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Articles by Muhammad Afzal
Total Records ( 14 ) for Muhammad Afzal
  Zahid Pervaiz , Muhammad Afzal , Yang Xiaoe and Luo Ancheng
  The results of this study indicate, that salt tolerance of wheat cultivars under consideration is related to high potassium sodium selectivity (S K+, Na+) and lower concentration of K++Na+ in the plant tissue. It is found that higher the S K+, Na+ the higher the absolute dry matter yield and higher the salt tolerance of cultivars. Cultivars Bao-119, FSD-85 and c.v., 86-6 showed tolerant, medium and sensitive behavior respectively under saline condition. It is also evident that a decrease K+/Na+ ratio in media resulted in increased uptake of Na+ and decreased that of K+. At the same time SK+Na+ increased while total concentration of K++Na+ decreased. Further more the lower K+/Na+ ratio of 1/50 decreased the uptake of Na+ and increased the K+. It can therefore, be deducted that S K+, Na+ should be considered seriously when breeding salt tolerant wheat cultivars to be grown economically in saline soils. Much more research is still needed in this area.
  Humayun Javed and Muhammad Afzal
  This study was conducted to find out the developmental and reproductive potential of Lysiphebus ambiguus. None of the aphid species supported complete development of L. ambiguus despite oviposition by the parasitoid except sipha maydis. Maximum number of aphids were parasitized on the consecutive days. Percent emergence from S. maydis parasitized was decreasing from first towards the last day. Being a very specific strain with restricted host range, a stable sex ratio provides significant advantages in survival under less favorable conditions.
  Khalid Mehmood , Muhammad Afzal and Muhammad Amjad
  Experiment was laid out for evaluating one traditional insecticide (monocrotophos) and four non-traditional insecticides (decarafluron, Bacillus thuringiensis, monocrotophos + surfactant and chlorfenapyr) against okra jassid Amrasaca biguttula biguttula (Ishida). All the test insecticides were found to be effective in controlling okra jassid. However, on numerical basis, the lowest mean value of jassid population (3.75 individuals per leaf) was observed in the test area treated with monocrotophos plus surfactant.
  Shahbaz Qayyum , Shamshad Akbar and Muhammad Afzal
  Two new species Euseius affinis and Euseius alterno, belonging to the genus Euseius Wainstein of the family Phytoseiidae are discribed. A detailed description of these species along with measurements have been given.
  Muhammad Akram Nasir , Muhammad Afzal , Shakeel Ahmed , Naveed Anwar Virk and Attiq Akhter
  The present studies were carried out on four walnut cultivars viz Hartley, Payne, Sorrento and Odom at the Hill Fruit Research Sub-Station, Lower Topa, Murree during 1999-2000. Vigorous plants were noted of Odom cultivar. Similarly Odom nuts were significantly larger in size having 36.70 mm length and 35.65 mm diameter as compared to the minimum size (29.50 mm length x 27.54 mm diameter) in cv. Sorrento. Weight of the fruit kernel and kernel percentage was maximum in Odom and minimum in Payne. Nuts of Odom cv. Mature in the first week of October while all other cultivars in second week of October Significantly highest number of fruits/tree (205) and weight (2.07 Kg) was attained in Odom and least in other cultivars. Conclusively Odom cultivar of walnut is recommended fro early maturity, large and heavy fruit and the maximum yield.
  Muhammad Akram Nasir , Shafqat Ali Syed , Muhammad Afzal , Shakeel Ahmed and Attiq Akhter
  During 1997, maximum weight of the fruit (16.46 g), weight of flesh (14.46 g), seed size in length and diameter (1.81x1.30 cm) and least acidity (0.65 %) was observed in the fruit obtained from the trees which were applied with nitrogen in combination with phosphorus and potash. The trees where no fertilizer was applied, produced the smallest fruit of low quality. The use of potash has significantly reduced the acidity of pulp. But the fertilizer could not affect the T.S.S. contents. Whereas, during the year 1998, the fertilizers significantly increased the T.S.S. contents against untreated plants. Hence, 1 kg of nitrogen in combination with 0.75 Kg phosphorus and 0.50 Kg potassium alongwith 40 Kg of F.Y.M. per tree is recommended for full grown loquat plants.
  Abdul Ghaffar , Muhammad Afzal and Muhammad Iqbal
  The physico-chemistry of two fresh water fish ponds was investigated for a duration of 255 days to see the affect of two different doses of inorganic fertilizers (urea and SSP). Both the ponds were treated with fertilizers at the basis of 0.08 and 0.1 % N of body weight of fish daily. Statistically, ammonia, nitrates and biomass were significant in both the treatments. But, temperature, light penetration, pH, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, total alkalinity and total hardness were non-significant. Environmental changes were observed in the pond ecosystem when fertilized with different doses of inorganic fertilizers.
  Khalid Mehmood , Muhammad Afzal and Muhammad Amjad
  Experiment was laid out for evaluating one traditional insecticide (monocrotophos) and four non-traditional insecticides (decarafluron, Bacillus thuringiensis, monocrotophos + surfactant and chlorfenapyr) against okra jassid Amrasca biguttula biguttula (Ishida). All the test insecticides were found to be effective in controlling okra jassid. However, on numerical basis, the lowest mean value of jassid population (3.75 individuals per leaf) was observed in the test area treated with (monocrotophos + surfactant).
