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Articles by X Guan (5)

FGFR2 and other loci identified in genome-wide association studies are associated with breast cancer in African-American and younger women

J. S Barnholtz Sloan, P. B Shetty, X Guan, S. J Nyante, J Luo, D. J Brennan and R. C. Millikan

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 8 ): 1417 - 1423 , 2010

Research Resource: Genome-Wide Mapping of in Vivo Androgen Receptor Binding Sites in Mouse Epididymis

S Hu, G Yao, X Guan, Z Ni, W Ma, E. M Wilson, F. S French, Q Liu and Y. Zhang

Molecular Endocrinology 24 ( 12 ): 2392 - 2405 , 2010

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