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Articles by Yu Zhang
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  Beth Kuczynski , Elizabeth Targan , Cindee Madison , Michael Weiner , Yu Zhang , Bruce Reed , Helena C. Chui and William Jagust
  Background Studies show that white matter hyperintensities, regardless of location, primarily affect frontal lobe metabolism and function. This report investigated how regional white matter integrity (measured as fractional anisotropy [FA]) relates to brain metabolism, to unravel the complex relationship between white matter changes and brain metabolism. Objective To elucidate the relationship between white matter integrity and gray matter metabolism using diffusion tensor imaging and fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography in a cohort of 16 subjects ranging from normal to demented (age, >55 years). Methods Mean FA values from white matter regions underlying the medial prefrontal, inferior-lateral prefrontal, parietal association, and posterior temporal areas and the corpus callosum were regressed with glucose metabolism (by positron emission tomography), using statistical parametric mapping (P < 0.005; voxel cluster, >100). Regional cerebral glucose metabolism was the primary outcome measure. According to our hypothesis, those hypometabolic cortical regions affected by Alzheimer's disease would correlate with a lower FA of associated tracks. Results Our data show inter-regional positive correlations between FA and gray matter metabolism for the prefrontal cortex, temporal, and parietal regions. Our results suggest that left prefrontal FA is associated with left temporal and parietal metabolism. Further, left posterior temporal FA correlated with left prefrontal metabolism. Finally, bilateral parietal FA correlated with bilateral temporal metabolism. Conclusions These regions are associated with cognitive processes affected in Alzheimer's disease and cerebrovascular disease, suggesting a link with white matter degeneration and gray matter hypometabolism. Therefore, cortical function and white matter degeneration are related in aging and dementia.
  Long-Hua Ma , Yu Zhang , Chun-Ning Yang and Hui Li
  For signal processing and process control, the minimax problem is a crucial point in research subjects. But efficient solutions to equality and inequality constrained nonlinear general minimax problems are relatively scarce. A minimax neural network model was proposed to solve the general minimax problem based on penalty function. In this model, the unique requirement is that the objective function and constraint functions should be first-order differentiable. In addition to the global stability analysis based on the Lyapunov function, the proposed model was simulated and its validity was evaluated with numerical results. Experimental results demonstrated that the proposed minimax neural network model can solve the problem in seconds which is more efficient than the conventional genetic algorithm and simplex genetic algorithms.
  Long-Hua Ma , Yu Zhang , Zhe-Ming Lu and Hui Li
  Particle degradation, as a main limitation of particle filter, can be resolved by making use of common re-sampling method, but it always bring about the problem of sample dilution. The Immune Particle Swarm Optimization (IMPSO) was introduced into particle filter and a new kind of particle filter named IMPSO-based particle filter was proposed. In the IMPSO-based particle filter algorithm, particles are driven to the area with a higher posterior probability density and maintain big particle diversity at the same time. Simulation results show that IMPSO-based particle filter can eliminates the degeneracy phenomenon, avoid the sample dilution problem and guarantee the effectiveness.
  Yu Jiang , Hao Ni and Yu Zhang
  Purpose to introduce the status quo of China’s transportation development and performance evaluation of transportation industry and to construct an improved integrated evaluation model. Methodology The demonstration procedures and results are shown through the analysis of the most eminent transport corporations in the Chinese transportation industry. First, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Gray Relation Analysis and Factor Analysis are used in the model. After the test, an integrated evaluation model is conducted based on an Arithmetic Average Model, Borda Model and Copeland Model. The optimal model is selected based on the Spearman Rank Correlation coefficients. Findings The results showed that the benchmarking companies were Tielong Logistics in the railway transport, Beijing Media in the waterway transport and Channel Share in the road transport. The financial performances of the listed companies in road transport were the best. Originality We proposed an integrated evaluation method that improved the evaluation methodology and solved the problem of the one-sidedness in an individual evaluation method and the inconsistency in the multiple evaluation methods. The prior test and the back test of the integrated method indicated that the entire methodology was consistent.
