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Articles by Yi WANG
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  Monsuang Rueangkhanab , Rawee Chiarawipa , Yi Wang , Xin Zhong Zhang , Xue Feng Xu and Zhen Hai Han
  Regarding the influences and consequences of abiotic stress, dry weather is one of the major causes of crop losses worldwide. The aim of this study was to test the adaptation potential of sweet orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osb.) in dry environmental conditions with a high vapor pressure deficit. Two different soil moisture levels were used in a pot trial for sweet orange seedlings in greenhouse conditions. One year old citrus seedlings, which are grown as exotic plants in semi-arid regions, were studied under moist soil conditions and during mild soil water stress. Higher leaf gas exchange and physiological response values were found for the well-watered soil condition. However, no difference in the total chlorophyll content was observed. In addition, photosynthetic functions were very different in response to soil water status. However, no significant differences were found between the soil water levels for thylakoid light harvesting and leaf carbohydrate content. In addition, there were significant differences in biomass partitioning between the well-watered seedlings and the mildly stressed seedlings. Consequently, the total dry mass difference in the entire citrus seedlings was approximately 40% for both soil water levels. This study indicates that citrus seedling could adapt to survive and grow in dry weather conditions with a sufficient soil water supply. The drought stress tolerance of citrus varieties and their adaptation and growth in semi-arid regions are discussed.
  Rawee Chiarawipa , Yi Wang , Xin Zhong Zhang and Zhen Hai Han
  An agroecosystem is considered a large stationary source where CO2 can be captured from emissions through carbon stock in both crop plants and the soil. The aim of this study was to evaluate seasonal changes in the quantity of carbon effluxes and stocks in the vineyard agroecosystem. Three different vine ages (5, 10 and 18 years) were used to estimate the seasonal dynamics of CO2 effluxes and stocks in both the grapevine and soil parts during the 2011 growing season. This study shows that daily carbon gain and carbon use efficiency to daily climatic and soil variables were varied among vine ages throughout the season. In addition, the seasonal carbon stock in vine dry matter production was significantly increased from the youngest to oldest vines, being highest in the 18 year old vines. The decomposition rate of organic carbon from litter and residues also showed significant differences among vine sites and seasonal changes. Despite the different carbon stocks in the vine biomass among the three vine ages, the amount of total soil organic carbon mostly remained stable among the three vine sites. The relationship between vine ages and total carbon stock in the vineyard could then be estimated by fitting a power function (y = 36.72x0.2577, r2 = 0.998*). This study indicates that carbon effluxes and the potential carbon stock in the vineyards fluctuated seasonally according to vine ages.
  Hongliang Liu , Guangfu Jin , Haifeng Wang , Wenting Wu , Yanhong Liu , Ji Qian , Weiwei Fan , Hongxia Ma , Ruifen Miao , Zhibin Hu , Weiwei Sun , Yi Wang , Li Jin , Qingyi Wei , Hongbing Shen , Wei Huang and Daru Lu
  Polymorphisms of the methyl-CpG binding domain 1 (MBD1) gene may influence MBD1 activity on gene expression profiles, thereby modulating individual susceptibility to lung cancer. To test this hypothesis, we investigated the associations of four MBD1 polymorphisms and lung cancer risk in a Chinese population. Single locus analysis revealed significant associations between two polymorphisms (rs125555 and rs140689) and lung cancer risk (p=0.011 and p=0.005, respectively). Since the two polymorphisms were in linkage disequilibrium, further haplotype analyses were performed and revealed a significant association with lung cancer (global test p-value=0.0041). Our results suggested that MBD1 polymorphisms might be involved in the development of lung cancer. Validation of these findings in larger studies of other populations is needed.
  Yi Wang , Xiaopeng Guo and Yixin Yao
  In recent years, with the gradual deterioration of environmental quality, more and more researchers devote to determining the relationship between environmental equality and economic growth. The Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) hypothesis contends pollution increases initially as a country develops its industry and thereafter declines after reaching a certain level of economic progress. Based on the EKC theory, the study develops a regression model to investigate the relationship between environmental quality and economic growth in Beijing based on the data from 2000 to 2009. The empirical study doesn’t always support a conventional inverted U-shaped relationship. The results reveal four relationship types between selected pollution indices and GDP per capita, including (1) An inverted U-shaped pattern, (2) An increasing linear pattern (3) A decreasing linear pattern and (4) A complex relationship that can’t portrayed by a specific graph.
