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Articles by M.T. Islam
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  M.A. Wazed , Y. Nukman and M.T. Islam
  In this research, a solar air heater is designed, fabricated and its performance is assessed in the perspective of an emerging/developing country with a huge energy demand like Bangladesh. The winter season (mid-November–mid-February) of the country characterizes by low temperatures, cool air blowing from the west or northwest, clear sky and meager rainfall. Minimum temperature in the extreme northwest in late December and early January sometimes reaches 3 °C and day length is about 10 h. The shortness of winter days can be compensated by reducing the heat loss during long nights. The solar air heater is constructed to prevent as much heat loss as possible. In other words, the heating of air is accomplished by maximizing light gain and minimizing heat loss. It is observed that the fabricated solar air heater is working efficiently. The maximum room temperature and the temperature difference from ambient are 45.5 °C and 12.25 °C for forced circulation and 41.75 °C and 8.5 °C for natural circulation respectively. The experimental outlet temperatures have been compared with that of theoretical values. Due to its low-cost and simple technology, it is affordable in all aspects, viz. of cost, operation and maintenance by the typical people of Bangladesh.
  M.T. Islam , N. Misran and A.T. Mobashsher
  A new design of dual band compact microstrip antenna is proposed for Ku-band applications. Dual band is achieved using three pairs of thin slits from the sides of a rectangular patch and feeding with a microstrip feedline. The antenna has a compact structure and the total size is 9.50 by 10 by 0.254 mm. The result shows that the return loss of -23.83 dB is achieved at the first resonant frequency of 12.54 GHz and -14.04 dB is obtained at the second resonant frequency of 14.15 GHz. The antenna gives a stable radiation performance with gain greater than 4 dBi over the frequency band.
  M.T. Islam , N. Misran , M.N. Shakib and Y. Bahrin
  In this study, a new Compact Coplanar Waveguide (CPW) fed antenna is presented. The impedance matching and the radiation characteristics of this proposed structure is studied using method of moment techniques. The proposed antenna is based on CPW feed configuration with C shaped patch and two notches. The achievable bandwidth of the proposed antenna obtained about 400 MHz (5.02-5.42 GHz) at -10 dB return loss which corresponds to WLAN 5.2 GHz frequency band and the achievable gain is 8.5 dBi. Stable radiation characteristics are obtained across the operating band.
  M.T. Islam , N. Misran , M.N. Shakib and M.N.A. Zamri
  In this study, a new compact Circularly Polarized (CP) antenna is presented. The impedance matching and the radiation characteristics of this proposed structure is studied using method of moment techniques. The proposed antenna is based on L-probe fed with thick air-filled substrate, truncated corners and two L-shaped slits on the patch. The achievable bandwidth of the proposed antenna obtained is 27% (2.14-2.81 GHz) at -10 dB return loss. The radiation pattern of the antenna shows that the antenna radiates in Right Hand Circular Polarization (RHCP) with achieving an Axial Ratio (AR) bandwidth of 4.3% at 3 dB and a maximum gain of 8.7 dBi. The proposed antenna is suitable for the application in Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) 2.4 GHz frequency band. The details of the proposed design method is presented and discussed.
  M.T. Islam , R. Azim and N. Misran
  The design of a dual linearly polarized patch antenna for Ku-band is presented in this study. The square patch with triangular slots is adopted in this design. The antenna has a compact structure and the total size is 15x15 mm2. The result shows that the impedance bandwidth (VSWR≤2) of the proposed antenna is 6.0% (from 14.13 to 15 GHz). The antenna has achieved a stable radiation performance with a maximum gain of 6.2 dBi in the operating band. The present design provides a good isolation level between the two ports and a stable cross polarization level around -14 dB for both E- and H-planes. Details of the proposed antenna design and results are presented and discussed. The patch shows a high matching level in Ku-band and isolation elements that makes it suitable for satellite communication.
  M. Ashrafuzzaman , M.A. Haque , M. Razi Ismail , M.T. Islam and S.M. Shahidullah
  Morphological attributes and yield of eight genotypes of tomato namely, J-5, Binatomato-5, BARItomato-7, CLN-2026, CLN-2366, CLN-2413, CLN-2418 and CLN-2443 were studied over three seasons. Effects of seasonal and genotypic variations and their combination on plant height, number of primary branches per plant, number of flower clusters per plant, number of fruit clusters per plant, number of fruits per plant, individual fruit weight, fruit yield were significant. Fruit yield and almost all the morphological attributes of tomato genotypes were at peak in winter followed by pre-winter and summer season. Over three seasons, the genotype CLN-2413 produced the highest fruit yield followed by BARI tomato-7 producing the tallest plants with maximum number of primary branches and the highest number of fruits per plant. The genotypes Binatomato-5, CLN-2026 and CLN-2418 ranked 3rd and CLN-2366 and CLN-2443 ranked 4th with respect to yield performance. The genotype J-5 produced the lowest number of fruits per plant and fruit yield. In winter, fruits number and yield were highest in CLN-2413 while BARI tomato-7 carried the statistically same rank.