  Muhammad Akram Nasir , Muhammad Afzal and Shakil Ahmad
  Not Available
  Muhammad Haneef , Muhammad Arshad , Sajjad Haidar , Muhammad Afzal , Muhammad Rashid and Zia-ul-Qamar
  The flowering and fruiting behaviour of some commercial varieties of cotton was studied for proper planning of insect pest management and application of other inputs like fertilizer and irrigation. The results revealed that total flowering and boll formation period was longer in early maturing varieties than in late maturing. Boll formation period of each variety did not exactly coincide in different years. The varieties CIM-482, Karishama and CIM-109 produced more number of flowers but due to higher shedding percentage their total mature bolls per plant were on lower side. CIM-446 and CIM-473 completed 75-90% of their flowering up to 1st week of September while most of others completed their maximum flowering up to the week ends on 23rd September. CIM-446 and CIM-473 completed their maximum boll formation in the week of 15th to 30th September. Boll opening started slowly in earlier weeks and the earliest was observed in genotype CIM-473. Varieties CIM-240, CIM-109 and CIM-482 had maximum shedding during the week ends on 31st August and earlier September. From these observations it was concluded that variety CIM-446 and genotype CIM-473 were early maturing with lower shedding percentage and maximum boll retention ability as compared to other varieties under Multan conditions.
  Shakeel Ahmad Jatoi , Muhammad Afzal , Shahzad Nasim and Rashid Anwar
  An accelerated ageing study was conducted on five pea varieties to assess seed deterioration behaviour during storage. Seeds of these varieties were subjected to different temperatures (25, 35 and 45°C) and storage durations (48, 72 and 96 hours). Observations were recorded for germination rate (%), speed of germination, shoot and root length (cm), shoot and root dry weight (mg). Germination rate (%) and speed of germination were significantly affected by different temperatures and storage durations. A variety dependant seedling growth rate was observed. The rate of seed deterioration increased with the increase in storage temperature and storage period. The results revealed that significant varietal differences in seed deterioration were observed and the rate of deterioration and some of the varieties were faster.
  Muhammad Nasim Khan , Farhat Aziz , Muhammad Afzal , Abdul Rab , Lubna Sahar , Ramzan Ali and S.M.H. Mehdi Naqvi
  The present study was conducted to investigate the parasitic profile and their level of infestation in and around Potohar region, i.e; Meinhart and Mangia mini Dams. A total of 78 fishes belonging to five different species, including; Cyprinus Carpio (Common carp), Hypophthalmicthys molitrix (Silver carp), Ctenopharyngodon idella (Grass carp), Cirrhinus mrigala (Mori) and Labio rohita (Rohu), were studied. Nine different species of parasites were found in these fishes, viz; Chilodonella sp. and Trichdina sp. (Protozoans), Lernaea cyprinacae, Ergasilus sp. and Argulus sp.(Crustaceans), Contracaecum larvae and Rhabdochona charsddensis (Nematodes), Grodactylus sp. (monogenetic Trematode) and Piscicola sp. (fish leech). Generally the fish were found infected with one species of parasites while mixed infections were far less. C. carpio was found to be the most prone and C. idella the least infected with parasites. Among parasites Lernaea cyprinacae and monogenetic Trematodes were the most frequent infectants. Parasitic infection increases with increase in temperature. The diversity of parasites was more pronounced than their frequency or number in this area and that for mini dams more intensive and regular monitoring of parasites is required for fisheries management.
  Rehana Asghar , Rabia Siddique , Muhammad Afzal and Shamim Akhtar
  Plant gene pools are reservoirs of variations, which provide the raw material for crop improvement. Samples in the form of seeds representing the spectrum of genetic variation within cultivated species and their wild relatives. Each variety or a group of varieties exhibits characteristic banding pattern. On the basis of these patterns they can be identified accordingly. Electrophoretic patterns of the protein fractions are directly related to the genetic background of the proteins and can be used to certify the genetic makeup. SDS-PAGE is increasingly used to describe the genetic structure of crop germplasm identification. A total of twenty accessions of rice (Oryza sativaL.) germplasm were analyzed for total seed protein through SDS-PAGE, to ascertain the extent of genetic variation and its geographical distribution. A considerable variation in protein banding pattern was observed which was distributed to various geographical regions. Inter-specific variation was more as compared to intra-specific variation.
  Muhammad Nasim Khan , Mussarat Parveen , Abdul Rab , Muhammad Afzal , Lubna Sahar , Muhammad Ramzan Ali and S.M.H.M. Naqvi
  An 8 week experiment was conducted in glass aquaria to replace fish meal by soybean meal and sunflower meal in the diet of Cyprinus carpio. For that purpose fingerlings of approximately equal weight and length were distributed randomly in aquaria and fed on selective feeds based with fish meal (F1), soybean meal (F2), sunflower meal (F3) and aquarium feed (F4). The results of the trial showed that the total weight gain in gram was 28.06, 15.60, 20.15, 29.17 for F1, F2, F3 and F4 respectively. FCR was 2.40,4.09,3.17,2.16 and SGR was 0.904, 0.507,0.668,1.059 for F1, F2, F3 and F4, respectively. According to the data obtained aquarium feed was better than other feeds but statistical analysis for cost effectiveness (p<0.05) showed that aquarium feed was not suitable to use and fish meal was non replaceable but can be supplemented with sunflower and soybean meals to produce a cost effective feed. While among soybean and sunflower meals the latter was proved to be more effective.
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