  Yu Zhang , Jianhong Ni and Sizhu Zhang
  The possibility to relieve the energy crisis and reduce the greenhouse effect by using bio-fuels, such as fuel-ethanol, has attracted a great concern. Nevertheless, the cultivation of dedicated energy crops dose meet with some criticisms (conflict with food security and environmental degradation, for example). Sugarcane and cassava are regarded as the potential energy crops for fuel-ethanol production. This study evaluated the sustainable production by the usages of sugarcane and cassava as fuel-ethanol feedstock. Firstly, estimated the cost efficiency for sugarcane and cassava production by adopting the stochastic frontier cost function. Secondly, the sustainability of each crop production was evaluated. Empirical results reveal that either sugarcane or cassava production the scope to reduce cost by enhancing farmers’ technical efficiency under the present technology is very limited. After considering sustainable production, cassava, which requires low agro-chemical, should be recommended as a prior energy crop in China with higher rates in ethanol conversion and dry matter.
  Yun Fu , Yu Zhang , Sufeng Zhou , Youxun Liu , Jiangang Wang , Yali Wang , Chengbiao Lu and Changzheng Li
  Ciprofloxacin is one of fluoroquuinones widely used as antibiotics in clinical treatments. It has been shown that the carboxyl group on position 3 of ciprofloxacin is essential for antimicrobial activity, however, the amide form on this position and its corresponding biological effects have not been studied. To determine the structure-activity relationship, the ciprofloxacin hydrazide derivative was synthesized and its antimicrobial and antitumor mechanism was also evaluated preliminarily. Our results demonstrated that the substitution of -OH of carboxyl on position 3 of ciprofloxacin with a -NH-NH2 group could slightly alter the antimicrobial spectra, but not significantly. The studies of the hydrazide derivative on cell cycle arrest, mitochondrial membrane permeability, topoisomerase inhibition, pro-apoptotic gene regulation and molecular docking revealed that the minor structural modification on position 3 of ciprofloxacin did not result in changes in molecular targets compared to ciprofloxacin.
  Yu Zhang , Huiling Ma , Xi Mai , Zhaoxing Xu , Yongchao Yang , Huanlu Wang , Leiting Ouyang and Shuhao Liu
  Background and Objective: Niuhuang Shang Qing tablet (NHSQ) is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine preparation and rhein is a bioactive component in NHSQ for the anti-inflammatory effect. Up to now, there was no study done on pharmacokinetic (PK) of rhein after oral NHSQ and also no study on metabolic profile of rhein in vivo. The aim of this study was to investigate PKs of rhein, explore the reasons of PK differences after oral administration of NHSQ, rhubarb and rhein in rats, identify the metabolites of rhein in multi-biosamples and establish the metabolic profile of rhein. Materials and Methods: Male and female Sprague-Dawley rats were given NHSQ, rhubarb and rhein orally administration. Samples from the plasma were collected at different times for PK analysis and samples from plasma, urine and internal organs (brain, heart, liver and kidney) were collected for metabolic profile analysis. Results: The Cmax and AUC of rhein were significantly increased by rhein group, rhubarb group and NHSQ groups, the reason was that rhubarb, peppermint and chrysanthemum in NHSQ could produce additive, synergetic effects. Glucuronidation was the main metabolic pathway for rhein, followed by methylation and sulfation. Rhein and its metabolites distributed extensively in plasma, kidney, urine, liver and heart, anthrones could pass through blood-brain barrier more easily than anthraquinones. Conclusion: The NHSQ was superior to rhubarb or rhein in PKs by rhein-various ingredients synergistic interactions in NHSQ. Extensive metabolism of rhein occurred in rats.