  Yi Wang , Junguo Zhang , Linfan Tao and Xin Jin
  Nowadays, new requirements have been put forward for university construction in order to build a conservation-minded campus. Due to the lack of effective management mechanism and management, campus energy consumption has a lot of problems such as data measurement inaccuracies and the lack of measurement. As a brand-new campus energy management, energy monitoring platform will effectively improve the level of the energy management work so as to get recognition from the administrators in the universities. Based on the energy monitoring platform construction of a university in the north, which is designed with the consideration of the pratical situations of the university. The information transmission network of the platform is established according to the optical fiber ring network. The water metering, electricity metering and environmental monitoring at the key building of the campus are achieved in the energy platform. It is worth mentioning that the sub-items and household electrical metering realized in the building. It can figure out the energy conserving potential of the campus buildings according to the energy monitoring platform data analysis, providing strongly technical support and abundant data basis for energy-saving renovation project of the campus.
  Hou-Yang Kang , Yi Wang , Hong-Jun Yuan , Yun Jiang and Yong-Hong Zhou
  By colchicine treatment of the hybrid plants between Triticum polonicum L. from Xinjiang in China and Aegilops tauschii Cosson. from Middle East, a new synthetic hexaploid wheat (SHW-DPW) was artificially obtained for the fist time. The average seed set of the intergeneric hybrids was 9.71% (8.27-15.31%) with colchicines treatment. The morphology of the SHW-DPW plants was comparable to that of the primary F1 plants and the SHW-DPW plants appeared more robust. All the SHW-DPW plants were uniform in morphology and had some obvious traits inherited from T. polonicum and Ae. tauschii. Especially, the glumes were very soft and the rachis internodia was short, which was different from other synthetic hexaploid wheat. Their spikes were morphologically similar to those of Triticum petropavlovskyi Udacz. et Miguch. The SHW-DPW plants were fertile, with 58.95% selfed seed set for the euhexaploids and 45.63% for the aneuploids, respectively. The meiosis of the SHW-DPW plants was quite regular, which showed a pairing configuration of 0.43 univalents, 20.77 bivalents and 0.01 trivalents. The rate of chromosome association of the aneuploids was comparatively lower than that in the euploid individuals. The potential utilization for wheat improvement and study for the origin of T. petropavlovskyi are discussed in the present study.
  Deng Jiagang , Hailian Wang , Yuande Liu , Chunyang Li , Erwei Hao , Zhengcai Du , Chuanhong Bao , Jianzhen Lv and Yi Wang
  To ameliorate atherosclerosis progression, researchers studied the combined therapy of amygdalin and probucol, a cholesterol-lowering drug in ApoE knockout mice. About 8 weeks old male ApoE knockout mice were fed on a High Fat Diet (HFD) and received amgydalin treatment alone, probucol treatment alone or combined therapy in the present study. Triglyceride (TG), Total Cholesterol (TC) and Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels were measure at the end of treatment. Aortic lesion area, plaque area and plaque coverage percentage of aortic sinus were also quantified. Meanwhile, inflammation related proteins as Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) and Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) were analyzed. Studies on blood lipid revealed that combined therapy significantly decreased both total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. Moreover, significantly decreased blood lipids levels were accompanied with reduced plaque areas and plaque coverage percentages indicating the anti-atherosclerotic function of combined therapy is through reduction of cholesterol levels. Furthermore, observations on the mRNA levels and expression of MMP-2 and -9 suggested that combined therapy induces decreased expression of MMP-2 and -9 in aortic lesions. The studies indicated that the combination of amygdalin and probucol was more effective in retarding atherosclerotic lesion progression than the administration of each drug alone.
  Jiao-Jiao Zhang , Yi Wang , Hai-Yang Xiang , Jia-Hua , Zhang and Xian-Zhong Wang
  Acetamiprid has a wide range of effect on physiological functions in mammals. The objective of this study was to examine the effect of acetamiprid on kidney of male mice and to study the ameliorative role of antioxidant on the nephrotoxicity of acetamiprid. Fifty adult Kunmin male mice (25-30 g) were divided into five groups (n = 10 per group): controls, blanks, acetamiprid alone, acetamiprid and vitamin E and E alone. All groups were treated for 35 days. The results showed that acetamiprid significantly increased the activity of urea, Cr and the concentration of P and decreased the concentrations of UA and Ca. The mice treated with acetamiprid had damaged renal corpuscles and tubules based on the histological structure of kidney. Furthermore, the acetamiprid residue in kidneys was lower than that in livers which suggests that renal function may be affected through the indirect action of acetamiprid metabolites. Vitamin E significantly ameliorated the effects of acetamiprid. Researchers conclude that acetamiprid could damage kidney which may be induced by the oxidative stress of acetamiprid metabolites. As an antioxidant, vitamin E can reduce the nephrotoxicity of acetamiprid.
