The results from this study showed that the ESAT-IS1081 multiplex PCR assay permits a specific, sensitive and reproducible system for the detection and differentiation of the BCG, thereby improving the clinical management of BCG complication to clinician.
  Bahram Kazemi , Leila Maghen , Mojgan Bandehpour , Saed Shahabi and Ali Haghighi
  This study has designed and performed in the aim of cloning a specific toxoplasma antigen for further studies. We have amplified gene of P43 of toxoplasma tachyzoite and bradyzoite surface antigen. PCR product was cloned in pGEMEX-1 expression vector (named pGEM43) and is ready to make the recombinant protein for using as antigen. It can be used for either diagnosis or prevention of parasite in men.
  Bahram Kazemi , Reza Hajjarzadeh , Mojgan Bandehpour , Ali Haghighi , Hooshang Khazan and Seyed Javad Seyed Tabaee
  In the present study we have isolated Toxoplasma tachyzoites from infected mice, RNA was extracted and RT-PCR reaction was conducted to obtain the Toxoplasma gondii heat shock protein 90 cDNA and gene was amplified using PCR. A 2126 bp fragment as PCR product was cloned in pGEMEX-1 expression vector and confirmed by restriction analysis.
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