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Articles by Ying Li
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  Yanhong H. Jin , David Zilberman , Amir Heiman and Ying Li
  Using survey data collected in multiple locations (California and Texas in the United States and Revohot in Israel), we quantify category- and location-specific variations of consumers’ willingness to pay (WTP) for brand products after controlling for consumer characteristics. We find that consumers have a similar qualitative assessment of brand value in different product categories across different locations. That is, consumers have a stronger preference and higher WTP for brands in consumer electronics, followed by clothing and then processed food, and the lowest in fresh produce. Furthermore, we simulate price premiums and market shares of brands relative to generic products in different categories. Simulation results suggest that brands in fresh produce have the highest price premium but lowest market share. Despite the similarities, the magnitude of WTP for brands as well as the simulated price premium and the corresponding market share in the same product category are location variant. The similarities and dissimilarities suggest validity of having global brand strategies adapted to local conditions, that is, the so-called “thinking globally and acting locally” strategy.
  Zhiwei Zheng , Ying Li , Jiangnan Xiao and Lin Chen
  This study proposes a novel scheme for realizing a cost-effective Base Station (BS) by using optical Local Oscillator (LO) and millimeter (mm)-wave signal distribution in a Radio-Over-Fiber (ROF) system. In the Central Station (CS), the optical LO and mm-wave signals were obtained via the Four-Wave Mixing (FWM) process in a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA). A 100/200 GHz optical interleaver was used to separate the optical LO and mm-wave signal in the BS and simplify the complexity of the filtering configuration. The 40 GHz optical LO and mm-wave distribution has been experimentally demonstrated in ROF systems by using the proposed scheme. The power penalty for downlink 40 GHz mm-wave signal was less than 1 dB.
  Min Liu and Ying Li
  Due to its limited resources and other objective factors and subjective attitude of the impact of peer nodes in the network often exhibit selfishness. Therefore, encourage selfish nodes cooperate to detect and become an important research by allowing nodes to freely express their subjective forward attitude. To achieve the detection of selfish nodes, it is taking into account not only the quality of the link and node energy and other objective factors that determine the path forward probability and taking into account the path under the influence of selfish nodes forwarding the subjective probability. To select the path with the highest probability of integrated transponder, it is reducing the impact of selfish nodes when the node selfishness spend time re-designed a punishment mechanism based load balancing to encourage cooperation model participation and cooperation of nodes according to the degree of harm node selfishness. The right is taken appropriate punitive measures between nodes monitoring mechanism and strict punishment mechanism to ensure the implementation of strategic defense. The simulation results show that the detection and load balancing not only in the energy constrained and rational selfish nodes case seeking to the appropriate route, but also to inspire too selfish nodes actively participate in the network.
  Jianbin Ma and Ying Li
  Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm is applied to text classification widely. However, SVM’s limitation is that it is difficult to label samples rightly if available training samples are small. So TSVM (Transductive Support Vector Machine) was introduced to minimize misclassification of test samples via., training on labeled and unlabeled samples. However, in the training process of TSVM, the parameter N (the number of positive samples) should be inputted artificially. The parameter N is difficult to estimate. In this study, PSTSVM (Progressive Similarity Transductive Support Vector Machine) was introduced which labeled most likely unlabeled samples pairwise by similarity computing and then retrained to readjust the hyperplane. The experimental results on Reuters dataset showed that PSTSVM algorithm was effective on a mixed training set of unlabeled samples and labeled samples.
  Ying Li and Maode Ma
  In this study, the authors proposed and experimentally demonstrated an encrypted Direct Detection-optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (DD-OOFDM) system based on Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) coding and logistic sequence. The long irregular LDPC code is used to enhance the correction capability of the system. The logistic sequence is adopted for the secure key which is sensitive to the initial condition. It can achieve a secure transmission at physical layer in the DD-OOFDM system for data encrypting. A 2.5 Gb sec-1 16-QAM data with LDPC coding and logistic mapped is transmitted over 40 km SSMF successfully. The experimental results show that the LDPC coding cannot offer good performances of the BER without the correct logistic key.