  Junguo Zhang , Yi Wang and Fantao Lin
  Pointer instrument has been widely used in the electric power, chemical industry and other industrial fields, because of the advantages such as low price, high reliability, easy installation, replacement and so forth. The traditional manual reading method has its drawbacks for example process trival, big workload, lack of accuracy. This article, based on digital image processing techniques, studies the automatic reading recognition method for analog measuring instruments. After pretreatment of original image on the instrument dial, the pointer information will be split by binarization; The Hough transform is the main idea for line detection and then by the pointer straight line parameters and calculating the image pixel the angle and direction of the pointer can be got; Angle method is used to determine the reading of the meter pointer which is simple but effective. At the same time template matching method is used to recognize the range of pointer instrument automatically. The system software is designed by matlab on the platform of windows. By using MATLAB (gui) simulation, pointer meter reading recognition system can be constructed which includes control interface.
  Yi Wang , Kent M. Eskridge and Saralees Nadarajah
  There is a vast literature on the analysis of optimal design of nonlinear mixed-effects models (NLMMs) described by ordinary differential equations (ODEs) with analytic solution. However, much less has been published on the design of trials to fit such models with nonanalytic solution. In this article, we use the “direct” method to find parameter sensitivities, which are required during the optimization of models defined as ODEs, and apply them to find D-optimal designs for various specific situations relevant to population pharmacokinetic studies using a particular model with first-order absorption and elimination. In addition, we perform two simulation studies. The first one aims to show that the criterion computed from the development of the Fisher information matrix expression is a good measure to compare and optimize population designs, thus avoiding a large number of simulations; In the second one, a sensitivity analysis with respect to parameter misspecification allows us to compare the robustness of different population designs constructed in this article.
  Yu- Huei Lin , Yi Wang , Andre Loua , Gwo -Jen Day , Yan Qiu , Elpidio Cesar B. Nadala Jr. , Jean- Pierre Allain and Helen H. Lee
  A new rapid immunochromatographic assay based on the signal amplification system (SAS) has been developed by Diagnostics for the Real World (Europe) Ltd. for the detection of hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg) in plasma or serum specimens. The SAS format features enhanced sensitivity as a result of an increased binding valence of the detector molecules. We have now evaluated the performance of the new HBsAg rapid test (DRW-HBsAg) in comparison with a well-established commercial rapid test (Determine HBsAg; previously from Abbott Laboratories; now from Inverness Medical Innovations) and with a CE-marked enzyme immunoassay (EIA) (Hepanostika HBsAg Ultra; BioMérieux) as the gold standard. Testing of serially diluted in-house HBsAg-positive samples, the World Health Organization standard, and sensitivity and reference panels yielded an analytical sensitivity for the DRW test of 0.2 to 0.8 IU/ml across HBsAg serotypes. Evaluation with eight commercially available seroconversion panels showed that the DRW-HBsAg test detected HBsAg an average of 6.1 days (range, 3 to 8 days) earlier than the Determine assay (P = 0.0078). Test sensitivity was also examined with two low-titer HBsAg EIA-positive panels in Beijing, China. Whereas 100% of these samples were detected by the DRW-HBsAg test, only 15.0% (P < 0.0001) and 87.3% (P < 0.0001), respectively, were detected by the Determine HBsAg test. The performance of the DRW-HBsAg test was further evaluated with samples determined to be HBsAg positive or negative by the EIA in Conakry, Guinea, and Beijing, China. No significant difference in sensitivity between the DRW and Determine tests was apparent with the HBsAg EIA-reactive samples from Guinea (96.7% versus 94.4%, respectively) or China (99.46 versus 98.92%, respectively). The specificity of the Determine HBsAg test was slightly higher than that of DRW-HBsAg test (100 versus 99.2%, respectively) with samples from EIA-negative blood donors in China. In conclusion, the new DRW HBsAg rapid test is more sensitive than the Determine HBsAg test and is suitable for diagnostic and blood screening in resource-limited settings.
