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Articles by Thomas G. Beach (5)

Intracranial atherosclerosis as a contributing factor to Alzheimer‘s disease dementia

Alex E. Roher, Suzanne L. Tyas, Chera L. Maarouf, Ian D. Daugs, Ian D. Daugs, Mark R. Emmerling, Zsolt Garami, Marek Belohlavek, Marwan N. Sabbagh, Lucia I. Sue and Thomas G. Beach

Alzheimer`s & Dementia 7 ( 4 ): 436 - 444 , 2011

Transcranial Doppler ultrasound blood flow velocity and pulsatility index as systemic indicators for Alzheimer‘s disease

Alex E. Roher, Zsolt Garami, Suzanne L. Tyas, Chera L. Maarouf, Tyler A. Kokjohn, Marek Belohlavek, Linda J. Vedders, Donald Connor, Marwan N. Sabbagh, Thomas G. Beach and Mark R. Emmerling

Alzheimer`s & Dementia 7 ( 4 ): 445 - 455 , 2011

Frequency of Alzheimer‘s disease pathology at autopsy in patients with clinical normal pressure hydrocephalus

Danielle Cabral, Thomas G. Beach, Linda Vedders, Lucia I. Sue, Sandra Jacobson, Kent Myers and Marwan N. Sabbagh

Alzheimer`s & Dementia 7 ( 5 ): 509 - 513 , 2011

National Institute on Aging–Alzheimer's Association guidelines for the neuropathologic assessment of Alzheimer's disease

Bradley T. Hyman, Creighton H. Phelps, Thomas G. Beach, Eileen H. Bigio, Nigel J. Cairns, Maria C. Carrillo, Dennis W. Dickson, Charles Duyckaerts, Matthew P. Frosch, Eliezer Masliah, Suzanne S. Mirra, Peter T. Nelson, Julie A. Schneider, Julie A. Schneider, Bill Thies, John Q. Trojanowski, Harry V. Vinters and Thomas J. Montine

Alzheimer`s & Dementia 8 ( 1 ): 1 - 13 , 2012

Proteomics-derived cerebrospinal fluid markers of autopsy-confirmed Alzheimer’s disease

Alex E. Roher, Chera L. Maarouf, Lucia I. Sue, Yiran Hu, Jeffrey Wilson and Thomas G. Beach

Biomarkers 14 ( 7 ): 493 - 501 , 2009