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Articles by S. Saravanan
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  S. Saravanan and V.M. Senthil Kumar
  In this research, a FinFET based methodology for the design of self timed adder is proposed which provides lesser power consumption when compared to CMOS. The FinFET based adder is designed to reduce the carry chain Propagation delay time. The adder is designed using double gate FinFET in 32nm technology. The Proposed design based on FinFET further reduces the second order effects which occur in CMOS based digital circuits below 65 nm technology. A Self Controlled Voltage Level (SVL) Circuit for the adder drastically reduces the standby power. The design also eliminates the short channel effects occurring in conventional CMOS circuits. Experiments were carried out on designing a FinFET based NAND logic gate using SVL technique and the performance is compared with the conventional CMOS based NAND gate. The proposed FinFET based self timed adder performance is compared with the existing conventional design. The power is reduced by 20% in the proposed design. Experimental results on the 32 nm predictive technology model for FinFET adder design demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed optimization framework.
  K. Raja and S. Saravanan
  The study presents a error tolerant Flip-Flop design for pipeline Architecture for SOC. The proposed design uses the Error Detection and Correction (EDC) technique to achieve the goal. The design is applicable to all pipeline architectures. The proposed research uses the pulse generator and metastability detector to design the error tolerant pipeline. Timing failures induce delayed responses at the outputs of combinational logic circuits which leads to timing error. The research proposes the timing dilation correction circuit like after error detection the evaluation time for the logic is automatically extended by a single clock cycle for error correction using correct and valid data stored in each Flip-Flop. The proposed Error Detection and Correction (EDC) circuit is implemented using a pulse generator, D-flipflop, Xor and Latch. The implementation is performed in The power analysis is done through LTSpice tool in PTM 90 nm technology.
  S. Saravanan and M. Ramakrishnan
  Network security is of paramount importance in the present data communication environment. Network security is a critical problem because a single attack can inflict catastrophic damages to the computers and network systems. The various hackers and intruders can create multiple successful attempts to cause the crash of the networks and web services by unauthorized intrusion. New threats and associated solutions to detect and prevent these threats are emerging together with the secured system evolution. The best solution to solve this issue is Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). The important function of Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is to secure the resources from threats. In this study, we have presented a brief study about characteristics of ad hoc network, how they are problematic in ad hoc network security, attacks in ad hoc network and a description of some existing intrusion detection system. We have also justified why multiple intrusion detection is much better for ad hoc network with comparative study of existing intrusion detections in ad hoc network. This research proposed a new approach called Multiple Intrusion detection systems where the anomaly dataset is measured by the Neighborhood Outlier Factor (NOF). Here, trained model consists of big datasets with distributed storage environment for improving the performance of the proposed Intrusion Detection system. The experimental results proved that the proposed system identifies the anomalies very effectively than any other approaches. The experimental results proved that the proposed system identifies the anomalies very effectively than any other approaches.
  S. Saravanan and V. Venkatachalam
  Over the past several decades there is an exceptionally large improvement in the computer technology which leads to an uncountable number of data and information emerging in and all over the world. Due to this tremendous and huge dump of data as well as web data most popular search engines are experiencing a lot of irrelevant retrieval of data. The major aspire of this proposed improved weis to identify an accurate data search and also to generate data that comes from anywhere. Furthermore, the data itself may be too large to store on a single machine such that the computers are inter connected with each other by the massive internet storage technologies. This approach mainly focuses on design of search engines and its infrastructure grave. Improved micro partitioning is a modularized approach of cloud computing mainly framed to overcome the pitfalls in the traditional search engine and also in manipulation of large information stored in a single computer. This study used search engine optimization is group of method and follows by which any website can boost ranking in search engine. SEO is two ways, first one is on page and second one is off page. Additionally in order to avoid the uneven distribution of data the data sampling technique is used. Henceforth, the search engine in cloud produces low-latency and the data materialization will increase the efficiency in its optimized search and thus outperforms the traditional approaches.
  S. Saravanan , K. Koodalingam and P. Nagarajan
  An experiment was designed to get novel biotic and abiotic stress tolerant derivatives involving tetraploid and diploid cottons. The interspecific derivatives of Gossypium hirsutum and Gossypium arboreum were triploid and sterile. The triploid was then doubled with colchicine to get hexaploid. Morphological interpretation revealed that leaf lobe, length of calyx tube, petal eyespot, poor pollen fertility and abortive ovarian system were found to be dominant in the triploid. The doubled triploid possesses leaves with larger veins, larger epicalyx, larger petals and shriveled anthers and reduced pollen fertility as compared to triploid and parents. The normal meiotic behaviour was witnessed among parents while abnormal meiotic system as evidenced from the formation of trivalents and quadrivalents was noticed among hexaploid. Abnormal sporads also recorded among triploid and hexaploid leading to formation of sterile pollen grain.
  M. Moorthy , C. Mehala , S. Saravanan and S.C. Edwin
  Two hundred and eighty commercial layer chicks belonging to single hatch were purchased from local hatchery, wing banded, weighed and randomly allotted into four treatment groups with four replicates of ten chicks each. The chicks were reared in cages in a gable roofed, open sided house. All the chicks were provided with uniform floor, feeder and waterer space and were reared under standard management conditions throughout the experimental period. Treatment groups were T1- control; T2-0.1% aloe vera powder; T3-0.1% aloe vera + 0.1% Curcuma longa powder and T4-0.1% of aloe vera and 0.1% of probiotic powder There was significant (p<0.05) difference in hen housed egg production, feed conversion ratio and return over feed cost in one percent aloe vera fed group compared to other treatment groups. No significant difference was observed in feed consumption, percent hen day egg production and percent broken eggs. It can be concluded that inclusion of 0.1 percent aloe vera in White Leghorn diet is economical compared to its combination with turmeric and probiotic at 0.1 percent level.