  M.T. Islam and M.A. Samad
  The Participatory Livestock Development Project (PLDP) has been implemented in Bangladesh for the alleviation of poverty through livestock production, employment, income generation and intake of nutrition in rural people. The management and disease problems with cost-benefit analysis of the layer chick rearer package programme of the PLDP have been evaluated in randomly selected 10 layer chick rearing units (n=3100 chicks) from day-old chicks up to 60 days to marketing of Muktagacha areas in the district of Mymensingh during the period from August to December 2002. It appears from the results of this study that 12.87% chicks died within 60 days of age inspite of chick reared in intensive management system and provided vaccines against common infectious diseases. The diagnosed diseases associated with mortality of chicks included infectious bursal disease (37.6%), coccidiosis (13.28%), chronic respiratory disease (13.28%) and other conditions (35.84%). The highest mortality rate (37.6%) in layer chicks, caused by infectious bursal disease (IBD), which were double vaccinated with Nobilis® Gumboro D-78 vaccines (Intervet) that indicates vaccination failure against IBD which deserve further investigation. Cost-benefit analysis of the outcome of the 10 layer chick rearing units varied, and it was found loss in one unit (-3.17%) and the highest profit of 45.66% with an average profit of 27.33%. However, profit was recorded in all the layer chick rearing units except one unit due to outbreak of IBD which could be due to vaccination failure. Therefore, it may be concluded from the results of this study that the ‘layer chick rearer package programme` could be economically prospective for the alleviation of poverty of rural people if the major infectious diseases of poultry are controlled in Bangladesh.
  Md. Aminul Islam , M.S. Rahman , S.A. Rony , M.J. Uddin , A.K.M.A. Rahman , M.T. Islam and M. Ariful Islam
  Feline Influenza Virus (FInV) and Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) are two important viruses causing cat flu and neoplastic disease all over the world, respectively but to the knowledge, there is no epidemiological survey report available for these two killer diseases in cat in Bangladesh. Therefore, the present study was aimed to determine the prevalence of FInV and FeLV infection through an epidemiologic survey in selected areas of Bangladesh. For this purpose, a total 60 randomly selected cats consisting of 48 pet and 12 stray cats at Tangail district in Bangladesh during May to October, 2009 were used. Nasal swab and blood sample were collected from all cats and tested by commercial rapid RapiGEN® Feline Influenza Virus (FInV) Ag Test kit and RapiGEN® Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) Ag Test kit, respectively following the manufacturer’s (RapiGEN Inc., Korea) instructions. Results revealed the overall prevalence of feline influenza and feline leukemia recorded 5.0 and 1.67%, respectively in cats. There was no significant relationship between the diseases (FInV and FeLV) and different variables. However, the knowledge of the status of FInV and FeLV in cats in the study area will be helpful to undertake preventive measures for FInV and FeLV infection.
  M. Niamul Bary , M. Habib Ullah , M.T. Islam and M.R. Ahsan
  This study is presented the feasibility of cross-referencing of exchange rates to estimate exchange rates on a short-term basis. The cross-referencing technique suggested herein was used to predict EURO currency based on the exchange rate relations modeled by using Artificial Neural Networks. Foreign exchange rates namely UK Pound (GBP), Switzerland Francs (CHF), Canadian Dollar (CAD) and Singaporean Dollar (SGD) have been selected to estimate the EURO currencies based on the data collected from the past 10 years from 1999 to 2008. The main objective this paper is to estimate EURO currency trend based on the cross-referenced relations with the other four currencies by using Artificial Neural Networks. Promising result is shown that the Artificial Neural Networks has been found to be appropriate for modeling and simulation in the data assessments. The paper gives detailed results regarding the use of Artificial Neural Networks for modeling EURO trends in terms of other currencies.
  M. Ramli , A. Selamat , N. Misran , M.F. Mansor and M.T. Islam
  The design of reconfigurable reflectarray with a single varactor to provide capacitance effect embedded inter-patch are presented. The essence of this concept lies in the behavior of the capacitance variation contributes to phase changes of element. Simulated radiation patterns with single element phase characteristics as a reference are reported to demonstrate reconfigurability of elements for beam scanning at Ku-band. The consistency in pattern and value of single and 2x2 sub-array will provide guideline and indicator on how to get promising beam scanning result for full reflectarray fabrication and measurement. The radiation pattern of linear array by three different elements with 35° scanning angle at Ku-band is analyzed and has confirmed the important of single and sub-array characteristics in array realization.
  M.Z. Mahmud , M.T. Islam , J.S. Mandeepand and M. Samsuzzaman
  A simple, low cost and compact printed planer monopole Ultra-WideBand (UWB) antenna with single band notch characteristics is proposed. The antenna consists a semi-circular radiating patch, a modified ground plane and has a small size of 52.25x42x1.57 mm3 designed on a Rogers RT/Duroid 5870 substrate. A circular slot has introduced in the semicircular patch for achieving the stop band at 4 GHz C band frequency range. The antenna operates from 1.5-15 GHz with a single frequency band-stop performance of 3.58-4.92 GHz. The proposed antenna is successfully simulated, prototyped and measured. Fairly good agreements between the simulations and measurements have been achieved.
  M.T. Rahman , M.T. Islam and M.O. Islam
  A pot experiment with four transplanted aman rice varieties was carried out at the Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, Mymensingh during aman season, 2000 to find rice cultivar, which can be used as developing suitable variety for drought affected areas of Bangladesh. Moisture stress (30% FC) was maintained during booting, flowering and grain filling stage and 100% FC in the control plants. Plant height, tiller number, panicle number, panicle length, number of filled grains per panicle, 1000-grain weight, harvest index (HI), total dry matter (TDM) and yield were decreased with stress. However, varieties response was different for most of the characters and they had different degree of reduction. Among the four varieties, Binadhan4 produced highest yield, more tillers and panicles per plant, highest 1000-grain weight and medium TDM and HI under water stress condition. Shorna showed better yield but the highest TDM and medium HI. Brridhan33 showed medium yield and TDM but the highest 1000-grain weight and HI. Binashail showed the highest TDM and plant height. But it produced lower grain yield under stress condition. Binadhan4 and Binashail may be used as developing suitable varieties for drought -affected areas of Bangladesh.
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