  Jing Xu , Xia Li , Chun Chao Zhao and Yi Wang
  The chemical constituents of the roots of Smilax bockii Warb. were investigated and two pregnane glycosides and three steroid saponins were isolated. Their structures were established as 3β-hydroxypregna-5,16-dien-20-one-3-O-agr-L-rhamnopyranosyl(1 → 4)-agr-L-rhamnopyranosyl(1 → 4)-[agr-L-rhamnopyranosyl(1 → 2)]-β-D-glucopyranoside (1), 3β-hydroxypregna-5,16-dien-20-one-3-O-agr-L-rhamnopyranosyl(1 → 2)-[agr-L-rhamnopyranosyl(1 → 4)]-β-D-glucopyranoside (2), dioscin (3), methyl protodioscin (4), 26-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-22agr-methoxyl-(25R)-furost-5-en-3β, 26-diol 3-O-agr-L-rhamnopyranosyl(1 → 4)-agr-L-rhamnopyranosyl(1 → 4)-[agr-L-rhamnopyranosyl(1 → 2)]-β-D-glucopyranoside (5) on the basis of spectral analysis and chemical methods. Compound 1 is a new natural product and compounds 2, 5 were first isolated from the genus Smilax. Compound 5 showed enhancing activity of nerve growth factor (NGF)-induced neurite outgrowth in PC 12D cells.
  Xiao-Yan LIN , Yi WANG , Hai-Long WANG , T. CHIRKO , Hai-Tao DING and Yu-Hua ZHAO
  The objectives of this study were to isolate a bensulfuron-methyl (BSM)-degrading strain of Bacillus spp. and to evaluate its effectiveness in remediation of a BSM-contaminated soil. A BSM-degrading bacterium, strain L1, was successfully isolated in this study. Strain L1 was identified as Bacillus megaterium based on its morphological, physiological, and biochemical properties, G+C content, phylogenetic similarity of 16S rDNA, and fatty acid composition. Two experiments were used to examine BSM degradation by strain L1. When BSM was used as a sole carbon source in a mineral salt medium, the average degradation rate of BSM by strain L1 was 12.8%, which suggested that the strain was able to utilize BSM as a sole carbon and energy source. Supplement of yeast extract (200 mg L−1) significantly (P ≤ 0.01) accelerated the degradation of BSM by strain L1. Almost complete degradation (97.7%) of BSM could be achieved in 84 h with addition of yeast extract. In addition, in a sterile soil with 50 mg L−1 BSM, BSM degradation rate by strain L1 was 94.3% in 42 d, indicating the potential of using microbes for the remediation of BSM-contaminated soils in fields.
  Yi Wang and Huiliang Wang
  The radiation-induced peroxidation of poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) (PVP) in its aqueous solution is reported. The amount of peroxides formed in PVP aqueous solution increased with radiation dose. The peroxides decomposed slowly at a low temperature. The molecular weight of PVP decreased with absorbed dose. The peroxidized PVP can function as initiators and crosslinkers for the syntheses of tough hydrogels.
  Hao Luo , Yehua Li , Jung- Jung Mu , Jinglan Zhang , Toru Tonaka , Yasuo Hamamori , Sung Yun Jung , Yi Wang and Jun Qin
  Structure maintenance of chromosome 1 (SMC1) is phosphorylated by ataxia telangiectasia-mutated (ATM) in response to ionizing radiation (IR) to activate intra-S phase checkpoint. A role of CK2 in DNA damage response has been implicated in many previous works, but the molecular mechanism for its activation is not clear. In the present work, we report that SMC3 is phosphorylated at Ser-1067 and Ser-1083 in vivo. Ser-1083 phosphorylation is IR-inducible, depends on ATM and Nijmegen breakage syndrome 1 (NBS1), and is required for intra-S phase checkpoint. Interestingly, Ser-1067 phosphorylation is constitutive and is not induced by IR but also affects intra-S phase checkpoint. Phosphorylation of Ser-1083 is weakened in cells expressing S1067A mutant, suggesting interplay between Ser-1067 and Ser-1083 phosphorylation in DNA damage response. Consistently, small interfering RNA knockdown of CK2 leads to attenuated phosphorylation of Ser-1067 as well as intra-S phase checkpoint defect. Our data provide evidence that phosphorylation of a core cohesin subunit SMC3 by ATM plays an important role in DNA damage response and suggest that a constitutive phosphorylation by CK2 may affect intra-S phase checkpoint by modulating SMC3 phosphorylation by ATM.
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