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Articles by Y Saito (9)

Effect of Weight Reduction With Dietary Intervention on Arterial Distensibility and Endothelial Function in Obese Men

A Miyaki, S Maeda, M Yoshizawa, M Misono, Y Saito, H Sasai, T Endo, Y Nakata, K Tanaka and R. Ajisaka

Angiology 60 ( 3 ): 351 - 357 , 2009

Effect of Orally Administered Bovine Lactoferrin on the Growth of Adenomatous Colorectal Polyps in a Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial

T Kozu, G Iinuma, Y Ohashi, Y Saito, T Akasu, D Saito, D. B Alexander, M Iigo, T Kakizoe and H. Tsuda

Cancer Prevention Research 2 ( 11 ): 975 - 983 , 2009

Periadventitial Adipose Tissue Plays a Critical Role in Vascular Remodeling

M Takaoka, D Nagata, S Kihara, I Shimomura, Y Kimura, Y Tabata, Y Saito, R Nagai and M. Sata

Circulation Research 105 ( 9 ): 906 - 911 , 2009

Coronary Spasm Preferentially Occurs at Branch Points: An Angiographic Comparison With Atherosclerotic Plaque

H Nakagawa, Y Morikawa, Y Mizuno, E Harada, T Ito, K Matsui, Y Saito and H. Yasue

Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions 2 ( 2 ): 97 - 104 , 2009

Long-Term Outcome of Therapeutic Neovascularization Using Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells for Limb Ischemia

J Moriya, T Minamino, K Tateno, N Shimizu, Y Kuwabara, Y Sato, Y Saito and I. Komuro

Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions 2 ( 3 ): 245 - 254 , 2009

Protective effect of N-glycan bisecting GlcNAc residues on {beta}-amyloid production in Alzheimer's disease

K Akasaka Manya, H Manya, Y Sakurai, B. S Wojczyk, Y Saito, N Taniguchi, S Murayama and S. L Spitalnik

Glycobiology 20 ( 1 ): 99 - 106 , 2010

Protein geranylgeranylation regulates the balance between Th17 cells and Foxp3+ regulatory T cells

S. i Kagami, T Owada, H Kanari, Y Saito, A Suto, K Ikeda, K Hirose, N Watanabe, I Iwamoto and H. Nakajima

International Immunology 21 ( 6 ): 679 - 689 , 2009

Pathological Findings at Radical Prostatectomy in Japanese Prospective Active Surveillance Cohort

M Sugimoto, T Shiraishi, H Tsunemori, T Demura, Y Saito, T Kamoto and Y. Kakehi

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 40 ( 10 ): 973 - 979 , 2010

Conversion of Helicobacter pylori CagA from senescence inducer to oncogenic driver through polarity-dependent regulation of p21

Y Saito, N Murata Kamiya, T Hirayama, Y Ohba and M. Hatakeyama

The Journal of Experimental Medicine 207 ( 10 ): 2157 - 2174 , 2010