  Yu Zhang , Wei Xiao , Zhen Lin , Xiaohui Tan , Fangping Li , Ping Luo and Huazhong Liu
  Background and Objective: Starfish has been used to treat gastrointestinal diseases since ancient times. Marine gastric medicine with starfish as the main pharmacodynamic component has been used in the clinic for many years. To explore the pharmacological mechanisms of starfish as a traditional medicine in the treatment of peptic ulcer, this study explored the molecular targets and signal networks of starfish in the treatment of peptic ulcer based on systems pharmacology. Materials and Methods: On basis of the PubChem database and SWISS ADME database, four active compounds from Japanese starfish Aphelasterias japonica were selected for protein targets prediction and 38 potential protein targets were matched for peptic ulcer. Results: Results based on Metascape and ClueGo showed that the pharmacological action of starfish towards peptic ulcer mainly involved in the IL-17 signalling pathway and the process of Helicobacter pylori infecting epithelial cells, Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases (MAPKs) were the key action targets, such as MAPK1 that could be stably bound by the four active compounds. Conclusion: The mechanisms of starfish treating peptic ulcer involves multiple targets, signalling pathways and biological processes, which provides a theoretical basis for developing marine gastric medicine and a direction for further research.
  Yanping Bai and Yu Zhang
  This study used Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) estimation method to test the horizontal, forward and backward spillover effects of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the impact of environmental regulation on industrial technological progress, the effect of environmental regulation on the effect of FDI on industrial technological progress, by using the correlated data of 39 industries during 2001-2010 in Beijing. Empirical results showed several important conclusions: First, FDI horizontal spillover has promotion effects on industrial technological progress; second, FDI forward spillover had uneven promotion effects on industrial technological progress and the enhancing of environmental regulation intensity also had significant promotion effects on industrial technological progress; third, the studies suggested that the enhancements of environmental regulation also facilitated FDI horizontal spillovers in the long run.
  Yu Zhang , Jin Yang , Guo-Dong Li , Feng Zhang and Jie-Sheng Chen
  Two new erbium compounds, [Er2(BDC)3(DMF)2] (1) and [Er2(CQC)3(DMF)3(H2O)] · DMF · H2O (2), where BDC stands for 1,4-benzenedicarboxylate, CQC for 2-(4-carboxyquinolin-2-yl)quinoline-4-carboxylate, and DMF for N,N-dimethylformamide, have been synthesized through pre-heating and cooling-down crystallization. In 1 the Er(III) is seven-coordinate with oxygen atoms from six BDC and one DMF, forming a three-dimensional open-framework structure. Compound 2 possesses a 2D structure based on dinuclear Er(III) building units. The photoluminescence of 1 has also been investigated.
  Yu Zhang , SoHee Kwon , Teppei Yamaguchi , Fabien Cubizolles , Sophie Rousseaux , Michaela Kneissel , Chun Cao , Na Li , Hwei-Ling Cheng , Katrin Chua , David Lombard , Adam Mizeracki , Gabriele Matthias , Frederick W. Alt , Saadi Khochbin and Patrick Matthias
  Posttranslational modifications play important roles in regulating protein structure and function. Histone deacetylase 6 (HDAC6) is a mostly cytoplasmic class II HDAC, which has a unique structure with two catalytic domains and a domain binding ubiquitin with high affinity. This enzyme was recently identified as a multisubstrate protein deacetylase that can act on acetylated histone tails, α-tubulin and Hsp90. To investigate the in vivo functions of HDAC6 and the relevance of tubulin acetylation/deacetylation, we targeted the HDAC6 gene by homologous recombination in embryonic stem cells and generated knockout mice. HDAC6-deficient mice are viable and fertile and show hyperacetylated tubulin in most tissues. The highest level of expression of HDAC6 is seen in the testis, yet development and function of this organ are normal in the absence of HDAC6. Likewise, lymphoid development is normal, but the immune response is moderately affected. Furthermore, the lack of HDAC6 results in a small increase in cancellous bone mineral density, indicating that this deacetylase plays a minor role in bone biology. HDAC6-deficient mouse embryonic fibroblasts show apparently normal microtubule organization and stability and also show increased Hsp90 acetylation correlating with impaired Hsp90 function. Collectively, these data demonstrate that mice survive well without HDAC6 and that tubulin hyperacetylation is not detrimental to normal mammalian development.
