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Articles by X Luo (6)

Pseudo-partial likelihood estimators for the Cox regression model with missing covariates

X Luo, W. Y Tsai and Q. Xu

Biometrika 96 ( 3 ): 617 - 633 , 2009

Nonparametric estimation for right-censored length-biased data: a pseudo-partial likelihood approach

X Luo and W. Y. Tsai

Biometrika 96 ( 4 ): 873 - 886 , 2009

MicroRNA-328 Contributes to Adverse Electrical Remodeling in Atrial Fibrillation

Y Lu, Y Zhang, N Wang, Z Pan, X Gao, F Zhang, H Shan, X Luo, Y Bai, L Sun, W Song, C Xu, Z Wang and B. Yang

Circulation 122 ( 23 ): 2378 - 2387 , 2010

Induction Chemotherapy with Nedaplatin with 5-FU Followed by Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy Concurrent with Chemotherapy for Locoregionally Advanced Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

J Zheng, G Wang, G. Y Yang, D Wang, X Luo, C Chen, Z Zhang, Q Li, W Xu, Z Li and D. Wang

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 40 ( 5 ): 425 - 431 , 2010

microRNA 21: response to hormonal therapies and regulatory function in leiomyoma, transformed leiomyoma and leiomyosarcoma cells

Q Pan, X Luo and N. Chegini

MHR: Basic science of reprod. Medicine 16 ( 3 ): 215 - 227 , 2010

Variants of CTGF are associated with hepatic fibrosis in Chinese, Sudanese, and Brazilians infected with Schistosomes

A Dessein, C Chevillard, V Arnaud, X Hou, A. A Hamdoun, H Dessein, H He, S. A Abdelmaboud, X Luo, J Li, A Varoquaux, A Mergani, M Abdelwahed, J Zhou, A Monis, M. G.R Pitta, N Gasmelseed, S Cabantous, Y Zhao, A Prata, C Brandt, N. E Elwali, L Argiro and Y. Li

The Journal of Experimental Medicine 206 ( 11 ): 2321 - 2328 , 2009