  M. Moorthy , S. Saravanan , C. Mehala , S. Ravi , M. Ravikumar , K. Viswanathan and S.C. Edwin
  Two hundred and eighty commercial layer chicks belonging to single hatch were purchased from local hatchery, wing banded, weighed and randomly allotted into seven treatment groups with four replicates of ten chicks each. The chicks were reared in cages in a gable roofed, open sided house. All the chicks were provided with uniform floor, feeder and waterer space and were reared under standard management conditions throughout the experimental period. The experimental diet was formulated according to the standards prescribed in Bureau of Indian Standards (B.I.S., 1992). The treatment groups were T1-Control; T2-0.1% aloe vera; T3-0.1% turmeric; T4-0.1% probiotic; T5-0.1% aloe vera + 0.1% turmeric; T6-0.1% aloe vera + 0.1% probiotic and T7-0.1% turmeric + 0.1% probiotic powder. There was no significant difference in feed consumption. Hen housed egg production, hen day egg production and return over feed cost differ significantly after 40 weeks of age during the experimental period. The overall mean per cent broken eggs differ significantly (p<0.05) among treatment groups but no significant difference was observed in overall mean feed conversion ratio per dozen eggs during the experimental period.
  C. Balasubramanian , S. Saravanan , A. Shenbagarajan and K. Duraisamy
  A temporal database which has time as the mandatory filed is considered to make the system more practical and realistic. Memory utilization is minimized by encoding the temporal database which involves several levels of data based on time. The values in each level are used in the encoded database to represent the transaction. This research proposes database encoding as a new presentation which can reduce the size of database and improve the efficiency of algorithms. An Encoded Temporal Database Method which identifies temporal association rules from an item set that consists of transactions with their corresponding valid time intervals. The application of Ant Colony Systems as a classification rule discovery is explored and probably to perform a flexible search over all possible logic combinations of the predicting attributes. The encoding database is used in a Temporal Data Mining System rather than classification rules in the sense of data mining. These results show to achieve both good predictive accuracy and reduce number of rules at the same time.
  S. Saravanan , V.M. Senthil Kumar and Aksa David
  In MOSFETs lower limit sub-threshold swing (60 mV/decade) restricts the low power operation. Low voltage operation is enabled by low threshold voltage while maintaining performance. Hence, steep sub-threshold slopes provide power-efficient operation without any loss of performance. To obtain sub-threshold swings of <30 mV/decade with large ON current, Si/SiGe heterojunction tunneling transistor uses gate controlled modulation. The sub-threshold swing of HETTs is <60 mV/decade. To overcome the impact of HETT characteristics on SRAM, seven transistors HETT based SRAM design is introduced. Without leakage-reduction techniques, it is now in the range of mA and in some cases can account for >50% of the total power consumption. Compared to CMOS this new HETT SRAM achieves reduction in leakage power. The obtained HETT, SRAM cells are used in register cells for power reduction in SRAM and CAM based processors. The average power consumption in 7T HETT SRAM is low as compared to 6T SRAM.
  B.P. George , T. Parimelazhagan , S. Saravanan and R. Chandran
  Objective: Traditionally the fruits and other parts of R. niveus have been used by local people for the treatment of various ailments. Hence, the present investigation directed towards the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic attributes of Rubus niveus. Methods: The root acetone extract (up to 2000 mg kg-1 b.wt.) of R. niveus was used to observe acute toxicity in mice for 14 days. Anti-inflammatory activity was evaluated using carrageenan induced paw edema in rats and croton oil induced ear edema in mice. Acetic acid induced writhing response and Eddy’s hot plate mediated pain reaction in mice were used as the models of study to determine analgesic activity. Antipyretic activity was investigated by yeast induced pyrexia in rats. Results: The acute toxicity results demonstrated no mortality and signs of toxicity in the tested groups. The root acetone extract (200, 400 mg kg-1) showed significant anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic activities. 200 (59.50%) and 400 mg kg-1 (74.52%) doses significantly reduced the paw and ear edema (23.14, 54.53%) compared to the reference indomethacin in the anti-inflammatory testing, the doses also significantly reduced the writhing responses (p<0.01, p<0.001) and increased the latency period in analgesic activity compared to aspirin and morphine. The rectal temperatures of the rats were found to be decreased for both the doses when compared to the paracetamol. Conclusion: The present study suggests that R. niveus root acetone extract possess appreciable anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic properties and so it has immense scope as an effective source to develop drug for the treatment of inflammatory related diseases.
  R. Palani and S. Saravanan
  Density (ρ), viscosity (η) and ultrasonic velocity (U) have been measured for L-glutamine, L-arginine and L-lysine in aqueous magnesium acetate (0, 0.5 and 1 mol kg-1) at 298.15K. These measurements have been performed to evaluate some important parameters viz., adiabatic compressibility (β), molal hydration number (nH), apparent molal compressibility (φK), apparent molal volume (φV), limiting apparent molal compressibility (φ0K), limiting apparent molal volume (φ0V) and their constants (SK, SV), transfer adiabatic compressibility (Δ φ0K), transfer volume (Δ φ0V) and viscosity A and B-coefficient of Jones-Dole equation. These parameters have been interpreted the molecular interactions in terms of ion-ion and ion-solvent interaction present in the given solutions.
  R. Palani and S. Saravanan
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