  Yupeng Chen , Lei Shi , Lirong Zhang , Ruifang Li , Jing Liang , Wenhua Yu , Luyang Sun , Xiaohan Yang , Yan Wang , Yu Zhang and Yongfeng Shang
  SOX genes encode a family of high-mobility group transcription factors that play critical roles in organogenesis. The functional specificity of different SOX proteins and the tissue specificity of a particular SOX factor are largely determined by the differential partnership of SOX transcription factors with other transcription regulators, many of which have not yet been discovered. Virtually all members of the SOX family have been found to be deregulated in a wide variety of tumors. However, little is known about the cellular and molecular behaviors involved in the oncogenic potential of SOX proteins. Using cell culture experiments, tissue analysis, molecular profiling, and animal studies, we report here that SOX2 promotes cell proliferation and tumorigenesis by facilitating the G1/S transition and through its transcription regulation of the CCND1 gene in breast cancer cells. In addition, we identified β-catenin as the transcription partner for SOX2 and demonstrated that SOX2 andβ-catenin act in synergy in the transcription regulation of CCND1 in breast cancer cells. Our experiments not only determined a role for SOX2 in mammary tumorigenesis but also revealed another activity of the multifunctional protein, β-catenin.
  Guo-Dong Li , Xi Zhang , Rong Li , Yue-Dan Wang , Yan-Li Wang , Ke-Jun Han , Xiao-Ping Qian , Cheng-Gang Yang , Ping Liu , Qun Wei , Wei-Feng Chen , Jun Zhang and Yu Zhang
  CHP2 (calcineurin B homologous protein 2) was initially identified as a tumor-associated antigen highly expressed in hepatocellular carcinoma. Its biological function remains largely unknown except for a potential role in transmembrane Na+/H+ exchange. In the present study, we observed that ectopic expression of CHP2 promoted the proliferation of HEK293 cells, whereas knockdown of endogenous CHP2 expression in HepG2 inhibited cell proliferation. When inoculated into nude mice, CHP2 transfected HEK293 cells displayed markedly increased oncogenic potential. In analysis of the underlying molecular mechanisms, we found that like calcineurin B, CHP2 was able to bind to and stimulate the phosphatase activity of calcineurin A. In accord with this, CHP2-transfected cells showed increased nuclear presence of NFATc3 (nuclear factor of activated T cells) and enhanced NFAT activity. Finally, both accelerated cell proliferation and NFAT activation following CHP2 transfection could be suppressed by the calcineurin inhibitor cyclosporine A, suggesting an intrinsic connection between these events. Taken together, our results highlighted a potential role of CHP2 in tumorigenesis and revealed a novel function of CHP2 as an activator of the calcineurin/NFAT signaling pathway.
  Dajiang Qin , Yi Gan , Kaifeng Shao , Hao Wang , Wen Li , Tao Wang , Wenzhi He , Jianyong Xu , Yu Zhang , Zhaohui Kou , Lingwen Zeng , Guoqing Sheng , Miguel A. Esteban , Shaorong Gao and Duanqing Pei
  Induced pluripotent stem cell technology, also termed iPS, is an emerging approach to reprogram cells into an embryonic stem cell-like state by viral transduction with defined combinations of factors. iPS cells share most characteristics of embryonic stem cells, counting pluripotency and self-renewal, and have so far been obtained from mouse and humans, including patients with genetic diseases. Remarkably, autologous transplantation of cell lineages derived from iPS cells will eliminate the possibility of immunological rejection, as well as current ethical issues surrounding human embryonic stem cell research. However, before iPS can be used for clinical purposes, technical problems must be overcome. Among other considerations, full and homogeneous iPS reprogramming is an important prerequisite. However, despite the fact that cells from several mouse tissues can be successfully induced to iPS, the overall efficiency of chimera formation of these clones remains low even if selection for Oct4 or Nanog expression is applied. In this report, we demonstrate that cells from the mouse meningeal membranes express elevated levels of the embryonic master regulator Sox2 and are highly amenable to iPS. Meningeal iPS clones, generated without selection, are fully and homogeneously reprogrammed based on DNA methylation analysis and 100% chimera competent. Our results define a population of somatic cells that are ready to undergo iPS, thus highlighting a very attractive cell type for iPS research and application.
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