  Shicong Hou , Yan Cui , Fengpei Du , Weifu Kong , Junfen Song , Ying Li and Nianqin Jie
  A new method for the determination of carbofuran (CF) with DNA by a resonance light scattering (RLS) technique was developed. The intensity of RLS (IRLS) of DNA-HCl system was significantly quenched in presence of CF. A RLS peak at 315.6 nm was found, and the quenched intensity of RLS was proportional to the concentration of CF. The linear range of the calibration curve was ≈0.02-2.0 μg mL-1 and the detection limit (S/N = 3) 7 ng mL-1. The CF in river water, cucumbers and rice samples was determined. The recovery rates were in the range of 90.0-111.1, 95.0-106, 93.0-111.0%, respectively. The mechanism of the reaction between CF and DNA is also discussed.
  Ying Li , Yang Gao , Yujuan Zhang and Youjin Hao
  Fat cells in adipose tissue turn over throughout the life span. The objective of this study was to explore the cellular and molecular basis for regional and body weight differences in grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) preadipocyte. The number of fresh isolated preadipocytes were counted from different body weight and anatomical sites using the hemocytometer and the proliferation capacity of the cells was tested by MTT assay. In addition, the differentiation capacity of cells was assessed through mRNA expression of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-γ ( (PPAR-γ) and cellular Triglycerides (TG) content. The total number and proliferative capacity of visceral cells was significantly (p<0.001) higher compared with cells in the back subcutaneous and there was a very significant (p<0.001) decline in the proliferative capacity of cells with the increase of body weight. The highest TG value and mRNA level of PPARγ were obtained in the visceral cells from 5000 g fish and the TG value, mRNA level of PPARγ in cells increased to a greater extent with the increase of fish body weight, irrespective of the depot origin. Moreover, in the case of the same weight of fish, there was a greater differentiation degree in visceral cells than in back subcutaneous cells. In summary, preadipocyte lipogenic capacity of growing fish depends mainly on fat depot origin and significantly greater lipogenic capacity of the fish’s adipose tissue is localized visceral. Furthermore, the proliferation capacity of fat cell declines with the increase of body weight and the increasing weight during the growth of healthy fish enhances the lipogenic capacity. Researchers conclude that fat cells from different regions and body weight are inherently distinct.
  Jian-Hong Liu , Yong-Jiang Ma , Ying Li , Hai-Bin Peng , Dao-Tong Li , Yuan Zhan and Yu-Gu Li
  The present study was to identified the expression of Ghrelin and GHS-R in mouse Medullary-Type Epithelial Cells (MTEC1). Whether the gene of ghrelin and GHS-R are expressing in MTEC1 cells or not was measured by using Quantitative real time RT-PCR (Q-PCR). Results identified that the mRNA of ghrelin and GHS-R can be detected in MTEC1 cells. The protein levels of GHS-R and ghrelin precursor were detected by the method of Western blot analysis. Moreover, the location of GHS-R in MTEC1 cells were detected by immunofluorescence and the quantity of ghrelin in the supernatant of MTEC1 cells were measured by ELISA. The results of Western blot analysis make sure that GHS-R and precursor of ghrelin are expressing in MTEC1 cells. GHS-R is a kind of transmembranes protein. As the results of immunofluorescence shown the quantity of ghrelin in the supernatant of MTEC1 cells measured by ELISA was 39.20 pg mL-1 while the control was 5.74 pg mL-1.
  Wenxu Zhang , Shehui Fang , Huajia Shan , Ying Li , Laigui Shang , Mingya Wang and Peisheng Mao
  Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) is one of the most important forage legumes worldwide. Breeding to improve seed yield will enhance the value of alfalfa. Using three alfalfa cultivars (M. sativa L. Gannong No. 6, M. sativa L. Gannong No. 1 and M. sativa L. Defl) a field study was conducted from 2004 to 2007 to evaluate the effects of an inflorescence mutant (Gannong No. 6) on seed yield. The hypothesis was that a mutant with a long inflorescence would improve seed yield by improving seed yield components such as the number of flowers, pods and seeds per inflorescence and 1,000 seed weight. Each of these factors were investigated to determine the relationship between inflorescence length and seed yield components and to identify the key factors involved in improving seed yield. The results were statistically analyzed and yielded four main conclusions. Firstly, the differences among cultivars had significant effects on inflorescence length and the number of flowers, pods and seeds per inflorescence. Secondly, in Gannong No. 6, the average number of flowers, pods and seeds per inflorescence was 75.40, 30.88 and 76.23, respectively with an average inflorescence length of 12.46 cm. Thirdly, in Gannong No. 6, the inflorescence length significantly affected some yield components such as the number of flowers, pods and seeds per inflorescence. Finally, Gannong No. 6 possessed high seed yield because of an increased inflorescence length.
  Ying Li and Ailian Liu
  As the world’s largest developing country, China’s economic growth is particularly urgent and important and the problem of regional development gap it has to face is much more serious. The differences are not only exist in China’s three belts of eastern, central and western but also in some provinces and the research on regional economic gap within some provinces is a key point for its significance. Therefore it is urgent to do the careful analysis and research on the problem and draw the corresponding solution and countermeasures. Jiangsu province is the developed area of China’s eastern coastal economy. And its regional economic differences have certain development track and influence factors, including three aspects of resources possession, opening up, the development strategy. As the existence of problem of regional economic development in Jiangsu province, the basic thought of coordinated development should be further improved and at the same the specific paths of implementing coordinated development of regional economy in Jiangsu need to be sought.
  Tim W. Overton , Marta C. Justino , Ying Li , Joana M. Baptista , Ana M. P. Melo , Jeffrey A. Cole and Ligia M. Saraiva
  Expression of two genes of unknown function, Staphylococcus aureus scdA and Neisseria gonorrhoeae dnrN, is induced by exposure to oxidative or nitrosative stress. We show that DnrN and ScdA are di-iron proteins that protect their hosts from damage caused by exposure to nitric oxide and to hydrogen peroxide. Loss of FNR-dependent activation of aniA expression and NsrR-dependent repression of norB and dnrN expression on exposure to NO was restored in the gonococcal parent strain but not in a dnrN mutant, suggesting that DnrN is necessary for the repair of NO damage to the gonococcal transcription factors, FNR and NsrR. Restoration of aconitase activity destroyed by exposure of S. aureus to NO or H2O2 required a functional scdA gene. Electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of recombinant ScdA purified from Escherichia coli confirmed the presence of a di-iron center. The recombinant scdA plasmid, but not recombinant plasmids encoding the complete Escherichia coli sufABCDSE or iscRSUAhscBAfdx operons, complemented repair defects of an E. coli ytfE mutant. Analysis of the protein sequence database revealed the importance of the two proteins based on the widespread distribution of highly conserved homologues in both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria that are human pathogens. We provide in vivo and in vitro evidence that Fe-S clusters damaged by exposure to NO and H2O2 can be repaired by this new protein family, for which we propose the name repair of iron centers, or RIC, proteins.
  Hai quan Zhang , Wen ke Liu , An lei Qin , Fei fei Wang , Li cheng Zhao , Shuai Zhang , Ying Li and Huai Yang
  A novel series of chiral dopants synthesised from (S)-1, 2-propanediol and mesogenic carboxylic acids were characterised by Fourier transform infrared and 1H nuclear magnetic resonance, and their helical twisting properties were investigated by doping the chiral dopants into a nematic liquid crystal host (SLC-1717). The results showed that the values of the molecular twisting power β were significantly dependent on the nature of the terminal substituents, terminal alkyl length and numbers of chiral centres in the molecular structure. Compared to compounds with electron-with-drawing groups (-NO2, -F, -CF3), the chiral compounds with terminal alkyl chains exhibited a higher β.
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